Secret Santa Gifts under Rs. 1200

Secret Santa Gifts under Rs. 1200

Another year is drawing to a close. With Christmas coming soon, all of us will soon be part of a Christmas ritual- playing Secret Santa at work. This game has been enjoyed for years and years and is a Christmas classic. If you need some inspiration for picking the perfect Secret Santa gift this Christmas, we’re happy to help.

Check out some amazing, one of a kind Christmas Gift ideas here:


1. 100 Bucket List Gift Box

This is just the present you want to get for a colleague who wants to do a lot of things in their life but find it hard to keep track of them all. With its creative design and writing prompts on each page, it makes a for a cute and loving gift. What more could one ask for?


2. Floating Astronaut Mobile Stand

We all know someone who is absolutely obsessed with their phone. Well, this phone stand is the kind of gift you just couldn’t possibly go wrong with. It is cool to look at and can deck up any desk or table. Its fine detailing and eye catching features are sure to make it anyone’s favorite.


3. Vintage Coffee Grinder

Vintage Coffee Grinder

If you know someone who loves their coffee with all they have and can’t go a day without it, you NEED to get them this Vintage Coffee Grinder. For one, it is a fancy collectible any coffee lover would love to get their hands one. And two, it looks so dainty, anyone would want to put it to use in their kitchen immediately. The perfect gift you get your coffee-loving colleague!


4. Baby Groot Holder

This is the kind of funky present you really can’t go wrong with. Baby Groot is perfect for small plants, such as succulents and cacti. It can also hold your stationery, make-up and other items. Its base makes it easy to fit in your veranda, terrace, balcony, mini-garden, nightstand, table, mantle or desk. A great office accessory to get one's hands-on and it makes the whole concept of keeping a clean desk much, much easier.


5. Harry Potter House Scarves

We’re sure you know someone who is a major Potterhead. The kind who is a big fan of the books, the movies…the whole Harry Potter Universe! This gift will definitely strike a chord with them. It is an insanely cool collectible item and is sure to become their favorite accessories! 


6. Personalized Name Glass Bottle

Gift something unique yet breathtaking this Christmas. Presenting Personalized Name Water Bottle, a sturdy glass bottle with silicone cover with a name of your choice written on it. This is just the present you need to get for someone who motivates other to stay hydrated all day every day.


7. Mermaid Tail Mug 

Mermaid Tail Mug

This mug is unlike any other. It comes in the shape the tale of a mermaid. It is super pretty and shimmery to look at and is guaranteed to make your drink taste better than usual! Who wouldn’t want to be the owner of a mug as cool and magical as this one?


8. Mrs. Potts Tea Infuser 

Mrs. Potts Tea Infuser

If you know someone who is a big fan of old school Disney films and has an equally strong love for tea, we’ve got just the present they’d love. A tea infuser in the design of Mrs. Potts, a beloved character from the classic Disney movie ‘Beauty and The Beast’. This tea infuser is sure to make anyone nostalgic instantly.

Happy Shopping!

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