Mr. Grass Head -

Mr. Grass Head

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Plant a tree, or a grass head

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Mr Grasshead is happy to be your permanent haircut volunteer, with his luscious green locks that continue to grow when properly looked after! His large fist-sized head is stuffed full of saw-dust, with grass seed liberally sprinkled into the top so that when watered, grass sprouts like green hair. This can then be trimmed and styled to your heart's content! A watering saucer is provided.

How does it work:

  • Water this head on the pot and allow it to absorb enough water
  • Make sure the lower part of the grass head touches the water
  • When the green hair growing long, you can design its style as you like
  • Water the top for every 2-3 days and wait about 5-7 days for its growing

Package Includes :
1 x Mr Grass Head with a pot.  

Customer Reviews

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Happy and Sad about Mr. Grass Head

Mr. Grass Head is absolutely adorable! the grass starts to grow from it pretty fast and it is easy maintenance too since the water container keeps it hydrated for long. However, soon enough, it caught a lot of moss / fungus. I wish that wouldn't have happened. I am now apprehensive to send it across as a gift. this part was quite disappointing.

Hey Rashi, Thanks for the honest feedback and apologies on the experience. We hope the case has been resolved now :)


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