Ugears Counter Mechanical Model

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Ugears is here with yet another educational kit helping you integrate STEM learning into your lives. The Ugears Counter Mechanical Model Kit is here to make learning fun and interactive and here are some amazing product FAQs to help you know more about the product.


Q1. How is the Ugears Counter Mechanical Model different from other puzzle sets?

Sometime between 10 to 70 AD, Hero of Alexandria invented the integral part of the odometer, the counter. The Ugears Counter Mechanical Model will take you through its functioning thoroughly by implementing the Augmented Reality (AR) experience provided by the Ugears app. Additionally, the new Ugears feature of Pocket Model’s Study Guide will also engage you in interesting tasks while taking you through its creation story. Use this stylish, unique and educational counter to count the number of cabs that passed you or the number of times someone said a curse word! We hope you would not require more than 999 for it.

Q2. What is the principle behind its working?

The Counter is a creative educational model which registers repetitive actions. The model has three cylinder gears with numbers marked from 0 to 9 and a Geneva Drive. These together provide an interesting mechanical feature for you as you see the reciprocating motion of the click-button by using the Geneva Drive mechanism turns into the rotary motion of the cylinder gears with numbers. There are two ways of data registering available in the Counter – the click-button on the roof of its body, and a turn handle on its side. The Counter shifts by one place when the click-button is clicked or the handle is turned. On the count passing 9, the Geneva Drive gets a hold of the next register cylinder and adds it to the count. Holistically, the Counter’s three-digit display can register values from 1 to 999. The Counter can be reset manually by opening the front panel of it.

Q3. For which age group is the puzzle suited?

Due to the small parts of the puzzle, it is not suitable for children under the age of 8 or anyone who finds pleasure in gobbling up puzzle pieces for fun!

Q4. What is the time required for assembling the Ugears Counter Mechanical Model?

The estimated time of assembly is 1 to 2 hours.

Q5. What are the included number of components in the package and what all is needed to assemble the finished piece?

The number of components in the box is 157. The Ugears Counter Mechanical Model is made of high-grade plywood making it sturdy and durable rubber. The assembly process is easy with just little pushes required to nudge out the wooden pieces for assembling. The box comes with an instruction manual which is easy to follow.

Q6. What are the dimensions of the finished product and those of the package itself?

The model size is 5.3*2.5*4.8 in (13.5x6.5x12.2 cm) and the package size is 8.0*7.3*2.4 in (20.4*18.5*6.1 cm).

Q7. Do we require glue or any other chemical for assembling the Ugears Counter Mechanical Model?

No, the details are already cut and ready to assemble without glue & chemicals.

Country of origin: Ukraine

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