Caveman Bottle Opener -

Caveman Bottle Opener

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Just like old times! 

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Back in 1600 bc, when there weren't any openers, how did our previous folks open them bottles? Well, there weren't any bottles either. Re-live our ancient beings, by using the caveman style bottle opener for your now parties. This is exactly how the openers would have been had we not evolved, or rather innovated. It doesn’t get more primitive than this, at least looks wise. Let out a loud yell everytime you open a beer bottle with this opener to signify that you’ve found the fire water that gives courage to the bear hunter. This is how you pay tribute to the poor Neanderthals who failed to evolve beyond their cave-dwelling ways.

  • Caveman Style Bottle Opener
  • Man’s first bottle opener
  • Styled as if designed our earlier evolved folks
  • Easy to hold and hang

Warning: Do not use it for a real hammer

Package includes:
1 x Caveman Bottle Opener


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