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Make clocks more than just a device to show you time. From quirky Wall Clocks to creative desk tables, discover the most unique clocks here at

There were days before smart, digital gadgets took over, when people would rely for their daily routine on clocks. Not long ago, alarm clocks woke the entire family to start their day with the special ‚Äėting ting‚Äô sound it used to make. You couldn't use multiple alarms back then. So, people were a lot quicker than they are now.

Even though we now have smartphones to put an alarm on, schedule our day with, there is no denying the fact that wall clocks have the charm that can’t be resisted.

Wall clocks, today, have come closer to adding charisma to the house more than showing the time. When a clock of right size, design is placed in the right part of the house, transforms its entire appearance. It gives the house a surreal look. And so, when it comes to selecting a clock for your home, a bounty of unusual classy designs is what you’d wanna have.


Today, everyone is searching for unique wall clocks to decorate their house with. The monotony of simple, classic clocks might look hard to give up, but with the designer wall clocks coming in, who wouldn't want one for their house as well! Digital clocks, analog clocks, alarm clocks or table clocks, there is a plethora of innovative designs to enhance the beauty of the home. Not every design, however, matches your style. If you too are searching for fancy wall clocks that add beauty to your home, then has a collection of witty designs to decorate your walls.


While gift stores in India do hold a variety of designs, there is hardly a wall clock that sways away your heart at the first time. You always search for a different look, something that’s eye catchy, something that grabs your attention immediately and adds life to your home. While you wonder of gigantic clocks to brighten up your living room, have you wondered about large moving gear clocks and how they add magnificence to your house?

If you too are smitten by the gears that help you time your life and are searching for gear clock online, we at bigsmall have just the right clock for you. Lion Gear clock is the table clock you would love to gift your wife, husband or children to help them germinate their unique ideas. A ‚Äėmake in India‚Äô campaign watch, it is one of the most adored gifts for the blooming minds.

If you have a taste for digital clocks and are searching for digital wall clocks online, we have a quirky owl wall clock for your incredible decor. Plus, the owl’s always moving eye and tail would make you feel as if you have little Hedwig taking care of your time! Fantasies coming alive, already, ha? The owl clock is a gift you can give to a harry potter maniac in the family and they’ll start flying looking at your present! And that’s what you always wanted!

Antique wall clocks too are a site to adore. If you love to decorate your study table with the retro look, retro tv and retro ratio clocks would take you back in the malgudi days where these devices were a miracle everyone looked at with fascination. If you have someone, maybe your parents or grandparents, who miss the old days, you could definitely choose these gifts online from and take them back in their time. Clocks are the best gift for seniors farewell as it means you are giving them a gift of time. Watches even works as great gift ideas for bloggers, be it a fancy wrist watch or a statement wall clock for their walls.

All your search for stylish clocks online in India would come to end with the elegant, smart, and unique designs offered at bigsmall. Wondering how? Read on!


Buy clocks online with and get unusual wall clocks for the bedroom of yours. Wall clocks in the bedroom not only helps you keep track of the tasks that needs to be done but today, they also add glory to your rooms. A walking man clock and a heart wall clocks are such clocks meant to occupy the prime place in the wall of your hall. Both, in fact, are unique gift ideas if modern wall clocks are the one you are looking for. If you wish to give something to your friend on housewarming, gift them walking man clock that gives an illusion of a man walking with every passing second and so is the time. For a birthday gift to your wife, mother, husband or a sibling, a beating heart clock is undoubtedly the right choice. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan you can even find a fun rakhi set online with a pocket watch as a part of the perfect rakhi gift for your sibling.

If you always wonder about how to choose a wall clock for your home, we’ve got a little help for you. If you have a vintage- style interior for your home, go for a wooden cuckoo clock like the unique owl wall clock available at bigsmall. For the modern minimalist design of your house, solid designs suit the best. Beating heart clock and walking man wall clock both are round clocks and the best choice for your home's modern interior.

If you are wondering about wall clocks for office, walking man wall clock is the perfect option. With the man walking past every second, the time too would push you to work harder and help avoid procrastination.

Even if you wish to buy a clock for your work table at the office, lion table clock is the one you could go for. Based on the ‚Äėmake in India‚Äô theme, it is a gear clock, constantly inspiring you to work to your fullest. With its utility and a strong theme, it is a unique corporate gift to give to your employees for boosting their spirits.


Clocks are meant not just to show time but also to bring in positivity, wealth and harmony and peace according to the Chinese ‚ÄėFeng Shui‚Äô aka ‚ÄėVastu Shastra‚Äô in India. Some believe in the importance of placement of clocks according to Vastu, while others may not. The thing, however, is that they actually help in a more assorted placement of the clock to enhance the beauty of your homes. So, if you are looking for some wall clock Vastu tips, here are some of our suggestions to help you get the best for your home.

According to Feng Shui, it is not recommended to place big clocks in the bedroom. Also, solid shapes like square or round wall clock are generally preferred. Thus, if you want to buy a wall clock for the bedroom, go for beating heart or walking man clock for your bedroom.

Living room is the best place for the hanging clocks. Hence, if you like the owl wall clock for your place, you could hang it in the living room facing east or north direction as it considered the direction that brings positive energy and wealth in the house.

For the kid's rooms, small clocks are often suggested. Thus, Lion gear clock and retro tv and radio clocks would be the best option for your kid’s kingdom.

Make clocks more than just a device to show you time. Use it to add a new look to your home and make it more beautiful with the unique wall clocks! Use them to bring positivity to your little world... Browse through to get your favorite clock!

Happy Shopping! 

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