The Ultimate Diwali Gifting Guide 2020

The Ultimate Diwali Gifting Guide 2020

As the 14th of November 2020 draws near everyone is in a fix wondering what to gift to their near and dear ones. Fret not amigos, Team is all set to sort out your Diwali shopping woes. With a plethora of options to choose from in a variety of genres, there is something to suit every taste and budget. Shopping for awesome, out of the box Diwali gifts just got easier.

1. Diwali Lights & Lamps

When it comes to picking out quirky lamps online, look no further people! From dreamy cloud lamps to fireplace lamps there is an unbelievably enticing range to choose from. Let us walk you through some of the team picks. 

a.) Origami Bird Lights

Bring home the soothing aura of birds perched on a branch with the aesthetically designed, German technology-empowered Origami Bird Lights. Truly an out of the box gift idea, this is one gift that leaves a memorable aftertaste.  

b.) Wooden Magnetic Round Heng Lamp

Bring back the balance in your life with the Wooden Magnetic Round Heng Lamp. Fitted with an intriguing system of switching on/off the lamp, it makes for an aesthetic visual treat. 


c.) Animated Fireplace LED Lamp

Infuse a sense of warmth within the confines of your home with the classy Fireplace LED Lamp. Once the festivities are over, sit back and relax with a hot cup of Joe, curled up near your very own fireplace. 


d.) Cloud LED Hanging Lamp

The perfect gift for the friend who loves gazing at the shape-shifting clouds in the sky, the Cloud LED Hanging Lamp is truly a class apart. 

2. Incense Holders

Incense is something one cannot do without while conducting any religious rite or ceremony. It not only purifies the surrounding aura but also infuses a sense of peace, tranquility and, the divinity within the confines of it. At you will find the quirkiest and best of incense burners that promise to deliver smiles and good vibes.

a.) Ganesha Incense Burner

Invoke the blessings of the deity of wisdom with the Ganesh Incense Burner. 

b.) Back-Flow Buddha Incense Incense Burner With 80 Cones

With Buddha sitting calmly in a meditative pose, and a box of 80 reverse flow incense cones, this one is quite a stunner.

3. Photo Frames

A photo frame is not just another gift, it shows that you care about the person and value moments spent together. Preserve your unforgettable memories in equally special frames. Bid adieu to boring old generic photo frames, with quirky, out of the box frames at the coolest online store. May we suggest a few of these beauties?

a.) DIY Ferris Wheel Photo Frame

Spin the wheel of joy and take a trip down the memory lane with the rotatable DIY Ferris Wheel Photo Frame. Make a gift of it to your mother or to someone who loves preserving snapshots of memories.

b.) Wooden Photo Frame Shelf

Now you can kill two birds with one stone. Keep your space organized and your loved ones close with the Wooden Photo Frame Shelf. The rustic feel only adds to the vintage charm of the product.

c.) Wooden Photo Frame With Holder

Make a gift of this unique revolving photo frame with a transparent pen stand held in a black metallic spring case attached to the base. The photo frame can hold snaps of the size 3.5" x 5". 

d.) Pastel Wooden Photo Frames - Set of 2 

Sometimes one captures the picture-perfect moment that speaks a thousand words & reeks of many memories. For enframing such masterpieces, just about any generic photo frame will not suffice. Presenting the super elegant Simple Style 6-inch Photo Frame from the house of XimiVogue.


4. Clocks & Watches

What could be a better gift than the proverbial gift of time? Take a break from the conventional geometrical wall clocks and switch to really quirky and classy timepieces. Choose from a range of flip clocks, vintage and retro designs as well as DIY clocks. View the entire collection here: Clocks & Watches.

a.) Steel Bicycle Flip Clock

Looking for a really quirky timepiece? This could be your dream product. Literally watch the minutes flip away with this unique desk clock. 

 b.) Robot Desk Alarm Clock

If you ever had fantasies of saving the Earth from an alien Robocop invasion, then we have the perfect alarm clock for you. Wake up to the tunes of Mr. Robocop every morning or maybe gift one to a friend. 

c.) World Map Clock Board - 3 Time Zones

The perfect clock for someone who loves to travel and likes to stay aligned with the different time zones, we present to you the World Map Clock Board - 3 Time Zones. 

d.) DIY Yoga Clock

Whip up your own wall clock with the DIY Yoga Clock. The package is inclusive of EVA self-adhesive numbers and metal pointers. Practice an asana or two every time you glance at the wall clock. Indeed a creative gift for fitness freaks!

5. Posters

Festivals provide the much-needed impetus to chuck out the old and irrelevant stuff and brighten up the corners with new, colourful and vibrant stuff. There couldn't be a cooler way to redo your walls than quirky posters that are so in sync with your vibe. Be it superhero themed posters or Harry Potter themed ones, Bigsmall's catalogue has many treats up its sleeves! So dig in and give your room the shades of colour it deserves. 

a.) Vintage Superheroes Poster

Whether you are a Marvel or a DC fan, the Vintage Superheroes Poster captures the essence of them all. Tack this official superhero merchandise up on your walls or maybe order one as a Diwali gift for an equally superhero crazed friend.

b.) Chai Poster With Frame

Well, the poster pretty much sums up your love for a cup of hot chai and your motto in life. It also comes enframed along with integrated hooks, so all you need to do is unwrap your package and hang it on your walls to add an instant dash of colour to your room. 

 c.) Basic Wine Guide

The perfect gift for a wine connoisseur friend, you just cannot go wrong with this one. Pinup one on your bar walls and gaze at it pensively the next time you spend some time with a glass of Merlot. 

d.) Vintage Batman Tin Hanging Board

Spruce up your Batcave with an equally cool Bat accessory. This tin board comes with pre-drilled holes at the back for easy installation. Looking for more official Batman merchandise? View the entire collection here: Official Batman Merchandise.

6. Kitchen & Bar

Dread stepping into the kitchen? Well with cool and fun hacks you might wanna try your hands in some culinary experiments! Peruse through the team picks and choose what serves you best, happy shopping!

1.Yolkfish Egg Separator

Having trouble separating the yellow from the whites? With the uber-cute Yolkfish Egg Separator the mess is going to be a thing of the past.

2. Cactus Mason Jars

Jazz up your mocktail parties with these cuties! Available in sets of 2 as well as a set of 4, you wouldn't wanna miss out on bringing home a couple or more of these treats! 

c.) Buzz Wire Drinking Game

This is a fun gift for the party animal you know. Down a few shots and try to make it past the framed guy without buzzing him. If you do hit him up, take another shot of your favourite drink. Now that's neat!

d.) Vintage Coffee Grinder

The next time you crave a cup of Joe, crush your own coffee beans and whip up the delicious aromatic brew that reeks of times and eras bygone. The perfect gift for a coffee aficionado, this is one gift that will stand the test of time. 

7. Water Bottles & Ice Trays

There couldn't be a better way to tell your loved ones that you care about them than reminding them to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water not only ensures a healthy skin but also a clearer mind! Gift unique water bottles and quirky ice moulds this Diwali to make your gift stand out from the rest.

a.) Foldable Travel Water Bottle

If you skip carrying water bottles with you on the go simply because of space issues, the Foldable Travel Water Bottle made of silicone is the solution to your problems. Ergonomically designed and eco-friendly, it makes for a really cool and thoughtful gift this festive season. 

b.) Thor Hammer Water Bottle - 1.7 Litres

Throw in some Mjolnir vibes the next time you take a sip of chilled water from the super cool Thor Hammer Water Bottle - 1.7 Litres. An officially licensed Avengers merchandise and made of BPA free plastic you can be assured of the quality.

c.) Bullet Ice Tray

Gift it to someone who likes their drinks chilled, appreciates quirkiness and would literally take a bullet for you! Use it to prepare bullet-shaped ice pieces and reload your drink as and when you please.

d.) Hammer Ice Tray

Get hammered in style with the silicone Hammer Ice Tray. It can also be used for making hammer-shaped chocolates, popsicles, etc.

Well, folks hope you enjoyed the read! The list is just indicative of the fun and quirky stuff that awaits and not exhaustive. Do hop in at for amazing Diwali gifts within Rs 500, as well as Diwali gifts within Rs 1000.

PS: We could also send out handwritten notes!


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