Foot Hammock -

Foot Hammock

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Always, comfort first

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This Foot Hammock enables you to make the time you spend at your desk a time to look forward to. Wrap your feet in a suspended cocoon of cotton, wood, & polyethene to get through the daily grind in comfort. This is a very quirky and unique product to add style to your desk or your workspace. The Foot Hammock can make the dreaded work or study hours extremely comfortable and desirable. It is available in a vibrant orange colour and is a perfect gift for your friends and family for telling them ‘I care’.

  • Foot Hammock is made of soft and cozy materials.
  • It's simple strap system allows you to rest your feet right where you want them
  • Works on almost any desk
  • Vibrant orange colour to add some fun to your boring workplace
  • Dimensions : 65*17cm, Weight: 400g 

Package Includes:
1 x Foot Hammock



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