Corporate Gifts for Diwali

Corporate Gift - Giving has been around for a long, long time. 

All over the world, it plays a huge role in forging relations at work and brings about warmth and rapport between employees and employers, and even clients. Of lately, with Diwali gifts 2023, corporate gifting has witnessed an increase as it is an excellent way to appreciate the hard work and dedication as well as the sincere efforts put in by employees all throughout the year. With busy schedules and hectic timelines, it is often difficult to display this gratitude all throughout the year. But with the holiday season and glee and laughter all around, it makes for the perfect time to give one's employees a token of thankfulness and appraisal. Business relationships all over the globe are maintained through the right kind of presents to exhibit one's gratitude.  

In our country, corporate gift exchange takes place in full swing around the time of Diwali- the most awaited holiday season of the year! Up till a few years ago, Corporate Gifting was synonymous with giving flowers, diaries, calendars and pens. These simple, monotonous gifts have no personal touch to them and barely spark any excitement or joy in the receivers.  This monotony remains unless the presents given are truly one of a kind and have the ability to make an employee or a client feel warmly appreciated.

Corporate Diwali gifts can be tricky, you want to get Diwali gifts for employees that resonates with your brand value and is appropriate for a special festival like Diwali. Get the best corporate gifts ideas at, we have scoured the internet for the most unique corporate gifts for clients and corporate gifts for colleagues. Get quirky Diwali corporate gifts for clients and establish a solid work relationship with them. If you are a small business, you can still get employee appreciation gifts and celebrate major festivals with them like Diwali, Eid or Christmas.

We, at, aim to bring about a sweeping change in the existing norms in the sphere of Corporate Gifting. We would like to establish a new kind of gifting – one that would bring about gratitude as well as delight.  

Tips for Corporate Gifting 

1. Personalised Gifts

A personalized gift creates a much bigger impact on the mind of the receiver and makes it far more memorable than one that is plain. It makes the entire event of having received a gift far more warm and jolly. Take some time to put in thought about what your employees would really like and pick gifts that you think reflect their interests. 

2. Make a statement with the gift

A corporate gift should emphasize the values of the company, at the same time exhibiting appreciation and recognition for an employee's hard work. 

3. Presentation Matters

Packaging matters just as much as the gift does! Make sure that your corporate presents are nicely wrapped, attached with a handwritten note and delivered in person to each employee. The surprise of a beautifully wrapped gift makes a huge impact.

4. Put some thought

When you are picking gifts for business partners, put in some deep thought. What message are you trying to send across with your gift? Does the gift establish the company's motto and ideals as well? The wrong gift could make a bad impression of your company in the eyes of a partner, so it's best to keep in mind the kind of rapport you share with your business partners.

5. Think outside the box

Everybody purchases Diwali gifts for clients but what makes one's gifts different than others' is the idea behind it. So think outside the box, what do your employees really like? Something fun and exciting. So search for Diwali gift ideas for corporates or corporate gifts for Diwali and make your employees smile!

What Employees Really Want 

1. Most employees would rather prefer non-typical gifts from their employers. So, get creative! Instead of churning out a bulk of official calendars, year diaries or apparel with blatant company insignia, think out of the box. Try to drift away from the mundane gifts that corporate presents are associated with. 

2. Holiday 'gifts' that employees often prefer are 'thank you' notes or a lavish, fancy holiday party. A thank you note can go a long way in really getting across that gratitude shown by the company towards the employees' regular diligence and efforts. A party, on the other hand, is a great way to unwind and celebrate after the routine of tedious work for months, right before the holiday season!   

3. Gift Cards can be a great way to give back to your employees without really having to think too much about what to get them. It's a versatile gift and suitable for people of all ages. They get to pick the presents that they really want- could it get any better? This way, you ensure that the gift is their own choice and something they want and would get definite use out of.  

4. Personalized Gifts are a great idea for gifting. Whether you got bottles printed with the employee's name, journals made especially for them, unique products that are customized or tailor-made to their preference, it lends a really personal feel to the gift and makes your employees feel immensely valued. 

5. A better work space is something any employee would love to have. After all, there is an increasing chunk of hard-working people who spend more of their hours awake in the office rather than in their homes. Is it not highly important to make sure that their work space is as comfortable and welcoming as it could get? With a little renovation here and there along with making the whole environment of the office warmer and more hospitable can do wonders in making your employees feel more looked after. 

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas  

1. Minimal Wooden Table Clock

If you like to decorate your house in a minimalist style, then this is the ultimate product for you and we assure you that you won't be disappointed by the quality. The desk clock is carefully crafted and will look good anywhere you decide to place it. A great gift for a loved one who swears by the minimalist aesthetic. So go ahead, get this wonderful clock to your employees this Diwali to see their faces light up! 

2. Guitar Ice Tray

This ice tray can be used to mould so much more than just ice. It can mould DIY food products such as pudding, jelly, chocolates, kulfi and so much more. It's soft, safe and perfectly healthy. It's easy to clean as well. For all the employees who love some strumming time, this would be the perfect gift.

3. Buddha Incense Burner

What better gift than a Buddha Incense Burner for someone who follows the Buddha way of life? For all your devoted, hard-working, sincere employees, this is a gift that would receive much appreciation. For one, it is simply lovely to look at the smokey waterfall waft right beside the serene, calm Buddha. Two, the fragrance has a calming effect. And three, it is is a great piece of decor to have in one's house! 

4. Charcoal Leatherette Office Folder

Corporate Gifts

This is a great gift for any employee. It helps immensely in staying organized, jotting down things to do, meetings, hectic schedules...and it encourages one to keep everything in check and in order! Whether it's daily plans, monthly goals or even annual deadlines, this Office Folder is just what a diligent executive needs. It makes planning a million times easier and its attractive design makes the whole process even more fun! 

5. Power Nap Pillow

Corporate Gifts

A power nap pillow- yes, you read that right! For all your hard working employees out there who constantly find themselves in cramped, noisy flights and in dire need of good rest, this pillow is just what they need. It helps in being able to take a nap anywhere at any given point of time. This gift definitely shows your care and gratitude towards your employees. 

6. Knight Metal Wine Bottle Cover

Corporate Gifts

A gift that is absolutely perfect for the wine connoisseur. It is the ideal present for anyone who's fond of fine drink and likes some earthy, amazing smelling wine every now and then. The perfect present to show your employees you care and encourage them to indulge every now and then.  

7. Never Have I Ever Card Game

Corporate Gifts

Around Diwali time, we all like to indulge in a good game of cards! Although the legend of gambling goes back ages to Shiva and Parvathi, this trend has its own pace now. Why not add a little bit of extra fun to your card games? It is just perfect for going in flow with the holiday season and makes an extraordinary card game with things that you've never done! And of course, it makes for a great collectable.  

8. Ganesh Ji Incense Burner  

Corporate Gifts

This Ganesh Ji Incense Burner is an absolute delight to look at. It's incredible detailing, fine design and a serene look with smoke wafting off of the statue gives it a very classy, peaceful look. And of course, the fragrance of the incense helps one really unwind and relax. A calming little gift, indeed- one that any employee will cherish for a long, long time! It can take up the decor or any place up a notch.  

9. Vintage Wooden Finish Bluetooth Speaker

Corporate Gifts

Get on with the vibe with some loud music for your employees to let loose with the Vintage Wooden Finish Bluetooth Speaker. With so many amazing features, it would make an awesome gift! Your employees are definitely gonna remember this one.

10. Dumbbell Water Bottle 

Dumbbell Water Bottle

You want to show your employees that you care for their health and well-being, right? Well, why not get them a gift that does so for you? These Dumbbell Bottles have the quirkiest design and can inspire anyone to get up and get fit! They come in a number of vibrant colours and are exceedingly eye-catching. Oh, and of course, they're perfect for a quick little arm workout as well. And last but not least, they'll remind your employees to stay hydrated.  

11. Hand Painted Glass Water Bottle 


This innovatively designed water bottle is the stuff that will get 'em entrepreneurs swooning! Made of glass this makes for a fun, practical yet quirky corporate gift. 

12. Golf Coffee Mug

Corporate Gifts

Putting in those overtime hours and long evenings at work gets exhausting for all of us. And often, we run to caffeine for help. So for those of your employees who can constantly be found sipping on chai and snacking on biscuits, this Mug  is a cute little present for them. It is extremely innovative in design with its built-in design to play mini golf and can make anyone look at it and be amazed at its one of a kind quality.

At, we've worked with major players like Uber India & Google Cloud, to whom we provided Bigsmall's 'Fruit Infuser Bottles' and the unique Decision Maker Paper Weight. These bottles differ greatly from regular bottles and offer a better experience to their users. As the brand focuses on healthy living for its employees, the fruit infuser bottles serve as a sign of this feature and encourage them to lead active lifestyles.   



Decision Maker has also participated in multiple Corporate events, such as the FitToFly program by Indigo which was in partnership with the renowned nutritionist, Tarun Gill. The event did extremely well and Indigo had been provided with Dumbbell Water Bottles, in the same colour as Indigo's brand.  

We cater to all types of corporate queries for Diwali or any other festival in general. Simply shoot out an email to us at and we'll help you in a jiffy with the most unique corporate Diwali gift ideas curated to your attention.  

Now, go out there and celebrate this happy festival with your near and dear ones! Revel in the festivities, wear new clothes, exchange sweets and most importantly...stay safe! If you'd like to make their day even better, get them the coolest Diwali Gifts. A unique, thoughtful gift can go a long way in brightening up someone's day and leaving them overjoyed! 

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Happy Gifting!