DIY Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas to Make your Christmas Gifts Beautiful

No matter how delicious a dish may be, how innovative the recipe is, the one thing that captures every connoisseur’s mind is the garnishing over the plate. The decoration that accompanies a dish is extremely crucial to make the platter look the most extraordinary in the world. Things are not very different for gift boxes when handed over to people. The very first thing that catches the eye and creates the first impression is the wrapping paper. Now as we talk about gifts, you will certainly be reminded of Christmas – the time when gifts shower from the skies and make life look like a bliss. And you don’t need to go out to the shops to get the best dressing for your gifts. Let this Christmas be the moment of your creativity with these DIY easy gift wrapping ideas to make your Christmas gifts beautiful.

Printable Christmas wrapping paper

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This one is pretty easy and needs much the beauty that your eyes can behold. Because your eyes will have to keep rolling on the screen of your computer as you browse through pretty designs on the web. Go ask some amazing and cute patterns from Google and the moment your eyes fall in love with some design, download it, print it and get the wrapping paper ready. Yes, it is that easy and straightforward. Just a bit of pretty pattern on the gift box can add an altogether different charm to your Christmas celebrations. This DIY easy gift wrapping idea to make your Christmas gifts beautiful will create the best memories for you as the faces of your friends or relatives will be beaming on receiving the gift boxes. But wait! Don’t leave the wrapping paper alone. It will look very bland. Bring home some ribbons and a few natural or artificial baby fern leaves. Place the ferns on the gift box, glue it to the paper and wrap a ribbon around the box, and there you go! Try finding a pattern made of fern leaves. That way, your prop and your wrapping paper will match to each other. There is hardly anything better that you can create. Or is it?

Copper bells wrapping idea


Christmas is the time when bells can be found hanging in almost every other home. The chimes of the ringing bells and the jingles being sung in the air fill the atmosphere with a lot of gaiety and infuses an altogether different spirit of Christmas. Why not try the same idea on the gift boxes when looking for DIY easy gift wrapping idea to make your Christmas gifts beautiful? Get some velvety wrapping paper, possibly in colors of green, red or blue. Don’t forget a velvety ribbon to wrap around the gift wrapping paper. And then top the decoration with the icing on the cake – the copper bells. The gift wrapping paper will look too elegant with this preparation and will help you get creative with Christmas gift wrapping. The gift wrapping ideas for Christmas cannot get better than the velvety touch of the beautiful wrapping papers that your gifts will be adorned with. Just imagine how the beauty of the Christmas trees will be enhanced with such gift boxes occupying the room beneath the tree. The home of your friend will get illuminated with a different aura from the shine of the gift boxes, which you have seen by now can be decorated by yourself.

Postal touch

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What if your Christmas gifts bring back the old memories of your childhood and transport you to the times when you used to send letters to your friends and used to send gifts wrapped in brown envelopes? What if we bring those same memories back from your childhood and immerse you in nostalgia? Take it a notch higher. What if your friend joins you in this deluge of emotions? We are sure that will be the best thing to happen. Get some large envelopes and put your lovely gifts inside them. Secure the envelopes with an old-fashioned liquid adhesive and tie them with traditional strings or ribbons. Attach some fern leaves to the packages and send them across to your friends and relatives. Put some stamps or old-fashioned traditional marks on the packages to make them resemble genuine parcel packages coming right from the postal department. No wonder your friend will come running to your home with all the memories and moments that you would have helped your buddy recall. The exchange of gifts in brown envelopes with traditional decoration is the best way to relive the good old days of reveling in the school or bunking the classes in college for a movie or even vacations to distant places and hideouts. This is a great old school wrapping idea for Christmas Gifts for Friends.

Ribbon magic

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Weave some magic with ribbons swirling and twirling on your gift wraps. This will make your christmas gift for girlfriend even more special.Take out a green glittering ribbon and make a spiral out of it to be pasted on the top of gift boxes that you are intending to make the moment of the day for your friends. The spiral, when pasted on the gift box with its width tapering at the top, will give an impression of a Christmas tree. You can try different shapes with a variety of colored patterned and glittering ribbons and can add hues of magic to your gifts. Let your creative juices flow wild and untamed as you experiment with different designs with the ribbons. Tie a bow with the ribbons and have them adorn the boxes that will occupy a special place in your friend’s home. The fluid designs that will perch over your gift boxes will be some of the most amazing things that your friends would have ever come across. Don’t hesitate to seek help from Google and YouTube to learn some DIY tricks for creating superb ribbon artworks. These DIY easy gift wrapping ideas will make your Christmas gifts beautiful and will put you at your creative best. You will get infinite tips on the web on how to wrap Christmas gifts creatively. And gift wrapping ideas using ribbons are just trending among the fashionista population these days.

Candy sticks to make your day

Candy Wrap
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The moment you would have read ‘candy sticks’, definitely your mouth would have watered and your palette would have got excited. But hold on! This time we are not offering you anything to satisfy your sweet tooth buddy, but an amazing idea to wrap the gifts in a creative manner. Once your gift boxes have been wrapped, just create some shapes with these candy sticks. You can create the shape of stars, conical trees, heart and many other unique things to flaunt your creativity and innovation with gift wrapping. Watch your friend munch candy sticks and go gaga over the sweetness showered by you on him on the day of Christmas. This is set to be the most cherished day for your friend and you too. It will be fun to see your friend figuring out the various shapes and designs on the gift boxes and recollect the days when you both used to sit together on the back-benches of your school or used to run after the same soccer ball all day and night long. The best memories of your days spent together will come running in your memory. And this will be the best thing to happen this Christmas. Is there something holding you back?

Photo collage

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What if this Christmas your gift boxes take your family members and relatives down the memory lane and immerse them in the reminiscence of the bygone days? Log in to your computer, collect all the photographs from your childhood and teenage that capture all the beautiful memories of your life. Search on Google for a collage maker. An ordinary application like Picassa or Photoshop can also help you create collages from individual images in a matter of minutes. Get the collage ready, print it on a sheet of paper and voila! Your wrapping paper is ready! As you hand over the gift box to your mom or dad or siblings, just watch the stream of tears rolling out of the moist eyes as the memories of long gone days make themselves available right on the gift box on all the sides. However, there is a problem. No one will like to tear the wrapping paper. Therefore, it will take time for your dearest ones to remove the cello tapes and unwrap the gift box. But throughout the time taken to unwrap the gift, the recollections of the good old days will make their way to the minds of your dearest ones and to the emotional eyes of these people.

Muffler on the roll

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Even if you cannot go much creative with the wrapping paper and want to keep the paper simple in design, you can have an amazing wrapping idea for your gifts. If you are the one who loves caricatures, then just get hold of your gift boxes, wrap them with blank white paper and draw facial expressions on one side of the box. Wrap a muffler around the box and personify the beautiful gift you are going to present. You can even try glueing a small piece of the cone on the box to give an impression of a nose. Use beads for eyes and sketch pens to draw lips or smiling face. Then simply go to your friends’ home, place the gift box at plain sight and knock on the door, just to hide somewhere. Watch your friend welcomed by a smiling face or a winking eye as he opens his door to a pleasant surprise. This is certainly going to make this Christmas much more memorable than any other festive season. And for a moment your friend will have no clue of who placed the gift there. The smile appearing on his face in your absence and the expression of suspense at that moment will be just priceless.


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Artists, alert! This is the time to make your gift wrap the most personalized you can ever make it. Wrap your gift box with just a blank sheet of paper and get your markers ready. Unleash the artist inside you and draw beautiful eye-warming designs on the blank piece of paper. The floral designs, tribal art or any other kind of drawing will certainly make the wrapping paper as special as a solitaire piece of diamond. There won’t be a single piece of a gift box that will look alike or can look alike. There is no better way to show how much you value your friend or family member at the time and efforts you would have put would be very much evident. No way, your dearest one is going to forget this gift wrapping idea that will make your Christmas beautiful too. In case you know Mehendi art, then nothing can get more creative than this idea. Get henna create the most memorable time of your friend’s life as the intricate designs captivate the mind of your friend as he embraces the gift in his hand. Try sparkles, blow-pens, sketch pens, glitters and other stationery items to make your gift box the most special one in this world for the most special one of your life.

Fabric and linen

Fabric and LinenImage source

We have spoken too much about paper and stationery. Let’s try something different this time. Try linen for making intricate wrapping meshes for your gift boxes. The imaginative designs made with fabric will simply blow away your friend’s mind as she holds the gift in her hand. The best thing about this is that the wrap won’t have to be torn down. Just take off the wrap down and preserve it for the next time. It certainly makes for eco friendly Christmas gift packing ideas.

These DIY easy Christmas gift wrapping ideas make your Christmas gifts (whether they are Christmas gifts for girls or boys) beautiful and will set the mood for the festive season right away. There is no better way to warm up with your long-lost friends, forgotten relatives and new acquaintances than having some creative wrapping ideas to make this Christmas the most beautiful moment of your life.