Mr. Grass Head -

Mr. Grass Head

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Plant a tree, or a grass head

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Mr Grasshead is happy to be your permanent haircut volunteer, with his luscious green locks that continue to grow when properly looked after! His large fist-sized head is stuffed full of saw-dust, with grass seed liberally sprinkled into the top so that when watered, grass sprouts like green hair. This can then be trimmed and styled to your heart's content! A watering saucer is provided.

How does it work:

  • Water this head on the pot and allow it to absorb enough water
  • Make sure the lower part of the grass head touches the water
  • When the green hair growing long, you can design its style as you like
  • Water the top for every 2-3 days and wait about 5-7 days for its growing

Package Includes :
1 x Mr Grass Head with a pot.  



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