5 Unique Raksha Bandhan Gifts For Your Adorable Sister

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Raksha bandhan or Rakhi is one of the most beautiful and treasured festivals for brothers and sisters across India. It is a simple tradition where a sister ties Rakhi (sacred dhaaga) onto her brother’s wrist, as a symbol of her love and prayers for him. The brother then takes a vow to protect her from any darkness that may come her way.

Rakhi expresses the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters and over the years has now gone beyond prayers and vows, where sisters now-a-days expect an out-of-the-world gift from their brothers but don't mind a box of chocolates too.

Brothers usually have a tough time planning this gift and end up choosing a Cadbury box straight out of a TV commercial.

So this Rakhi, we thought of helping out our brothers with some awesome ideas to wow their sisters with creative and unique rakhi gifts.

Here are 5 unique rakhi gifts which will create a moment of happiness for your adorable sister. 


1. Plush Slippers

Get her the super awesome Homer Simpson or the little minions to keep her feet warm and cozy with these plush slippers! They're soft and cushioned and are a snugly fit around the feet.

Treat your feet!

2. Frappe Queen Bag

Is she obsessed with frappe? Then you surely know what your sister needs along with a Frappe. She can happily flaunt this Frappe Queen bag and carry all her stuff in it.

Frappe Queen Bag


3. Reading Light

If your sister’s a book worm, here’s something to light her up. Also remember, this light would let you sleep in peace (if you stay in the same room).

Reading Light


4. Minion Demountable Mug

Everyone loves minions because they are cute and adorable. So if your sister is one in a minion, you have two ways to go about it, top that mug with her daily coffee or even better fill it up with her favorite candies.

Demountable Minion Mugs


5. Harry Potter Wall Clock

We all know that one person who is a Harry Potter freak. If your sister is that person, here is something to send her back to the the wizardry magical world and you can thank us later. Remember time travel can happen!

Harry Potter Clock


At bigsmall.in, we believe in creating moments of happiness, be it playing a prank with a scary mask, or giving her a favorite minion plush slippers. It’s all about the moment which the gift creates and not the gift itself.

So don’t be a clichéd Cadbury boy, instead, get unique gift for your unique sister.

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