10 things to look out for in 2020

10 things to look out for in 2020

Goodbye 2019 and hello 2020!

We've kicked off a brand new year in style, and there's a whole lot to look forward to in the upcoming months.

For many, the excitement comes from the start of award season where Hollywood's biggest stars go all out on the red carpet to celebrate the best movies of the past year. Maybe it's all your favourite musicians who are getting ready to hit the road and perform their biggest hits in your neighbourhood. Or perhaps it's a certain TV show that's finally coming back that you have to watch live. No spoilers, please!

Whatever the case may be, we pulled together 10 events that people will be talking about in the weeks and months to come.

1. Modi vs. Rahul Gandhi Elections

Elections are closer than you think and we’re biting our nails. Who’s gonna win? Will Modi continue to dominate? Or will Rahul Gandhi prove to be a worthy opponent? Take a well thought of decision and if you still need some help the decision maker pen will help you take a wise decision.

Credits: www.theindianexpress.com


2. ICC World Cup

World Cup Fever, you guys!!! This time, the World Cup will be hosted by Wales and England. Well, we’re going to be hooked to our screens with our cavort sports nut gear from 30th May to 14th July. What about you?

Credits: www.icc-cricket.com


3. IPL

The 2019 Indian Premier League is set to kick off on 23rd March, and this will be the 12th season so far. Who do you think is gonna win this time?

Credits: www.wikipedia.com


4. The Final Season of Game of Thrones

Winter is coming in April this year. This is the final season, you guys! Show some excitement with the GOT music box while you wait for the coveted episodes to air.

Credits: www.nerdist.com

5. Avengers Endgame

The next Avengers movie is all set for an April release, and guess what, this may very well be the last time you see Stan Lee in a cameo. Brace yourselves with the superhero gizmos as Avengers Endgame may introduce a brand new superhero.

Credits: www.nerdist.com

6. Space X Gigabit Internet Satellites to be launched

On Feb 22nd, Elon Musk will be providing the world with lightning fast internet by launching the Space X next year. As part of the mission, several satellites will be launched into the orbit of the earth, so as to provide low latency, high speed internet services to masses around the globe.

Credits: www.inc.com

7. Reliance’s launch of Jio 5G

The fifth generation or 5G is all set for launch in early 2019. Reliance has revealed that 5G will be made available to the public real soon. It is expected to be even better than 4G, with download speed at least 40 times better than its previous generation. Wow.

Credits: www.forbes.com

8. The World’s First Hyperloop

The world’s first hyperloop passenger capsule will be introduced in the year 2019, and will also be ready for passengers. The transportation capsule is 32 metres long and weighs over 5 tonnes. The technology will soon be brought to India. Don’t forget your travel essentials when you hop on to the hyperloop.

Credits: www.servicemarket.com

9. India’s Maiden Mission To The Sun

The Indian Space Research Organisation or ISRO will be launching its first mission to the sun with Aditya L-1 in 2019. The purpose of this mission is to answer some unsolved mysteries related to quantum physics and understand how the sun and it dynamics really work.

Credits: www.foxnews.com

10. PlayStation 5 to be launched

For all you gamers out there, here’s some good news. Sony will be launching the PlayStation 5 towards the end of next year, although the release date has not been released yet. This time, it won’t be just updates. A new generation of gaming begins with the new PS5. Pin up your wooden gamer brooch to show the world how ardent a gamer are you.

Credits: www.valuewalk.com

Honestly, we’re super excited. What about you?

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