Bottle Humidifier -

Bottle Humidifier

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Be cool and comfy

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Let the adorable bottle humidifier add moisture in the room and act as a secret weapon to battle dry skin and humid temperatures. Just pore some water in the bottle and connect to USB cable for the effects of humidifier & mist. You can also use this as the Mist Aroma Diffuser. It also works as mini lamp as the bottle humidifier has a light inside as well. Click the power button once to switch on the humidifier along with the light, press the power button again to run only the humidifier and press the power button thrice to switch off the humidifier.

  • Amazing and compact design product
  • Great ease of use and portability 
  • This humidifier runs so quiet, will not disturb your sleep at night 
  • Runs on USB; Can be used as a lamp

    Package Includes:
    1 x Cool Bottle Humidifier



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