Resettable Travel Pad Lock -

Resettable Travel Pad Lock

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Keep your valuables secure!

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Does travelling give you panic attacks? Are you worried about your luggage? Have you looked for a padlock to take with you to your club, gym, work or your next holiday trip? No? Then we have the right solution for you. This Resettable Travel Pad Lock will make your belongings safer and protect your possessions from theft, tampering and misuse by smugglers. Mini, compact and portable Travel Padlock lets you set your own secret number anytime without any tool.

  • Provide yourself with a cheap and easy solution to protect your possessions!
  • Re-settable lock for improved security, Innovative design
  • Made of best quality materials
  • Small size allows to carry the padlock with you all the time
  • Dimensions : 5.5*2.0*0.8cm, Weight: 50g

How to use?

  • By default the code is set as 0-0-0
  • Just press the reset button and set a new lock key

Package Includes:
1 x Resettable travel padlock



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