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Corporate Gigs We've Done

Decision Maker Paperweight - Google Cloud partnered up with Google Cloud to provide Decision Maker Paperweights as a Corporate Gift. The Decision Maker Paperweight is a creative table and desk accessory gift, with multi-utility and a chrome-plated iron build.         The 320-gram paperweight is also a decision making roulette - with a spinner and 9 decisions on it. It's a fun way to leave some trivial decisions to the universe, while having something to fidget around with also adding quirkiness to your desk! The Decision Makers were customized and branded for Google's perusal, with the Google Cloud logo intricately screen printed on the...

Sidhartt Trehan

Decision Maker Paperweight - Google Cloud

Dumbbell Water Bottle - IndiGo partnered up with IndiGo Airlines, as part of their #FitToFly initiative.  As part of their event which promoted fitness and healthy lifestyle, Bigsmall partnered IndiGo to provide Dumbbell Water Bottles.   The Dumbbell Water Bottle is a creative gift, which is a dumbbell-shaped water bottle, with a capacity of 550 ml.  The bottle, which is available in 3 different colors, is a unique and quirky everyday use gift - for hydrations and light workouts at work, at home or on the go. The bottles were customized and branded specially for the event. IndiGo's logo was intricately screen printed on the top...

Sidhartt Trehan

Dumbbell Water Bottle - IndiGo

Heng Lamp - Zeta partnered up with Zeta, to provide Magnetic Heng Balance Lamp as a Corporate Gift. This unconventionally quirky lamp is truly unique. Based on the principle of magnetic equilibrium, it is mind-blowingly awesome!  A customized note was made for the company. The two balls of the wooden frame, serve as switches of the Magnetic Heng Balance Lamp. The two balls of the wooden frame serve as switches of the lamp. As we raise the lower ball, the two balls are magnetically attracted. They float in the air and when they reach a static equilibrium the light is turned on.  The designing...

Naina Sandhir

Heng Lamp - Zeta

Mobile Stand Amplifier - Algosec partnered up with Algosec, to provide Mobile Stand with an amplifier as a Corporate Gift. This mobile stand with amplifier is the answer to all your acoustic problems. It's super stylish built is compatible with under 5.5-inch mobile phones. If you like your music loud, then this is the perfect desk accessory for you. The volume is naturally amplified by the bamboo up to 10 decibels.  The company logo of algosec is embellished on this classy product.  The stand is ideal to rest your phone on while listening to music, watching movies or making video calls. These cool features make...

Naina Sandhir

Mobile Stand Amplifier - Algosec

Astronaut Helmet 3D Coffee Mug -  Dell EMC partnered up with Dell EMC, to provide Astronaut Helmet 3D Mug as a Corporate Gift. The Astronaut Helmet 3D Coffee Mug is a classy mug with a unique, astronaut-helmet like design. Available in 3 colors, the mug is made up of sturdy ceramic and has an easy grip for comfort. The sleek and stylish mug is a fantastic desk accessory. With its 450 ml capacity, it can be used for all kinds of beverages, as a stationery holder or simply as a decorative piece. The mugs were customized and branded with the logo of Dell EMC Services. The customization was screen printed...

Sidhartt Trehan

Astronaut Helmet 3D Coffee Mug - Dell EMC

Foldable Sunglasses - Shemaroo Entertainment partnered up with Shemaroo Entertainment, to provide Foldable Sunglasses, a Bigsmall original product, as a Corporate Gift. The Foldable Sunglasses are a fantastic unique gift and a travel essential for outdoorsy people. Their uniqueness lies in the foldable silicone bands - you can simply slap the bands on your hand or on a handle, and the glasses can fold and be worn like a wristband.   Extremely portable, the patented-design sunglasses are available in 4 different band colors. Polarised with UV400 protection, the slapsee sunglasses have a sporty and stylish design to take your funk game to another level. The sunglasses were customized...

Sidhartt Trehan

Foldable Sunglasses - Shemaroo Entertainment

365 Daily Planner Notebook - Intel partnered up with Intel, to provide 365 Daily Planner Notebook Diary as a Corporate Gift. This adorably functional daily planner is just what you need to keep your 365 days of the year sorted. Makes for a cool New Year's day gift for employees.  The phrase "Live in the moment" is embellished on it reminding one to focus on what's in hand at the moment. It can be used to write one's Yearly plans, Monthly plans, Weekly plans, Daily plans & projects. Stay sorted the entire year with this super useful planner. The phrase "Hewlett Packard Enterprise" & the Intel...

Naina Sandhir

365 Daily Planner Notebook - Intel

Decision Maker Paperweight - Dell partnered up with Dell, to provide Decision maker paperweight as a Corporate Gift.  This cool decision maker paperweight is a fun gadget that combines the serious business of decision making an interesting one! Unconventional choices are labelled on the base, spin away to decide your fate. Set the ball rolling in your favour with this ultra cool gadget!   The Decision-maker paperweight was embellished with laser branding at the top of the roulette head. Decisions include: yes, no, go for it, chill, 100%, work hard, no chance, try again, why not. It is made of good quality chrome plated solid iron....

Naina Sandhir

Decision Maker Paperweight - Dell

Decision Maker Paperweight - InfraBeat partnered up with InfraBeat, to provide Decision maker paperweight as a Corporate Gift. The decision maker is a roulette-based solid, metallic paperweight that is a perfect amalgam of infusing a sense of fun in the serious business of decision making. The choices are spread out on the base & the business of decision making is taken care of by a tiny red ball.  The choices range from the conventional "yes" & "no" to the fun "chill", "100%" & "Why Not"!! This fun tool combines business with pleasure. The Decision-maker paperweight was embellished with laser branding at the top of the roulette...

Naina Sandhir

Decision Maker Paperweight - InfraBeat

3D Grenade Mug - HBO partnered up with HBO, to provide 3D Grenade Mug as a Corporate Gift.     Customized HBO keychain was added on the pin of the realistic looking 3D Grenade Mug with lid. Your beverage stays warm, gangsta style!   The HBO logo was also printed on the bottom of the mug. entertains corporate enquiries for our curation of innovative corporate gifts, with customizable logo and text branding on products available. For corporate queries, contact us on +919899309888 or drop an email on

Naina Sandhir

3D Grenade Mug - HBO

Holi Color Box - Andaz partnered up with Andaz, to provide Holi Color Box as a Corporate Gift. The completely safe, natural & organic colors are the best way to bring in the season of colors & festivity.  Bid adieu to harmful, chemical colors that don't come off easily post Holi celebrations, with these 100% organic colors made from edible substances such as maize, starch & flower petals. entertains corporate enquiries for our curation of best corporate gifts for Holi, with customizable logo and text branding on products available. For corporate queries, contact us on +919899309888 or drop an email on

Naina Sandhir

Holi Color Box - Andaz

Travel Journal - Kantar MilwardBrown partnered up with KantarMilward Brown, to provide Travel Journals as a Corporate Gift. The travel journal is a great travel companion to record all the interesting happenings of an eventful journey. Adorned with embossed branding on the PU leather cover of the journal, the travel journal is one of the indispensable travel essentials to sketch one's travel ideas, describe a freshly explored destination, design treasure maps or make perfect notes on this perfect travel companion. entertains corporate enquiries for our curation of unique gifts, with customizable logo and text branding on products available. For corporate queries, contact us on +919899309888...

Akanksha Singh

Travel Journal - Kantar MilwardBrown

Corporate Gifts

The corporate scene is expanding in India like never before. New start-ups and small scale business ventures are cropping up across India, especially in the cities. They are all the rage nowadays. A significant lot are succeeding and going on to become big businesses raking in revenues worth crores each year. There are lots of things that go into making a company successful. And bonding is an extremely vital part of the corporate life. People with a lot of experience being a part of firms know that gifting goes a long way when it comes to strengthening bonds within as well as outside the company. Recognise the Potterheads or GOT fans with awesome Harry Potter gifts & GOT gifts. Whether it’s for your boss or clients, gift giving has immense effect on their perception of you. It has a profound effect even on the sender. The real-estate agent who sold you a house or a property shows his gratitude through a house warming gift. This practice is extensively visible. Gifts reflect on how much you truly value your relationship with the receiver. It doesn’t have to be pricey or luxurious, even a simple, humble nail polish holder for an employee conscious of her dressing sense and looks matters more than an expensive gold watch which she wouldn’t care to wear at all. Ironically, corporate gifts are a brilliant way for your clients to get to know you outside the workplace. It shows that you have taken time away from your work to think of this person and get him something special.It shows your personal side. For all these reasons, corporate gifts in India are widely sought after. Build your corporate bond through gifts. We are Bigsmall, an online gifting shop with a difference. We sell unique, quirky and gifts for creative people. We have plenty of corporate gift ideas for you to choose from. Blow their minds away from our selection of goodies. We offer hassle free and personalised gifting experience to our customers. If you are looking for corporate gifts at reasonable price. Also, brand customisation is an available option at Bigsmall. You can tailor your gifts according to your requirements. It embeds the name of the company firmly in the mind and heart of your recipients. Now make your brand stand out with our products.

Corporate Gifts for Employees

If you are searching for gifts for colleagues online, you’ve come to the right place. Are you looking for ways to thank your employees with Diwali Corporate gifts this year? How about some extraordinary corporate gifts for New Year? Any festival or holiday is a perfect occasion for a gift. For the superhero fans, choose from a range of official DC merchandise. Or how about recognising an employee for working overtime? Show your appreciation for your staff for their hard work with our immense and impressive set of gifts. Strengthen your bonds with your colleagues with our special range of products. If he is a fitness freak, then why not gift him a Dumbbell Water Bottle? It is a dumbbell which doubles up as a water bottle. How about an exercise cord for him to stretch once in a while? You can also gift him a Backflow Incense Burner or Buddha Incense Burner or better yet, a Buddha Backflow Incense Burner! Buddha T-Light Holders are also a popular choice. For those cute co-worker crushes, choose from a range of gifts for crush to highlight your feelings! Nothing says peace like a Buddha figurine!They are a favourite among our customers. We sell corporate gifts for all occasions. If you are looking for corporate gifts for doctors,or gifts for bloggers we have those too. How about Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamps for the desk? Magnetic Car Holders or Wooden Stationary Holders are popular too. Show him your gratitude with our range of unique gifts. They will remember it and you will be on top of their mind each and every time they see or use your gift.  

Bulk gift items in India

The most popular time to gift someone would be the festivals and the holiday season of course. But gifting them on any other day would have an ever-lasting effect on them. Birthday gifts or pop cards are a popular choice when it comes to gifting someone personally. The right gift always involves careful thought and planning. We have reduced your burden making it easy for you to find the perfect gift with an entire web page dedicated to Corporate Gifting. Gifting is an indispensable way to build bonds and partnerships with important customers and clients. Bigsmall is into wholesale as well. Buy the best, affordable gifts for employees and clients in bulk with us. If you are on the lookout for business promotional gifts for partners, look no further than Bigsmall, the one stop shop for all your unique and quirky gifting needs. Impress your business partners with Astronaut Mobile Stands and Wooden Window Photo Frames. Surprise your employees and colleagues with gifts for office staff. Look for creative business gifts for clients. They would love something out of the ordinary. How about a Lion Gear Table Clock for the manager’s desk? Or a Heel Stand for their mobile phone. Show that you care for them with a stress busting Stress Sausage. Cheese Burger Notepad is a good choice for all the foodies out there!

Corporate Gifts in Delhi

A well thought our gift means that you have taken the time and invested some energy into trying to find out your giftee’s personal style, likes and requirements. To show how much you care, personalised packaging is a big deal for us. We wrap your gift in a presentable wrapping paper with a note. If you have questions regarding any aspect, call us and get it cleared. Our customer care has won hearts as well as accolades from our customers and our fan-following. Express your gratitude towards your employees, partners and clients with our gifts. If you want to send gifts for employees in Noida then we are here to the rescue. We also send business gifts to Mumbai. We undertake bulk gift orders in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida and so many more places. Just log into our website, shop for the gift, mention the number of items you require, pay and get it delivered to the destination of your choice. We ship to corporate offices and individual homes.

Corporate Gift Store in India

Buy gifts online for your colleagues, co-workers, clients and bosses anywhere in India. It has an incredible effect on referrals, loyalty and promoting the business of the company. Improve and foster your relationship with them.Choose from a range of unique socks for women & quirky posters online. Show your admiration with our range of gift ideas especially made for the corporates. Check out Corporate Gifts on our website. You will love it. We have a selection of items for you to gift your boss. We have Chilling Cubes and Whiskey Stones for the boss who loves to chill with a glass of brandy in the evening. Show him that you care for his health by presenting him a Pill Organiser Bottle or Fruit Infuser Bottle. Or just get him something quirky like a Decision Maker Paper Weight. If your boss is a lady who loves to pamper herself a lot, we believe Spa Socks would be a nice offering for her. Wooden Mugs and Wooden Stationary Holders are a great choice too for bosses. We have these and so many more gifts for creative people stocked away in our inventory for you. Go ahead, don’t just send gifts online, send them extra special gifts that will leave an impression in their mind with Bigsmall, the e-gift site with an eye for the unusual. 


This year, take friendship’s day as an opportunity to boost up your relationship with your colleagues or employees. Give them unique gifts and start your work on a bright note. Shop now and create a healthy vibe with quirky corporate gifts for employee friends from 

Getting the most unique Diwali gifts for employees can go a long way in showing your employees just how much you value their diligence and integrity. It promotes bonhomie and the right kind of diwali gift for employees or even customized corporate diwali gifts,
Diwali gifts for office staff can make the receiver feel warm and well looked after. If you're on the hunt for corporate Diwali gifts for clients, can help you find just what you need to leave a lasting impact!

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