The Beginners Guide To New Year Corporate Gifting

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As the end of the year draws near, one is but compelled to think of closing chapters and beginning new ones. Ones full of endless possibilities to revel in the era of success and prosperity. It is also a great opportunity to firmly entrench goodwill amongst corporate partners and employees so as to ensure that the coming year is great for business as well as for fostering new and lasting relationships. Choosing the right new year corporate gift may seem a bit of a head scratcher but not any longer. Your favourite online gifting store is here to help with you the latest, quirkiest and appealing range of new year corporate gifting options. Here are some of the team picks to help you with selecting the perfect corporate gift

1. Erasable + Reusable Dexter Smart Notebook

With an ever increasing need for environmental conservation, one has to come up with innovative solutions. Concerned about your stationery needs and the added burden on the environment? Enter the Erasable + Reusable Dexter Smart Notebook. A super cool notebook with equally awesome features, it makes for the perfect corporate gift for employees this new year. 

2. USB Hub Night Light

Take a break from regular keyboard lights and go quirky with the super cool USB Hub Night Light. Along with giving the gift of light to illuminate your keyboard with the touch of a button, it also comes with 4 USB hubs to plug in your pen drives, charging cables, etc. The flexible stem of the device is easy to fold and the branding area on the top is also easy to print, making it a good corporate gift. 

3. Home Fairy Lights

Render a touch of warmth and coziness with the ineffably awesome box of Home Fairy lights. With a bunch of strip LED lights, encased in beautiful, warm wooden cottages, they render a soft yellow glow to any corner they grace. The box is inclusive of 5 wooden cottages and a branch of artificial leaves for decoration purposes. Plugin & watch your world come alive with the magic of homely warmth & love.


4. Decision Maker Paperweight 

Decision making can be a tough one to pull of, we totally get it. Infuse a sense of fun and quirk into the mundane task of decision making with the Decision Maker Paperweight. 

5. Mobile Stand With Amplifier

Wanna take a movie break or attend a video call without getting all hassled? Try the ingenious, innovative & quirky Mobile Stand With Amplifier. A cool corporate gift, it pretty much keeps your life simple and sorted. 

6. Robot Desk Alarm Clock

Bid adieu to boring morning rituals and wake up in style with the Robot Desk Alarm Clock. Available in multiple colour variants, friendly Mr. Robocop comes with horizontally moveable joints on arms & legs & can be made to stand in funny poses resembling those with your mom standing by your bedside with both hands on her hips & hollering away at you to get your lazy ass off the sack! It literally glares up with red eyes every time the alarm goes off. The clock requires 1, 1.5 V AA battery which is not included in the package.


Intrigued? Dig in for more cool stuff, ranging from quirky lamps, to classy wall clocks and pocket watches, all just a click away. Cute stationery is something not many can refuse, check out an entire dedicated collection of quirky notebooks & entertains corporate enquiries for our curation of unique gifts, with customizable logo and text branding on products available. For corporate queries, contact us on +919899309888 or drop an email on

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