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"Some gifts are big. Others are small. But those which come from the heart, are the best of all," as a famous proverb goes. Gifts, regardless of the occasion, should be from the heart - it shows the recipient just how much you care about them. Looking for unique gift ideas to sweep your loved ones off their feet? Check out our vast collection of gift ideas for people of all kinds.

Unique Gift Ideas

The ideal gift should not be something generic - it should be something tailor-made for the recipient's interests, personality and hobbies, while also falling in line with the occasion. Often, we set out to buy a unique gift for our loved ones, but eventually, end up resorting to generic gifts such as chocolates, cards and flowers. 

Such gifts show that you haven't put any thought in the gift - which also reflects poorly on the perceived level of relationship with the recipient. Instead, knock their socks off with creative gift ideas which they'll cherish for long. Perhaps you could funk up their style quotient, with the Foldable Sunglasses - which will also allow them to carry their sunglasses with portable ease. Do they love dozing off anywhere - be it at work, or while travelling? The Power Nap Pillow will help them recharge their batteries, regardless of where they are.

Looking for gifts in India, from the comfort of your home? Look no further - provide the best curation of unique gifts online. Often, it can be hard to look for gift ideas for friend who has everything. But some gifts, gifts of creative design and utility, can stand out for more than their material value - sentimental value attached to the gift can be significant, provided the gift is thoughtful.

Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Finding gifts for your significant other can be a hard task - anything less than perfection, and you'll be hearing it from her for a long time. Looking for gift ideas for wife or girlfriend? You're at the right place - Bigsmall have you covered with unique gifts for girlfriends as well as wives.

Want to shower romance upon them, in the rain, like in the movies? The Heart Umbrella is the ideal gift in that case. Is she as beautiful as the mythical, aquatic mermaids? Then the mermaid tail blanket will supplement her effervescent beauty. Is she a superhero by nature - especially in the kitchen? Then the Wonder Woman Apron will suit her perfectly. 

Similarly, searching for the best gift ideas for sister can also be a tasking job - if you get it wrong, your sister will keep rubbing it in for as long as eternity. But we have you covered here too - with unique gifts for sister. Is she a trailblazer by nature, who loves to explore the world's vicissitudes? Gift her the Scratch World Map - an interactive and fun way to track her travels. Or is she nocturnal, always awake at odd times, like an Owl? Then let the Owl Wall Clock be her night-time buddy - while serving as a constant reminder of how late it is! Find the best gift ideas for girls right here at

Gift Ideas According to Personality

The best gifts of all should be tailor-made for the recipient's personality - they should make the recipient feel that you've put an immense amount of thought and consideration into the gift. makes the hard yards easier for you - with our curation, you can now shop by person - make the recipient feel truly valued.

Looking for gifts for traveller? Gift them some travel essentials to keep their travels comfortable, and hassle-free. Every journey deserves to be etched in history forever - memories may fade, but words never do. Let them jot down the legend of their travails in the Travel Journal. Can't find enough space in their luggage to store all the shoes? Then the Travel Shoe Bag will assist them in their journey.

Or is it gift ideas for beauty queen you're looking for? Crown their royalty with the Queen of Everything Mug - after all, they are indeed the queen of everything. Do they love themselves some high heels to amplify their beauty quotient? Then the High Heels Mug is just the perfect mug for them.

Know someone who can't stop talking about Minions? We have gift ideas for Minion lovers too! Have them walk in the comfort of Minions - with the Minion Plush Slippers. They love Minions, live Minions and sleep Minions - why not have them drink Minions too? Let the Minion Thermos Bottle be their companion everywhere!

Send Gifts to India from Anywhere

Have a loved one living in India, while you're far, far away in an overseas country? Now, you can send them gifts from far away too! Send gifts to India from anywhere in the world using - we accept international cards and have super quick doorstep delivery, so you don't have to do anything except a couple of clicks from the comfort of your home.

Diwali is the biggest festival in the Hindu calendar - the festival of lights is celebrated with much fanfare across all Indians and Hindus. Send your loved ones Diwali Gifts and watch them light up with joy, on the festival of lights. 

Looking to give your workforce a well deserved Diwali present? We have corporate gift ideas for employees too! Give an out of their world feeling to their desks with the Astronaut Mobile Stand. Or have them work out from their desks - with the utility, yet unique Dumbbell Water Bottle.

Or is it unique stationery gift ideas you're searching for? The 6 Month Study Planner can be a brilliant way to plan your way to success. Do you believe in the superpower of cats? Then let the Super Miao Notebooks be the host to your notes!

Regardless of occasion, personality, relationship or type of gift you're looking for - have you covered for all your unique gifting needs!

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