Rakhi 2023: Gifts For Brother & Sister On A Budget

Rakhi 2023: Gifts For Brother & Sister On A Budget

We rarely think about money when it comes to buying something for our family members. But sometimes it is good to draw up a budget because, in the end, it is not about the price tag but the sentiments behind the gift. For rakhi this year, we've drawn up a list of 30 products and sorted them by price to make it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. See if you can find something suitable for your budget and taste, if not, we highly recommend checking our collection for rakhi gifts for brother and rakhi gifts for sister. We add new products frequently so you'd have plenty of quirky products to choose from.


Rakhi Gift Ideas Under 500


Rakhi Gift Ideas For Sister


1. Wearable Nail Polish Holder

Pamper your sister this rakhi with this Wearable Nail Polish Holder. It works as a 2 in 1 solution by holding the nail polish and spreading the fingers apart. A perfect gift for the fashion diva that your sister is.



2. Panda Canvas Tote Bag

For your eco-conscious sister, we present this cotton canvas tote bag. With a zipper closure and it's cute design, it will become her go-to bag in no time.



3. Best Sister Wooden Coasters

Get your sis these wooden coasters with the words 'world's best sister' written on it and a crown because let's own it, she is really treated like a princess in the house. These finely crafted coasters can easily hold coffee mugs, wine glasses, etc.



4. Unicorn Mini Storage With Lid

We're sure she has a lot of tiny trinkets lying around the house and sometimes she probably forgets where she put her favourite piece of jewellery. Present her a magical solution with this unicorn themed jewellery holder. Who doesn't love a little unicorn magic in their life? If you are specifically looking for unicorn themed gifts, we have plenty of other choices too. 



5. Harry Potter Poster - The Boy Who Lived

For the Potterhead sister, nothing can top this poster. With her own copy of Daily Prophet now she can proudly distinguish herself from muggles.



Rakhi Gift Ideas For Brother


1. Batman Wooden Brooch

For the bro who loves to always dress to the nines, we present Batman Wooden Brooch. The wooden material and the sleek design will set him apart at any formal event.



2. Iron man Prototype Poster

Give your brother something to decorate his man cave with. This Iron Man poster is best suited for the brother who is interested in either mechanics of anything and everything or just a fan of Mr Stark.



3. Best Brother Wooden Coasters

The ultimate gift for your cool brother, these coasters features the words 'world's best bro' and a cool pair of shades because there is nobody cooler than your brother. These wooden pieces are perfect for when he wants to host a bunch of people over or he can just show off the great gift by putting them on display.



4. Bro Wooden Magnetic Photo Frame

Show him how much you admire and love him with the Bro Wooden Magnetic Photo Frame. It walks a fine line between being a cheesy and a thoughtful gift. The frame is a neutral tone so you can frame a coloured or a black and white picture.



5. Personalized Rakhi

Yes, we know this is not a rakhi gift, but what better gift than giving him a rakhi that he can keep on wearing for a long long time. All you have to do is provide us with a name you want on the rakhi and we will work our magic. Pull a power sibling move by getting his funny nickname engraved.



Rakhi Gift Ideas Under 1000


Rakhi Gift Ideas For Sister


1. Sister Nutritional Facts Mug

A true sister is made up of many constituents - ranging from eye-rolling to texting, and from sarcasm to loudmouth, but that is what makes her special. Celebrate her various "characteristics" this rakhi with this quirky mug.



2. Donald Duck Laptop Sleeve

For the busy bee sister, we present this official Disney laptop sleeve. Designed for everyday use, the bag is made in ethical facilities. She can now carry her laptop to class or meeting with style.



3. Best Sister Personalized Wooden Print Frame

Now you can give your sis a gift that is specifically made for her. Be it a picture of you two together when you were kids or maybe a recent photo when she got her new car. So make your sister happy this Rakhi and give her a gift she'll always cherish.


4. Handcrafted Wonder Woman Rug

Let your sister know that she is as smart, powerful and awesome as Wonder Woman. Handcrafted from sheep wool, this rug has a soft, velvety feel to it. With this in her room, she can now get in touch with her inner superpowers every day.



5. Wanderlust Photo Hanging Wooden Board

Did your sister catch the travel bug? Are her travel stories as interesting as her? Get her an awesome travel gift like this hanging board, so she can preserve her memories in a unique way.


Rakhi Gift Ideas For Brother


1. Wooden Bow Tie

With the Wooden Bow Tie, your brother's style will be on point. With a look so unique, he'll be the talk of the town in no time.



2. Foldable Travel Water Bottle

Get your brother something thoughtful this rakhi, like this foldable water bottle. It comes with a carabiner pin which can be attached to backpacks or gym bags. So no matter if he is trekking or lifting weights, you can be sure he is staying hydrated.



3. Best Brother Personalized Wooden Print Frame

Now you can give your brother a gift that is specifically made for him. Be it a picture of you two together when you were kids or maybe a recent photo. So make your bro happy this Rakhi and give him a gift he'll always cherish.



4. 3D Hulk Fist Mug

Growing up did your brother have anger issues that he has learned to overcome now? Or is he just a fan of the mighty Hulk? Get him this quirky 3D mug to boost up his strength.



5. Decision Maker Paper Weight

Is it difficult for your brother to come to a decision? Lend him a helping hand with a decision-maker. It also makes for a fun gadget to play with while dealing with serious business at the desk.



Premium Rakhi Gift Ideas (Over 1000)


Rakhi Gift Ideas For Sister


1. Official Harry Potter Backpack

Get her a gift full of magic this rakhi with this Official Harry Potter Backpack. It has enough compartments to hold all the magical stuff she'll need at Hogwarts.



2. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Even magical beings like the ever mysterious mermaids need to kick back and relax sometimes. For a cosy night in, gift your sister this blanket shaped like a mermaid tail. Perfect for her nightly book reading sessions.



3. Personalized Caricature Wooden Portrait

Step up your gifting game this rakhi with Personalized Caricature Wooden Portrait. It is a freestyle vector art where you send us a photo and we transform it into a cartoon avatar. Get your sister a gift she'll treasure forever.



4. Heart-Shaped Backflow Incense Burner

If your sister has always been the calm one in the family, the one who always gives off a positive vibe, this gift is perfect for her.

Heart-Shaped Backflow Incense Burner


5. Moana Semi-Precious Earrings

How can we complete a list of gifts for sister without talking about jewellery gifts? For a free-spirited sister like Disney's Moana, we present these semi-precious earrings. Adorned with multi-coloured tourmaline stones set in silver it will become your sister's wardrobe staple in no time.


Rakhi Gift For Brother


1. Chelsea Engraved Wooden Crest

If your brother is a die-hard football fan, we have just the thing for you. The wooden board is carefully laser cut to replicate the Chelsea crest. Check out other teams wooden crest and wooden logo coasters in our sports nut collection.



2. Rock On Stand

For the bro as cool as rock music, the Rock On Stand will hold his headphones or earphones so he never loses them again (or break them while untangling the wires).



3. Portable Golf Kit

Has your brother been complaining lately how his office hours are boring? Presenting Portable Golf Kit, he can now relax and enjoy a game or two and go back fresh to his tedious work.



4. Corkboard Map

Is your brother always out and about travelling to beautiful places? Or would he like to do that one day and can't stop talking about it? Get him this Corkboard Map so he can pin-up the memories of his adventures.



5. Official Batman Backpack

Your brother always protects you in his own ways, just like Batman. This rakhi, tell him he is your superhero with this Batman backpack. It has multiple pockets for all his knick-knacks and the design is to die for.


Happy Shopping!!

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