Birthday Gifts for Friends

Looking for a gift for a geeky friend? A funny friend? A friend obsessed with superheroes? A foodie? Well, we've got just the perfect presents for your buddies with each kind of personality!

Birthday Gifts for Friends

A gift goes a long way in friendship. Whether you're getting a gift for a friend you've known since forever and have grown up with and you just know that this gift would brighten their day immediately and leave them elated or you're buying a present for someone you've recently met and are unsure about whether they'd like the gift...but you want to try to make them happy anyway! Gifts make a lasting impact in new friendships and can often revive and rekindle old relationships too.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Friends Online

Some of the Best Birthday Gifts for Friends are the ones that are out of the box and set apart from 'normal' gifts. For instance, if you've got a friend who's a doctor, a nurse or maybe just a medical student at the moment, our set of Bone Shaped Pens is a completely different kind of gift to get them! It's funny, one of a kind and will definitely be memorable for them for a long, long time. Oh, and the gift is fully functional too, of course! If you've got a lady friend who loves her nail paint like nothing else, you need to gift her our Wearable Nail Polish Holder. It's a problem-solving tool that'll help her immensely on a regular basis. She'd always think of you while using it and probably thank you constantly!

Among other creative birthday ideas for best friend are this Dumbbell Water Bottle and Fruit Infuser Bottle. These are especially great options if your friend is a health nut and trying to lead a more fit lifestyle! They're innovative, creative and would also show your admiration for their determination and strength!

If you need to find last minute birthday gift ideas or Superhero themed Gifts, we've got a set of really vibrant, colourful Superhero Socks that are not only extremely soft and comfy but also really great to look at. Similarly, check out the Superhero Money Savers that are eye-catching and also great at making people build the habit of saving money!

Birthday gift for Male friends

On the hunt to find gifts for men online? Check out our Beard Catcher and Beard Shaper! Any man can tell you what a pain it is to clean up the giant mess made in the bathroom after shaving. The Beard Catcher is a real lifesaver in this sticky situation! The Beard Shaper is also super helpful in getting the shape of one's beard just right.

Coming to other cool birthday gifts for guys, this Superhero Apron is a terrific option too. And it doubles as a way to kind of drop a hint to your man that he should spend more time helping out in the kitchen too! If you need to find a present for a man who loves his tea more than anything else, Mr. Tea Infuser is what you must get him. With Mr. Tea Infuser sitting delightfully in your man's cup of tea, his morning chai will get even better!

Presents for guy friends are easier to find if the guy's a big fan of a certain movie or TV series. For instance, if your brother or boyfriend or even a guy friend is a passionate fan of the Game of Thrones and follows it religiously, he needs our GOT merchandise like the map that covers the 7 kingdoms of the GOT Universe. Its exquisite border too, has representations of all the houses in the realm. Our Game of Thrones Keychains are a must have for any GOT fanatic too! In silver and gold, these classy keychains are the ideal present for any of the show's fans. This amazing Hand of the King Brooch too is so exquisite, it is sure to be placed first and foremost in their GOT collectables shelf.

Which globe trotter doesn't love to record their travels and keep track of just how much of the world they’ve visited? A stellar gift for a travel nut is a Travel Scratch Map. A map devoted entirely to their travels that they can put up in their rooms! For the sightseers amongst us who prefer ticking off metropolitan cities on the map, a Dark Edition Scratch Map is the exactly the gift they need. And for the other kind, the backpackers who like to explore the countryside and examine the vast unknown, a traditional Scratch Map would come of use.

What is a good present for a guy friend? Searching for birthday gifts for him online can lead to many answers. Our Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp is charming little gift to get for someone who's a fan of the magic of LED Lights and, well, the Eiffel Tower! It is breathtakingly beautiful and also among the nicest birthday gifts for boyfriend. We’ve also got the coolest Plush Slippers. Super soft, extremely comfortable and pampering...just what a guy needs.

If you're searching for gift ideas for girls, birthday gifts for girlfriend, birthday gifts for young girls or just some unusual gift ideas, we've got some really cool birthday gifts for her! You'd want to get an innovative birthday gift for female friend, wouldn’t you? A Mermaid Blanket is a great option. One, it comes in a number of colours and you can pick out just what your friend would like. Two, it is soft and cozy. Who wouldn't want to snuggle up in it? And three, it is absolutely mesmerizing to look at! If you've got a friend who loves her whiskey and scotch, you could get her chilling cubes to cater to her love for fine drink! A Bucket List Gift Box is the complete package when it comes to gifting ideas. It is the perfect place to jot down one's wishes and things on one's to-do list, places to visit, adventures to have and so on...

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