Bigsmall Contest - Doodle Day 2018


Hey there, 

The Bigsmall Doodle 2018 contest brought to light some intrinsically fantastic entries that kept us on our toes all weekend to actually select the best one of them all. Needless to say, it was an herculean task for all of us. All of the entries that came in were so top notch that instead of narrowing it down to one best entry, we selected 3 winners!

Here are the winners:




To have a look at all the other entries, scroll down to the very end.


Hello, awesome people! September 22, 2018, is Doodle Day so, naturally, we have something super cool in store for the Bigsmall family to indulge in.

Now, you must be wondering, what exactly is a Doodle? A doodle is an unfocused drawing, made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes. (Reference: Google Doodles!)

So, here's where you step in - we have a contest in store for you: Send in your best doodle of the Bigsmall Logo (picture below - we call it Elly). Just play around and incorporate the logo, in your doodle keeping in mind that it needs to be in line with our brand: Unique, Fun and Quirky!

Email your artwork to by the deadline given below.

Below are examples of some doodle art, for your reference. Get the idea?



What do I get out of this?

We have a special giveaway for the winner, who creates the best doodle. Your art will also be featured on our blog/other social media for the entire Bigsmall community to see!


  • Doodles must not be derogatory, offensive, discriminatory in any way, or promote hatred or harm against any group or person
  • They must be original, unpublished works of art
  • The submitted doodle should be two-dimensional and scannable (e.g., no videos or GIFs)
  • Doodles can be drawn physically or digitally
  • Contest Period: The contest starts on Sept 20 and ends on Sept 23
  • Doodles must be emailed at by 11:59pm on Sunday
  • Doodles must be posted on Instagram with the Hashtag #bigsmalldoodle2018
  • Bigsmall judges' discretion will be final
  • Winners will be announced on Monday, Sept 24, 2018, on our social media handles
  • Most importantly - Be creative and go crazy! May the best doodle win


Thank you for these awesome entries:

All the entries that came in were par excellent. Don’t lose heart if you couldn’t make it this time. Try again next year. We’ll be waiting for your awesome doodle art!

And for the winners - Congratulations and Celebrations! Hang in there as Elly gets your prizes to your doors anytime now!