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Birthdays are special days for all of us, at any age! Whether someone's just turned 8 years old or has marked 70 years of age...a birthday always is an exceptional day in an individual's life. It is a day where one spends time with all their loved ones and looks back on all the years that have gone by. With lots of talking and nostalgia, talking to people you haven't spoken to for a long time, reflecting on life and the choices you've made, a birthday is so many things and emotions packed into one. The list goes on and on.  But along with scrumptious cake and treats and an entire day with close ones, another aspect that holds major importance on a birthday is gifts! Begin the day with a blast, with a range of creatively awesome pop cards

If you want the most unique birthday gifts India then searching for online birthday gifts is the way to go. Now, if you're looking for the best birthday gifts online, you've come to the right place. At bigsmall, we have unusual birthday presents, gifts for creative people, quirky birthday presents...everything that is out of the box! Ranging from travel essentials to funny to 3D Coffee Mugs, bigsmall is an online store where you can get everything you've ever wanted, along with things you could have never imagined that you'd need! You could be looking for all kinds of gifts for entirely different personalities such as gift ideas for crush or gifts for fiance...we have an entire load of options for you to choose from. 

Now, let us see...what are the best birthday gifts you could get online? Here are a few birthday gift ideas: 

Funny Birthday Gift Ideas

The Flying Monkey Toy is sure to get a lot of laughs, whether it is at school or at work. If you want to find cool birthday gifts for guys with a great sense of humor, the Up Yours Mug is sure to leave anyone grinning wide! Another way to prank someone is to give them the Ghost Colour Changing Mug, a mug which looks plain at first and soon changes into a gory ghosts outline.  

    Creative Birthday Gift Ideas

    If you'd like to find the perfect, creative gifts for teenagers that match their creative, unique personality, we've got a ton of options to offer. The Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp, the LED Light Lamp or this set of Unicorn Brushes are all really creative, funky ideas for presents to cheer up your friends lives! This Bucket Journal Notebook is an extremely special and creative birthday gifts for anyone who'd like some adventure in their lives. Be it birthday gifts for girls or birthday gift for husband we have everything.

      Birthday Gift Ideas According to Relationship & Personality

      Gifts By Relationship Personality Birthday Gift Ideas
      Birthday Gifts for Mother Homemaker Porcelain Teapot Cup Combo Set
      Birthday Gift for Father Professional Decision Maker Paper Weight
      Birthday Gifts for Brother Superhero Fan Cartoon Superhero Socks - Set of 5
      Birthday Gifts for Sister Book Nerd Harry Potter Trunk Hand Bag
      Birthday Gifts for Wife Travel Lover Official Wonder Woman Passport Holder
      Birthday Gifts for Husband Fun Loving 3D Plush Frog Eye Mask


      Unusual Birthday Gifts 

      We offer a number of unusual birthday gifts options. All the way from a Poop Shaped Mug to a Wearable Nail Polish Holder, these innovative gifts are truly one a kind. Ever heard of Unicorn Makeup brushes? We've got them! A LED Lamp in the shape of building blocks that you could make any shape or any figure out of? Get it here! The most mind boggling presents you could ever buy are all to be found at our online store! Choose from a range of Harry Potter gifts & GOT gifts for fans of the respective series.

        Birthday Gifts can vary largely, depending on our relationship with a person. It could be a specific family member like a mom, dad, sister, brother or grandparents that you need to find a present for or a special someone, your spouse or partner or maybe even your best friend! Find all our options below that are suitable for all these people in your life: 

        Birthday Gifts for Husband

        If you're looking to buy the best gifts online for your husband, we have some suitable options! The Golf Mug or Dumbbell Bottle is just right to take your gifting up a notch. Among unique birthday gift ideas for a hubby, our Beard Catcher and Beer Ringbell Mug should leave him super elated! A few romantic birthday gifts for your husband after marriage can be the His & Hers Bedsheet or the Swan and Elephant Ring Holders. A couple of birthday gifts for a Traveller Husband are the Head Pillow and the Travel Passport Holder- items he'd get massive use out of and thank you repeatedly! If your anniversary falls near your husbands birthday, consider giving him a combined gift. Check out our collection for anniversary gifts for some trendy and unique ideas.

        Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend 

        Creative Birthday Gifts for boyfriend's birthday can be hard to find. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend or you are looking particularly for gifts for a boyfriend who is under 25 years of age, don’t worry! Our gifting options like the Scratch Map or Instant Shaker Bottle are so unique by themselves, they'd leave your guy delighted. In case you're on the lookout for gift ideal for a geek boyfriend, our Superhero Mug offered in the Hulk design and the Ironman design will please the geek in him. The Vintage Game of Thrones poster is sure to leave him amazed too and will definitely be tacked up by him on the walls of his bedroom. For superhero fans, official DC merchandise is sure to bring a lot of smiles.

        Unique birthday gifts for a girlfriend can be hard to come across. How does one move away from the traditional clothes, perfumes, and watches that are considered as traditional gifting options? Well, we have special as well as cute birthday gifts for your girlfriend's birthday! Our Mermaid Tail Blanket and Spa Socks and Gloves will leave your partner feeling incredibly pampered and looked after! The Heart Umbrella and Heel Stand are sure to leave her delighted too. Find the perfect gift according to your significant other's personality at our site! Cute, useful, problem-solving, mind boggling- we've got it all! Choose from a range of unique socks for women and fun quirky posters online.

        Birthday Gifts for Wife

        At bigsmall, we have the best birthday gifts for your wife. There is no doubt you'd want a special, perfect gift for your wife on her birthday, right? Make her feel loved with our gifts that say how much you care. Our 3D Unicorn Mug and soothing Flamingo Light will make her want to cherish your gifts forever. If you need a gift for a homemaker wife, we've got the most adorable moulds to help her take her cooking game up a notch! The Batman mould, the heart shaped egg mould or even the Tetris ice tray are all definitely going to leave her incredibly thankful. Maybe she'd even whip up a scrumptious meal for you! We can help you out with some gift ideas for working women too! A working woman needs a tidy, classy desk, Our very helpful Panda mobile holder and multi-function clip holder will leave her workspace so much more organized! Our cord winders too are just what she needs for her desk. Not only are they incredibly cute, they help in removing a lot of clutter too. Does your better half love blogging? Choose from creatively awesome gifts for bloggers

        Birthday Gifts for Indian Mother

        The work a mother does for her children is immense. She devotes endless time to the upbringing of her children and works hard to teach them values and nurture them into loving, responsible adults. You have to agree, a mother's love and care are one of a kind. Her selflessness is just what needs to be appreciated.  This year, find unique birthday gifts for any kind of mother! the millennial mom is truly one of a kind & deserves gifts as unique as her persona. Choose from a range of creative gifts for new moms curated to pamper the millennial mom. If you're on the quest to find birthday gifts for a mom who has everything, bigsmall offers a plethora of innovative gifts your mother couldn’t have possibly imagined! Our biscuit pocket mug will leave her fascinated with its clever design. The wine glass with a straw is sure to leave her appreciating its design and utility too. If you need gifts for a homemaker mom, we have the no tear onion goggles you can get her to make her time in the kitchen easier! The yolkfish egg separator too is just what she needs to improve her efficiency in the kitchen while making things simpler and less time-consuming. On the lookout for birthday gifts for a cool mom or a fashionable mother? Our wearable nail polish holder and heart-shaped umbrella will make her the talk of the town! These minion plush slippers will too pamper her feet and give her all the comfort she needs. Birthday gifts for a mother from a daughter are always special. Some birthday gifts for a mother in law could be a cosmetic organizer or this adorable Mr. Tea Infuser- Just the right kind of gifts to leave her overjoyed! We have a ton of mother's day gift ideas for moms too! A compact Tea Pot Set, wine towels...a number of options for her to get her home all decked up!  

         Birthday Gifts for Father

        One has to find the perfect gifts for their father on his birthday! We're here to give you the best birthday gift ideas. Need a gift for a workaholic dad? Present to him the Handsfree Book Holder to make his reading time a little bit easier and more enjoyable! Or maybe the inflatable air couch, while suggesting to him to go on a trip and take some time off! The ostrich pillow too would be perfect to make napping a little bit easier and more profound the next time he needs a quick snooze at the office! A present for an Indian dad who has everything? Get him an exercise cord! This stretchy thing will help him majorly while working out or if he wants to give some relief to his tired, cramped muscles. Or you could get him a retro table clock to appease his love for all things vintage and nostalgic! Gifts for a father who loves his drink? Get it all online at our site! A set of chilling whiskey stones, a superdad coffee mug, a foot hammock...the possibilities are endless! 

        Birthday Gifts for Brother

        If you need to find a cool birthday gift for your cool brother, check out our range of out of the box gifts! Our set of Ping Pong notebooks is sure to become his favourite thing ever! Need a unique birthday gift for a younger brother? This Hipster Skull Money Bank will be the coolest item in his room and his most prized possession, at the same encouraging him to save money! Also, you could get him this Shrilling Chicken Toy to satisfy his love for pranks and practical jokes! Or do you need birthday gift ideas for a workaholic brother? Get him this Golf Massage Hammer to remind him to relieve his cramped up muscles during a long, hard day at work! Or you could decide to give him this funny Skeleton Pen Cart for him to decorate his work desk while thinking of you every time he'd look at it! Maybe you need to look for gifts for a geek brother. Our vintage Harry Potter Poster, as well as the Superhero Poster, will make him super happy and he will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness! This funny Anger Management is sure to leave him all brightened up too!

        Birthday Gifts for Sister

        You need to get unique gifts for your sister on her birthday! Everyone knows that, right? Well, step away from conventional gifting ideas and get your dear sister something she'd hold on to for years! Search for some unique online gifts for girls. Looking for Rakhi gifts for your sister? With gifts like a Heart Audio Splitter, incredibly soft and fluffy socks or a tea infuser which she can put in this Creepy Mug, you will definitely warm your sister's heart! She will be eternally grateful.  Do you want the perfect birthday gift for your sister in law? Get her an all things Storage Organiser she can keep all her stuff in! Or you could get her this adorable Ice Cream sponge so she can look after her skin and spend some time pampering herself.  Need gifting ideas for a married sister? Get her this cute Owl Clock for her new home! Or this lovely, plush Panda Rug she can use to decorate her room. These cool batman clips too will surely leave her amazed at your thoughtfulness of getting her such cool gifts! Send all these amazing gifts for your sister online effortlessly at with our easy delivery process! If your sister is going to marry soon then you can also look for some quirky wedding gifts online.

        Birthday Gift Ideas According to Price

        With gifting season always around the corner, we at have an entire collection of birthday gifts that are sure to leave your friends and family thanking you again and again for your thoughtfulness. Whether you're on a tight budget or if you're feeling a bit generous, we've got a ton of options to offer. Browse our affordable as well as premium range of gifts below! 

        Birthday Gifts below Rs. 500

        If you're looking for birthday gifts within Rs.500, we have some great options for you. This set of Minion Art Pens is the perfect gift for any art lover who adores minions! Its cover is so cute, it is sure to leave anyone smiling. These umbrella hooks are so colourful and dainty, they make for the perfect home décor with their usefulness and artsy design. This Hippo Bookmark is so cute, it is a must have for any bibliophile! 

        If you need Corporate Gifts within Rs.500, this Dumbbell Bottle is just what your employees need to be reminded of how your company cares about their health and well-being. Similarly, we have this amazing fruit infuser bottle too to remind them to stay fit and in good shape even when they're on the go! This Wooden Stationery Holder too is just what they need to decorate their work desk and make the office feel like home. This magnetic Cloud Keychain Holder too will do the same!

        Birthday Gifts below Rs. 1000Whether you're looking for the best gifts below Rs. 1000 for him or unique birthday gifts your girlfriend, get it all here online! This Rechargeable Cork Light is fascinating to look at and can change the look of any room, entirely, in just one go. A Ministry of Magic Decal Sticker

        Whether you're looking for the best gifts below Rs. 1000 for him or unique birthday gifts your girlfriend, get it all here online! This Rechargeable Cork Light is fascinating to look at and can change the look of any room, entirely, in just one go. A Ministry of Magic Decal Sticker too is a gift any Harry Potter fan would love to have! This Heart Shaped Glass is a great way to tell anyone just how much you love them. Its cute shape and innovative design will leave anyone overjoyed.

        Premium Birthday Gifts

        If you're looking for premium Gifts for your mother, father or any other friends and family, look no more! We have a ton of premium options that can make the cut. This Lion Gear Clock is fresh and classy to look at, making for the perfect gift for anyone who has a flair for home décor. This back Flow Buddha Incense Burner too will mesmerize its receiver with its charming, peaceful appearance and elegant finish! And our Wooden T Light holder is sure to leave anyone gazing nonstop in delight! 

        Along with this plethora of gifting options listed above, we've got a ton of more funny, creative, out of the box gifts at! You can now easily send birthday gifts online to anyone you love from our site. 

        Valentine gifts online

        Birthdays are special. They make a person realise the love, everyone, showers on him/her. In a similar way, there is yet another day which gives you a chance to make them feel loved, cherished. However, this love is a special one, for a very intimate relationship. It is an expression of your feeling for your valentine. And thus, while you wish to pour your heart out and let your love know how much they mean to you, we at would love to witness your perennial love. With Valentines gift online from bigsmall, give your valentine creative, out of the box and yet sassy gift and celebrate togetherness to the fullest!

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