Notebooks & Pens

Notebooks and pens are two things we use daily - invariably - regardless of how old we are, or what we do. Often, we may even take them for granted, but unique pens and quirky notebooks can really freshen up our writing experience, as well as our outlook on the day. Check out our curated collection of unique notebooks and pens.

Unique Notebooks and Pens

Even the littlest of things can make a massive difference - in our outlook of the day. When we think of it, we use notepads for virtually everything, everywhere - be it taking notes, jotting down our ideas, writing down our plans, making our to-do lists, keeping track of our thoughts or simply expressing our creativity through drawing and doodling.

We use diaries everywhere - be it at school as kids, in our office at work, or simply at home, when we have to write down something. Notebooks and pens are an indelible, inseparable part of our life - be it work or leisure, for children or adults - so why don't we quirk up an essential proponent fo our lives with designer notebooks and creative pens?

Designer Notebooks Online

Notebooks are a brilliant all-weather, all-personality gift idea. But standard design notebooks get boring after a time. With a unique, fresh design on your notebooks, it'll help your creative juices flow further - funky notebooks are the new way to go.

Looking for stationery gifts for creative people? Then you're in the right place - Bigsmall has a vast curation of unique and quirky stationery. Love the world of glamour and glitz? The Sparkling Sequin Notebook could be the notebook of your choice, with a glittery sequin cover design. Seeking peace from within? The Buddha Notebook could help you find your inner tranquillity.

Like to keep a day to day record of your day's activities? We have a vast collection of journal notebooks for your perusal. Always on the go? The Travel Journal could be your companion. Others eat to live, but do you live to eat? Then the Foodie Notebook is another one of our beautiful journals you can explore. Looking for planners 2021, to plan your way to success in the upcoming year? Then the 6 Month Study Planner could be your ideal foil!

Wish to embrace the gender equality of tomorrow? Try out the Future is Female Notebook - and empower the females in your life. Check out these and many more cute notebooks in our exclusively curated collection.

Unique Pens

Pens are to notebook what milk is to tea - one is always incomplete without the other. Pens go hand in hand with notebooks - they're