Ministry of Magic Decal Sticker -

Ministry of Magic Decal Sticker

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Welcome to the Ministry of Magic!

Category: Harry Potter
Sub-category: Unique Gifts

Waiting for your chance to sneak into the ministry and have a glance at the Atrium, and the Department of Mystery? Its your chance to get access to the secret world of magical administration. The ministry of magic decal stickers magically converts your toilet into the secret entrance to the Ministry of magic! Stop the cumbersome work of standing in queue to get your access or the untrustworthy floo network. It's time to have your own private access!

  • Ministry of Magic decal sticker
  • Your secret entrance to the MoM
  • Place it on your toilet pot
  • Easy to put on sticker
  • 20 x 21 cm

Package Includes:
1 x Ministry of Magic Decal Sticker



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