5 Quirky Teapot Sets To Set 'em Tongues Wagging!

5 Quirky Teapot Sets To Set 'em Tongues Wagging!

As the most awaited festival nears, one is all geared up with the spring cleaning and stuff. Exchanging gifts is a ritual associated with Diwali and is pretty much an inextricable part of the fun and festivities. While mom insists on wrapping those exquisite albeit generic tea sets, set the quirk bar higher with awe inspiring artsy stuff. Team Awesome@Bigsmall.in is gonna be the buddy it has always been and help you choose jaw dropping crockery sets this Diwali. Happy Shopping!

1. Elly Teapot With Lid

This one's such a cutie! You will feel like petting the jumbo's head. We suggest you order a couple of them, because you just wouldn't feel like parting with Mr. Floppy Ears. 

2. Heart Shaped Teapot

This one is a wonderful teapot with lid for someone who can play around well with colours and loves trippy designs. The perfect Diwali gift for an artist, your gift will truly set the bar higher.

3. Pure Stoneware Tea Cups & Tray - Set of 6

Sometimes a hot cup of the brewed stuff is all one needs to calm those frazzled nerves. Whip up a rich creamy brew and serve it in an equally enticing set of cups. With a tray to serve your snacks, any kitchen could do with such a cool addition. 


4. Cherry Blossom Teapot Set

An authentic and aesthetic Japanese Teapot Set, this beautiful set is a reflection of superlative craftsmanship and a medley of colours in the season of spring. 


5. Portable Japanese Tea Set With Wooden Tray

The perfect to go tea kit for picnics with loved ones, the Portable Japanese Tea Set with Wooden Tray is truly a delight for "chaivinists". Complete with 4 ceramic teacups, 1 teapot, 1 wooden plier, a tea mat all enclosed in a cushioned carry bag, all you need is some hot water and tea leaves to brew your favourite beverage whenever you need some cheering up!


Need some help in picking out the perfect gift? Do reach out at 9818407888 for real time photos and guided assistance.

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