Top 10 Birthday Gifts Under Rs 500 | January 2021 Edition

Top 10 Birthday Gifts Under Rs 500 | January 2021 Edition


Let’s be honest here, how many of you eagerly wait for your birthday? I can say without a doubt, almost everyone, right? Birthdays are all about gifts, cakes and balloons everywhere. Every one of us, looking to celebrate our birthday, expects to get the best and probably some unique birthday gifts.

However, let’s think about the same thing with an altered situation, where you are having to attend a friend’s or any relative’s birthday party. You will probably be squeezing your brains out thinking about that one gift which will be the most unique one in the lot. Plus, there is always that extra bit of caution in most of us that the gift should not extend over your prescribed budget.

So, if you are looking to buy an affordable and unique birthday gift for some dear one, here is a list of some unique birthday gifts under Rs. 500.

1. Hammer Ice Tray

Hammer Ice Tray

Hit the nail on the head at your party with this magnificent Hammer Ice Tray! Whether it's a party, a get-together or a celebration, this Hammer Ice Tray will elevate your serving levels. Containing 4 slots for cubes, it is also ideal to make chocolates, crayons, popsicles and a lot more! The Hammer Ice Cubes would make a great stir for the drinks too! It'll make for a lovely gift for your party freak friends.

2. Superheroes Chilling Poster 


Superheroes Chilling Poster -


The world’s greatest superheroes start their day with a healthy breakfast! Don’t believe us? We got you a snapshot for posterity. From left(top)- Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, Wolverine, Deadpool, Hulk, Flash, Superman, and underneath Spider-Man munching on a sandwich. A homage to the famous photo of “Lunch atop a skyscraper” honouring the brave builders this “Superheroes Chilling” is one piece of art that’s cherished by DC and Marvel fans alike. An attention grabber for sure, it’s an ideal gift for any superhero fan(from any universe).

3. Synthetic Leather Coin Bag


Synthetic Leather Coin Bag -


It's time to relive the most exciting part of our infancy. How well can we recall the days we loved collecting coins and make tiny savings in small piggy banks or mini-sized wallets. The Synthetic Leather Coin is one of the best birthday gifts that you can give to your friend and remind him of the days when saving money out of the meagre pocket money was utmost important. This is one of the best birthday gifts under Rs. 500 according to me.

4. Wooden Rupee Symbol Pen Stand


Wooden Rupee Symbol Pen Stand


Since you have been across the days when the most difficult thing to get rid of was messy study table, you will know how important it is to get everything organised there so that you can get everything at hands’ reach. Thinking of an apt gift for your younger brother or sister? The Wooden Rupee Symbol Pen Stand is the best thing that you can choose to give.

5. 90's Kid A6 Notebook With Elastic

90's Kid A6 Notebook With Elastic -


The nineties spelled the magic of Harry Potter, white canvas sneakers, Tom & Jerry reruns, & Disney movies. Relive the good 'ol days, pen down your memories & paste those Kodak photographs in the pages of this quirky diary.

6. Chalkboard Calendar Wall Sticker

The Chalkboard Calendar Wall Sticker is one of the best birthday gifts under Rs. 500. Besides being unique, this gift is high in utility as it will help the person to keep a track of all the important activities that is to be done on the marked dates. It is an apt product for a study room or office. It is 3 x 2 feet in dimension.

7. Travel Journal - Vintage Edition


Vintage Travel Journal

The Travel Journal - Vintage Edition is a wonderful birthday gift for the people who travel a lot, be it out of the hobby or for the business purposes. The Travel Journal is a wonderful travel planner and can help out loads even for last moment packing purposes.

8. Fluffy Cushion Socks

The Fluffy Cushion Socks is a perfect birthday gift for girls or kids. It feels cushioned and made out of cotton towel material. They are of one standard size and will fit everyone due to its elastic fit. And since they are so adorable, they are probably one of the best birthday gifts under Rs. 500.

9. Superhero Apron



Have a friend or a relative who loves cooking? Ever thought of gifting them with something related to their ambition. The Superhero Apron is probably the best birthday gift that can be given to those future master chefs.

10. Spa Socks



Spa Socks are probably the best birthday gifts for girls who love pampering themselves with the best available care products. These socks are made of 75% cotton 15% bamboo and 10% spandex. The goodness of lavender essential oils, grape seed oil and Vitamin E.

So, even though you have a tight budget restraint on your shoulder, you can still pick some of the best birthday gifts under Rs. 500 that are amazing and unique in their own way. After all, no one celebrates birthday more than once a year. Hence, everything revolving around it should be special and unique.


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