Birthday Gifts for Guys

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Finding the perfect gift for a guy can be a bit of a challenge. Whether it's for a younger or an elder brother, a male friend, your spouse and so on...we're here to help you get your hands on that one gift that will leave them beaming with delight.  

Unique Birthday Gifts for Guys

If you've searched extensively for birthday gifts for guys online to find that one present which you just know for sure will leave the receiver elated and thankful eternally, you'd know that this isn't an easy task. Especially with the hoard of conventional, regular gifting options that are available online...Finding the right kind of gift that is set apart from the rest is not always simple. And you wouldn't want to be one with the crowd anyway, right?

So, if you're looking for birthday gifts for guys in their 20's, gift ideas for 20 something guys and would like to buy gifts for guys online, at, we've got some really cool birthday gifts for guys! Whether it is gift ideas for college going guys, guys at school, working men, elder or younger brothers, cousins, childhood friends...we're sure you can get your pick!

Birthday Gifts for Men Online in India

Some of the best birthday gifts for men are those that come from the heart. You know what we mean...Instead of gifting a man something like a plain, old wallet, perfume or journal, get him something you know he would actually appreciate and get regular use out of, instead of him tossing the gift away the second you leave!

So, if you're looking for gift for a male friend who has everything, here are some ideas! Our Beer Cap Bottle Holder makes for a stellar gifting idea. It can take the décor of any room or home up by leaps and bounds and give it a whole new feel! It's a great way for a guy to record memories and all the good times he's had, whether it's drinking beers with his buddies or even trying out new beers in different cities or countries. You could also get him a Travel Journal. Whether it's noting down itinerary, things to do in a new city or foreign land, recording diary entries or even pasting ticket stubs to museums, plays, rides or places you've visited, the vintage travel journal makes for an extremely thoughtful present.

Need some gift ideas for travellers? Our Travel Hoodie is a fabulous option. It's a must have for those of us who find ourselves on a train or a flight every other week. Travel is great for the mind and the soul but when it comes to sitting in a cramped vehicle with a hundred other people, it can get a little bit strenuous. And so, the travel hoodie is just what one needs to get a good, sound sleep even amidst bustling chaos! Oh, and it looks really chic too.

For the globetrotters among us, a Scratch Map is an astounding gift idea. This handy map lets you mark all the places you've visited on it by scratching them away! It serves as a reminder of all the joyous times you've had, all over the globe. For those travellers who prefer visiting metro cities and big towns as opposed to the rustic countryside, the Dark Edition Scratch Map makes for a finer option. They can scratch all of the cities that they've been to.

For all the backpackers out there, the Steel Carabiner Mug is a godsend! It's a must have and a lifesaver while one's on a road trip, on a bus or maybe just on a hike. It is convenient to carry along and makes the whole scene of travelling adventurously a little bit easier and better.

An adorable Luggage Tag is also something any traveller would always love to have. It's super cute in design, eye catching and will help them spot their luggage, no matter how unfamiliar and new their surroundings are! Talk about making travelling easier...

Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for Male Friends

Are you on the quest find the best birthday gifts for guy friends? Well, if you've got a buddy who is an absolutely gym freak and constantly spends all of his free time there, we bet he's spoken to you about the significance of protein shakes in his life. What you could get him to make his time a little easier is an Instant Shaker Bottle! It solves the problem of having to spend a few minutes everyday mixing that protein shake power and stirring nonstop. It gets any protein shake ready to be taken along on the go in a matter of seconds. Among other gifts for a guy friend you like, a Heart Audio Splitter makes for a really interesting gift. It will let the two of you listen to music and be in your little world even in a noisy, bustling local train or metro! The Cuddle Pillow is also a great gift to get him, it'll make him think of you even when you're not around.

If you're looking for creative gifts online, the Rainbow Cups Set is a really option. It is colourful, bright and will soon occupy place front and center on anyone's crockery shelf!

Last minute birthday gift ideas for best friend are a lot easier when the person receiving the gift is a follower of a show or movie. For instance, if you have a friend who loves anime, get him a Death Note Action Figure! It has fine detailing and is an absolute delight to look at. If you friend loves Star Wars, get him a Star Wars themed mug to cater to his love for this phenomenal series.

Gift Ideas for Brother

Are you looking for best bhaidooj gifts for brother online? Get a Foot Hammock for your workaholic brother to make his time in the office a little bit more pleasant! If he loves his alcohol, get him a set of chilling cubes to makes his drinks even better!

It is now super easy to send gifts to brother on bhaiduj at! You can find it all here, gift ideas for younger brother’s birthday, an elder brother's birthday, a cousin you might not know very well...we're happy to help you choose!

Unique Gift Store in India

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Happy gifting!

Get the coolest, one of a kind gift for guys of all ages here. Whether you're looking for gifts for a guy friend, a boyfriend, your brother or even your husband, we've got some amazing gifting ideas for you. 

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