Farewell Gifts for Seniors

Your seniors are the people you look up to, whenever you are in need of guidance and wisdom. With their first-hand experiences, they are always there to help you out with their pearls of wisdom. As they move on to the next phase of their life, it's time to thank them for all the times they've been there - with a unique Farewell Gift for Seniors.

Your seniors have helped you out innumerable times - whenever you're in a sticky situation, they always have a solution. There is no better way to thank them than to gift them an out-of-the-box gift - tailor-made for their personality. Thus, it has to be a unique gift - which will put a smile on their face at the mere act of opening it. Such gift ideas may sound easier sound than done, but Bigsmall.in have you covered - with our exclusive curation of Farewell Gifts for Seniors. 

Looking for farewell gifts for boys? If there's something every boy likes, it's superheroes - be it Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Batman, Captain America or Spiderman, every boy has their favorite superhero. Find the most unique superhero gifts, right here at Bigsmall.in - exclusive merchandise for all your favorite superheroes, and much more. 

Or are you seeking farewell gifts for teenage girls? Is she a neat freak, or is she quite messy? Perhaps a quirky storage organizer would help her get things in tow much better. Is she quite the expressive one? A 3D Emoji Mug would help her express her mood, in the most fun way possible. Looking for farewell gift for a senior? We have amazing range of gift ideas for farewell to seniors. Handpicked with love, we've curated a special collection for farewell gift ideas for seniors with all the best gift for seniors farewell. So don't fret for you'll find all the gifts for seniors on farewell you need under one roof. 

Farewell Gift Ideas

Farewell gifts have to be picture perfect - as it is a farewell gift, you don't have time to redo it. A farewell gift will always mean much more than the item itself - it will be the one thing that will remind your senior of you when they look at it, as a memento of your relationship. Thus, it has to be something from the heart. Bigsmall has gifts for all kinds of relationships, people and personality - however quirky or niche it may be.

Looking for a farewell gift for boss? Perhaps a Lion Table Gear Clock could best bring out their fearless persona out, and provide him with a desk companion. A farewell gift for teachers? Perhaps a Back Flow Buddha Incense Burner would be able to help them achieve tranquillity, after all these years of dealing with you. 

Your office acquaintances keep you company day in, day out. They're perhaps the people you spent a majority of your time with. They've meant a lot to you - so their going away gifts should also mean a lot to them. Your gifts for seniors in office shouldn't be something boring - gift them something fun, yet something of utility. Are they notorious for making poor life decisions? A Decision Maker Paperweight could let them know that in a fun manner. Did they always have an eye for a great work selfie? The Camera Hip Flask could be the gift for them.

Seniors in college is a relation that is hard to express in words. They torment you, yet you know it's their odd way of showing affection. As they take a step into the next level of their life, it's time for you to search for gift ideas for college students. Do they live football, love football and sleep football? They can now also drink football - the Football Shoe Mug is one of the best gifts for football lovers. The Football Bottle Pop can accompany it, which will have them open their beverage to the tunes of football.

Unique Gift Ideas

Gifting has become somewhat of a lost art. Often times, we set out to buy something unique for our loved ones, but then we end up resorting to the staple combination of chocolates and flowers. It's time to get with the ages - creative gift ideas are now in vogue, and Bigsmall.in helps you realize your ideas.

You can now send gifts online - have them delivered at the doorstep of your loved ones with the click of a button. Bigsmall.in provides you with online gifting options for all kinds of occasions, and situations - be it a birthday, anniversary or Rakhi Gifts you're looking for, we have unique gift ideas for all types of festivals and occasions.

Sometimes you're not looking for the best gift - you're looking for the gift that'll scare your loved one to no end. Well, you don't have to look any further for that either - Bigsmall has a curation of the funny gifts online, with which you can scare or leave your loved one in absolute splits.


1. What to gift a friend who is leaving?

Show some love to your friend in a unique way when they are leaving by giving them a Personalized Gift. Or give them something they care about like travel essentials or cute stationery.

2. What's a good farewell gift?

Give a gift of memories as a farewell gift to your loved ones. Print out pictures of your happiest memories together and frame them in unique photo frames. It'll be a gift they'll always cherish.

3. What to buy someone who is moving abroad?

A loved one moving across the world? Give them unique travel gifts to make their journey more fun. you can also gift them quirky bags and backpacks, a useful yet unique gift - they'll always think about you while using the bag.


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