Best Diwali Gifts by Price

Diwali is that time of the year when everything seems cheerier, isn't it? Cities get decked up to look their best, there's joy in the air, laughter, and glee all around, exchange of gifts and greetings, amazing, mouth watering food; how can one not wait for this time all year round? The five days of spending time with those near and dear to you, sharing anecdotes, bursting crackers, binging on the Diwali sweets is something we all hold close to our heart.

Fireworks in the sky, gazing at the sky painted with the most beautiful of colours, Diwali is a special time of the year indeed.   


This Diwali, why not make everyone around you happy with the best gifts you could possibly get them? Whether it's your parents you'd like to cheer up or your friends you'd like to leave elated or  your cousins you'd like to leave smiling wide, we're here to help you get them just the presents they'd love to be given on the Festival of Lights. Check out these Diwali gifts by price and buy budget friendly gifts for your loved ones.

Browse our collection of the perfect unique Diwali Gifts for your near and dear ones! Whatever your budget may be, we've got just the gifts for you. 

Diwali Gifts Under Rs. 351

1. Geek Socks

Best Diwali Gifts

Embrace your inner geek with these Geek socks. The quirky design and the soft-combed cotton knit socks will keep you comfortable just like the solace of binary does. These black and white socks inscribed with the word Geek put a disclaimer out in the world that you are a nerd constantly at work and not to be messed with. Being a geek is a license to proudly emote on a blissfully childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. You're welcome.

2. Umbrella Hooks - Set of 3

Best Diwali Gifts

Change the way you hang lightweight stuff at home with the funky new Umbrella Hooks. Available in various colors, it comes with a double sided tape for hanging lightweight and small stuff. It can easily be used to hold notes, lists on fridge surfaces, etc. 

3. Mini Suitcase Wallet

Along the lines of creative gift, the mini suitcase wallet is also a funny gift for your nephews or nieces. It comes in the design of a mini suitcase and is invaluable, indeed! It's a funny gift that is sure to delight anyone.


4. Spirits Opener Fridge Magnet

Best Diwali Gifts

When liqueur beckons, thou shalt yield to the golden drops of heaven! And so says the holy grail of good times. Ok, that's totally made up, but the Spirits Opener with Magnet is totally for real! A quirky bar essential, this bottle opener cum fridge magnet comes in 4 cool variants of your favourite liqueur. Choose from Jack Daniels, Black Label, Chivas Regal and Absolut Vodka.

5. Hand of the King Brooch 

Hand of the King Brooch

If you're on the hunt to find the perfect gift for someone who's obsessed with Game of Thrones and have a budget in mind, this is just the right present to pick. It is just the kind of collectible a fan of the show would go gaga over. Its metal and colour gives it a vintage feel and would be the perfect token to have of one's favourite show.  

Diwali Gifts under Rs. 500

1. Lively Hardcover Notebook

Best Corporate Gifts

This beautiful notebook is not only super useful in keeping everything going on in one's life organised and in check, but it is aesthetically pleasing too. It is just the present you'd want to get someone who's always on the quest to getting more productive and tries to keep things in order. 

2. Travel Shirt Pouch

 Best Diwali Gifts


The Travel Shirt Pouch is an ideal gift for your globetrotting friend as it resolves your luggage problem to some extent. Great space saver, it fits easily into most suitcases and backpacks. Having the main compartment suitable for storing shirts, tees, etc. It has also got 2 mesh zip compartments for storing, ties, socks, innerwear, phone chargers, USB cables, etc. Ergonomically designed, it has inbuilt velcro strap for securing your shirts too!

3. Hand-Painted Wooden Coasters - Set of 6

Best Diwali Gifts

Whether you've got an aunt or a sister who loves decking up their house with elegant, little items here and there, these Hand-Painted Wooden Coasters will be perfect. Made of high-quality Kadam wood, these will be an amazing touch of traditional art to your decor. 

4. Stone Beer Coasters

Best Diwali Gifts

Toast a drink to our Stone Age ancestors with these magnificent Stone Beer Coasters! These rustic design coasters have an artistic illustration of beer bottles in an antique ice bucket. Made of ceramic stone, these will be a tough nut to crack - they'll keep the water droplet evaporation off your table for long. So go on, get those Diwali Parties started! 

5. Ganesh Lantern 

This Ganesh Lantern is a simple yet exquisite way to light up anyone's humble abode during Diwali or any time of the year. It is a paper lantern and fix any light bulb, coloured or not! It is finely handcrafted and can lend any home a whole, new auspicious feel. 

6. Ring Holder

This ring holder serves as a unique gift for all the lovely ladies in your life. Not only are they elegant to look at, but they'll also keep your rings safe and tight.  Place by your sink to hold your rings while cooking or dish washing. High on utility and aesthetic, the timeless design is a wonderful present to gift on Diwali. 

Diwali Gifts under Rs. 1000

1. Baby Groot Holder

Guardians of the Galaxy fans this is your chance to give a big shout out! Say hello to your very own Baby Groot Holder. Made of resin, this adorable figurine comes with a hollowed out space to grow succulents, stack stationery, make up brushes etc. This Diwali go green, with Baby Groot giving you some much needed company.  

2. 3D Jewellery Holder Palette

Best Diwali Gifts

Store your precious trinkets safely on the artistically crafted plate base. The base comes attached with your choice of 4 different designs. Hang your cherished rings and ornaments on the quirky gold horn of a unicorn - for the fairytale faithful. And it would also make an awesome Diwali gift. 

3. Buddha T-Light Holder 

Buddha Holder

This T-Light Holder has a very classy feel and can take the décor of any room up a notch. Around Diwali time especially, it is a great way to decorate your home! It is made of iron and has an extremely rich finish. 

4. Royal Flush Pocket Watch 


Come Diwali and the poker and Teen Patti champs are gonna go all out! Treat fans of the game to the classy Royal Flush Pocket watch. You can now play the game and tell the time in style! 

5. Harry Potter Merchandise 

The Harry Potter planner and Harry Potter mugs are bound to serve as an ideal gift for any Harry Potter fans. Whether off to Hogwarts or back to school in the muggle world, Harry Potter House themed Notebook is the perfect way to add a bit o magic to your notes. Sip your beverage in style in the Harry Potter house mugs

Diwali Gifts under Rs. 2000

1. Scratch World Map 

If you're on the hunt to find a gift that will blow away the mind of a friend whose sole desire in life is to keep travelling, someone whose checklist of places to visit is never ending, this Scratch World Map is just what you need to get them. With it, they can scratch off all the countries they've set foot in and commemorate their voyages. 

2. Buddha Incense Burner 

Buddha Incense Burner

This is an absolutely serene, mindful gift to get for anyone. It has the calm Buddha sitting, with smoke wafting off of his head. While the incense burns, one is surrounded by a fragrance that is mild and healing at the same time. All in all, the final effect is just glorious. 

3. Mermaid Tail Blanket 

Mermaid Tail Blanket

If you're looking to get a gift for a sister you really want to pamper, your wife if you want to make her feel looked after and loved or anyone you want to give special treatment to, this Mermaid Blanket is the way to go. Its rich, plush feel and design of a mermaid's tail can leave any woman feel elated, and like a little girl at the same time! It is super cosy and just what one would like to snuggle in on a cold, rainy day with a cup of coffee and a good book. 

4. White Maple Leaf LED Lamp 

Best Diwali Gifts

Gift yourself the White Maple Leaf LED Lamp to take your Diwali decorations to a whole new level of awesomeness. This lamp is an ideal Diwali gift for your loved ones as they capture the true essence of Diwali. It serves as a great housewarming gift as well, for there could be no better gift than the gift of light. It integrates an endearing look to your work table or your wall depending upon your choice of decorative set-up. 

5. Heart Shape Curtain Clips LED String Lights

Best Diwali Gifts

This dainty little lights are a really delightful present for anyone who loves to give their room a look that is creative and one of a kind. The Heart Shape Curtain Clips LED String Lights are a must have for those people who believe in getting their walls decked up by beautiful glowing light curtains. This product not only lights up your night rooms but gets you clips to attach your photos as well which come together to form the shape of a heart. 

6. Love LED Multicolored Lamp

Best Diwali Gifts

For all the lovey-dovey couples out there who just cannot have enough of each other here is a thing that would help you create some scintillating lovable moments. The Multicolored LED Love Lamp is a dream come true for all those who fall short of words to express their love. With its colourful light, it will create a mesmerizing atmosphere whether indoor or outdoor. 

7. Geek Astro Mobile Lamp 

For all the organising and control freaks who love to have all their mobile accessories under control, the geek astro mobile stand is the perfect gift as it not only supports your mobile but also your tablet. The stand is capable to support your phone or tab in both horizontal and vertical positions. The stand acts a super cool tabletop figurine. 

8. Vintage Gramophone Bluetooth Speaker

Best Diwali Gift 

Diwali also entails a lot of corporate gifting. This Vintage Gramophone Bluetooth Speaker not only serves as a corporate gift but also a trendy table top decor. Made with a wooden color finish, and shaped like a gramophone, it becomes everyone's absolute favorite. 

Premium Diwali Gifts

1. Magnetic Heng Balance Lamp 

The Magnetic Heng lamp is a premium product that is ideal for corporate as well as informal gifting. If you want to make someone feel really special and gift them something out of the box.The design adopted here is such that the illuminating element of the lamp is embedded into the frame so that the light can find its way out. Working on the principle of magnetic equilibrium, the Heng lamp is a delight to have.

2. Rhino Hammer & Paperweight

Redefine creativity with Mr Rhino Hammer & Paperweight. This affable heavyweight creature will not only help drive up that occasional nail up the wall but can also serve as a pretty cool bookend! 

3. Modular Touch Lights

Illuminate your home with these uber modern lights this Diwali. You can easily create any structure you want using the magnetic tiles. Connect the tiles by the magnetic edges and see the magic. Customize the light level to match the mood and only illuminate as many tiles as you need. 

4. Paxton Crystal Whiskey Decanter & Glass Set - 5 Pc

Best Diwali Gifts

When you roll out the cards and drinks spread, ensure that you do it in style! Serve your exquisite malts in nothing but the best. The Paxton Crystal Whiskey Decanter & Glass Set is an unparalleled product in terms of quality and superlative craftsmanship. 

Now, go out there and celebrate this happy festival with your near and dear ones! Revel in the festivities, wear new clothes, exchange sweets and most importantly...stay safe! If you'd like to make their day even better, get them the coolest Diwali Gifts. A unique, thoughtful gift can go a long way in brightening up someone's day and leaving them overjoyed! Also, if you have any corporate Diwali Gifts query or want premium Diwali hampers for your customers or employees, feel free to write to us at

To make your gifting experience even more hassle free, go have a look at the special collection of Diwali Gifts under Rs 2000, Diwali Gifts under Rs 1000 and Diwali Gifts under Rs 500

Sometimes, picking that one right gift for someone you really love or adore can get quite baffling. After all, with the tons of options out there, how does one settle on a single gift idea? When you know the receiver in and out and know just their taste or what they would need, you might not be able to limit your choices to just one present. Although we're sure any gift would be appreciated warmly, there is another option...get them a gift hamper! Think of all the things they'd absolutely love to own and compile it into a hamper. A set of gifts that have been carefully thought out and would match their taste perfectly! Just remember to put along a note wishing them a Happy Diwali filled with love and light.

Happy Gifting!