Periodic Table Shower Curtain -

Periodic Table Shower Curtain

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Breaking Bath

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If bathroom is the place where brain speeds up in frenzy, then why to waste an opportunity to get the toughest engraved into the mind in a jiffy?

Periodic table shower curtain provides students to memorize the elements during the most relaxing time of the day. The font size helps in greater readability while the colors make it easier to remember the various groups of the table. The size of the curtain is 180 x 180 cms

  • Periodic Table
  • Easy Readability
  • Colorful to help in retention
  • Includes Lanthanides and actinides
  • Contain Elements with atomic number and Atomic mass
  • Curtain easy to slide
  • Size : 180 x 180 cm

Package includes:
1 x Periodic Table Shower Curtain



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