Get your gadget game strong with these quirky and unique products. Who said all your accessories have to be black and white? Flaunt your personality and great taste with some amazing accessories to go with your laptop and mobile phone.

Gadgets Online

Bring home the latest tech with a quirky twist on it with We have specially curated fun gadgets for men and women, from mobile accessories to wireless chargers online, we have it all. We also offer some of the best intricately designed mobile stands like Astro Stationery and Phone Holder which will hold your phone as well as pens and pencils or Polar Bear Ceramic Mobile Stand, which will give you a snowy feel all year long. If you are a fan of the 90’s sitcom Friends, the Friends Door Wireless Charger will be an amazing addition to your tech gears.

Unique Gadget Gifts 2021

If it’s your boyfriend’s birthday soon and you are fussing over what to buy him, might we suggest gadget gifts for him. Wireless earphone like Darth Vader LED Wireless Headphone and Iron Man Arc Reactor LED Headphones are great choice. With built in microphone you can now be on call with him for a long time. If you want gadgets for boys, consider getting Friends Moo Point Powerbank or Baby Avengers Bobblehead, they are useful yet unique. For some cool gadgets for girls we present things like funny airpods case and quirky phone cover among other things. From classy case like Leather AirPods case to colourful and bright Strawberry Airpods Case, browse through our extensive collection to find what works best for you.

Cute, Funny & Unique Gadgets Collection

There are many gadgets store in India but lately so online stores are also on the rise. Shopping online gives you the chance to send somebody gadget gifts online. If you are living in a different city than your friends or family members, you can easily send them a gift with the click of your finger. At we also offer handwritten notes, you can send a message with the gift to add a personal touch.


Gadget Type

Gift Idea


Comic Iron Man Powerbank, Iron Man Helmet Powerbank


UV sterilizer, Friends Door Wireless Charger

Cable Protector

Cord Winder ‚Äď Set of 2, Animal Bites iPhone Cable Protector



Is it safe to buy gadgets online?
At customer satisfaction is our first priority. We always pack your gifts with care because we want the receiver to feel the joy you felt while choosing that gift for them. Still, if any issue arises, we are always happy to help and will provide you with the best customer service. 

What are some unique mobile accessories?
Astronaut Mobile Stand, Iron Man Helmet Powerbank, Space Colours iPhone Cover With Pop Socket are a few of the many quirky mobile accessories offers.


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