Birthday Gifts for Kids

Whether it's a toddler you're trying to find a gift for or a teenager, we have some amazing gifting ideas for kids' birthdays! For the little princesses and the tiny superheroes, get the coolest gifts in town.

Birthday Gifts For Kids Online

Birthday Gifts for Kids can be hard to come across. Whether it's a 10 year old growing child or a toddler turning three or your very own daughter turning can get a little tricky as well as overwhelming to pick that one present which is just right. After all, with all the games, puzzles, toys and books out there, the possibilities are endless. And think about all the factors you need to keep in mind- age, gender, preference, favourite colours, cartoons...just doesn't end, does it? Well, we're right here to help you out!

Unique Birthday Gifts for Kids

Looking for Birthday Gifts for Kids Online can be a monotonous, time-consuming task...that is, IF you're just surfing the Web and you don't really know where to look! If you're searching in the wrong place, all you're going to find is your screen flooded with conventional gifting ideas for seven year olds, ten year olds and so on. But in our online store at, we've got things that make truly out of the box gifts. And they're made for everyone out there! So, if you're looking for a birthday gift for a kid boy who's your absolute darling, we'll have something that will be sure to charm his socks right off. And as for gifts for kids who have everything and just seem to need or want absolutely nothing else because they're so pampered? Well, choose from our one of a kind, interesting gifting options to catch their fancy. If you're on the hunt for birthday gifts for small girls, we're sure to have something for your little girl! Whether she's a fan of princesses, an aspiring chef, a not-so-girly girl, an art lover...we're sure we'd be able to help you find just the perfect gift for her. 

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids According to Age

Coming to gifts for kids under 10...we've got quite a few interesting birthday gift ideas! For instance, our Foldable Storage Basket works wonders in getting children to keep clutter at bay and also teaches them the significance of neatness and tidiness in one's home. It's fun patterns and vibrant colours will also make kids themselves want to actively participate in good housekeeping! Add to that the lovely, attractive appearance of the Foldable Storage basket and one gets a whole brighter, happier looking room as well. Our Mr. Grass Head is also a super amusing, fun little gift for any child out there. It is sure to get a few gurgles and laughs and be something that'll leave a kid happy for a while. If you know a child who is obsessed with Harry Potter and all things related to the Hogwarts universe, you'd definitely want to get him or her this Ministry of Magic Decal Sticker as well! For one, it glows in the dark. Two, it is a great collectible for any Potterhead and three, it can make any room look great and add a personal touch to it! We're sure you'd want your kid's room to look as fun and happy as possible. Another really good choice is this Wooden Stationery Holder. Like the Foldable Basket, it too can do wonders in keeping your child organized and away from any kind of mess!

If you need to find gifts for kids under 5, our Water Bombs are a great option. Not only will they leave your children laughing with glee and delight, they'll make for a great pasttime on a boring sunday or a slow summer vacation as well and keep the kids engaged for hours. We've also got Fake Poop to make your child laugh and play pranks on his friends! After all, don’t all kids love poop and fart jokes way too much anyway?

If you'd like to find creative gifts for kids that also give the kids a sense of responsibility and teach them something, check out our Superhero Money Saver! It is a fun little way to teach kids to save money. The vibrant design of the Money Saver along with the eye catching colours will make the children look forward to saving money. Talking of superheroes, any child would love these Superhero Kids Socks. They're super cool, one of a kind, colourful and will be your kid's favourite soon!

If you're having a party soon and need to find return gifts for children that are actually useful and wouldn’t be tossed away the kids instantly, our Portable Paper Soap is a good option. Eye-catching, bright, pretty AND'd be a hit with the kids! And definitely widely favoured by the parents as well.

Birthday Return Gifts Online

At, you can find return gifts for 1st birthday, return gift ideas for 2nd  birthday, birthday gift for 10 year boy, birthday return gifts under rs 200 and even return gifts for adults! Our Floating Bookmark and Batman Notepad are a couple of really interesting gifting options for anyone who loves to read as well as write or simply likes attractive stationery. These Magic Colour Scratch Sheets are also a great option for any adult or child who loves art! Our Silly Straw and Fart Bomb are funny as well as some really out the box gifts for any age. 

Best Birthday Gifts

Among other unique birthday gifts, we have a Cake/ Coffee Stencil that is a real treat for anyone who loves baking or hot beverages like coffee and hot chocolate! Among other bday gifts online specifically aimed at infants and toddlers, we've got Baby Plush Paw Shoes. They look as adorable as they sound. Super soft, super comfy AND super functional- they're the whole package, indeed. This Cat Switch Sticker can be a really adorable addition to any kid's room or nursery too. It glows in the dark and it's fun design will bring up the cheer of the whole room. Our Baby Teether and Baby Bib are also two of the most helpful gifts a new parent might need. They can help immensely with the baby's growth and development and give the parents an easier time managing chaos! For baby shower gift ideas, check out our specially curated collection. The specially curated collection boasts of unique and quirky gifts perfect for both the baby and mom. For the kids who love watching animated movies, Disney gifts for kids are the go-to gifts, but you can amp it up by getting a unique Disney themed gift like the Beauty and the Beast Mug.

Unique Gifts Store for Kids Online in India

If you live abroad and would like to send gifts to india, it is extremely easy to do through our online store. First, pick a creative product from the plethora of cool, funky gifts we offer. Next, fill in the address you'd like it to be sent to and that is all! The rest is all left to us. You wouldn't have to deal with the trouble of customs and delivery processes- we'll handle it all for you! You're sure to find some of the best gifts you could ever give at Anniversary gifts, festival gifts, funny gifts, socks gifts, housewarming gifts...get it all here!

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