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If you are going from website to website in search of a beautiful gift to give your friend after buying a new house, or your brother to wish him luck for his life ahead, bring your search to a halt at bigsmall. Choose from our unique housewarming gifts collection and wish them luck for their life ahead. Gift them amazing housewarming gifts to brighten their day and keep them cheerful and quirky, always.

Gifts for Housewarming - Best Gift Ideas

So your friend just moved into a 3 BHK house and you remember your mom told you to never show up empty-handed. What would you do? You instantly start looking for gifts for a housewarming. Finding unique and unusual gifts for a new house can be tricky. You wouldn’t want to go for the obvious boring choices.

Instead, you want to explore something special, a token of good luck for the newly settled dwellers. helps you in this quest for unique gift ideas for a housewarming. Try going the ingenious way by gifting Buddha incense burner or the fishermen incense burner for giving a devotional touch to their new house. After all, Indian housewarming gifts are valuable souvenirs for the new home occupants.

A few pretty things help in transforming a newly built house to a well-settled home. You can gift them quirky goods such as the beating heart wall clock, retro TV table clock or even a handcrafted panda shaped rug! We ensure that you gift them something they actually want rather than it being any other necessity.

As Monica Geller of Friends would say, “You don’t tell me what to do, I tell you what to do!”. We all have one such friend in our lives who loves keeping things organized and in a proper fashion. These adorable freaks would surely rejoice if you gift them something useful, such as a clothes hanger board or the all things storage organizer.

If your friend or sibling is fond of some cute and delightful stuff, trust us, we have got you covered with gifts for creative people. Gift them a handmade wooden heart drawer, a rose glass or even a wooden window photo frame. Sit back, relax and marvel at our amazing collection of top products. Buy gifts online and avail the benefits of our fast delivery and awesome online shopping experience. Be it Christmas presents or New Years gift, you can never go wrong with a good home decor item.

Picking gifts for such opportune occasions is never an easy affair. Most of the offline stores as well as online retailers, offer you the mundane usual choices. Stand out and make a gift of unique socks for women, best wall postersbest baby shower gifts or unique gadgets online. We at make sure that you only select the best housewarming gifts for first home inhabitants because new homes deserve every bit of uniqueness!

Furthermore, hosting a party for your new house is not a cakewalk. Besides decorating your house and prepping up the party menu, you need to return the favor that comes in the form of a multitude of presents. Figuring out a proper arrangement beforehand never hurts. You can find return gifts for housewarming party from our incredibly built online store.

Gift Ideas for Housewarming

Wish to draw upon some creative gift ideas? Have a look at our amazingly innovative products be it an elephant water drainer or a cactus cups set. From interest based creative gifts to unique gifts for home décor, find the perfect gift at for a memorable present sure to delight.

Picture this, your college best friend just got married and bought a new place. You have been invited for the housewarming but you are confused over what to choose for the present! All of us have been stuck in similar situations at some point of our lives. Whether you are buying a gift for your newly moved in friend, or for an unknown family friend, you will discover great housewarming gifts or gift for griha pravesh amongst our collection. Fill their new abode with housewarming gifts ideas that reflect their style. From housewarming gifts ideas for couples to housewarming return gifts, bigsmall is your one-stop destination for all.

Newlyweds tend to switch homes and at times, it becomes difficult to devise contemporary housewarming gift ideas for couples who love Harry Potter. For such couples, choose from a range of Harry Potter gifts. Ditch the usual traditional housewarming gifts and choose from a wide range of quirky kitchen utensils, or creative home décor and bathroom accessories. Gift them a waterfall incense burner, wooden home photo frame or an owl wall clock. These unique housewarming gift ideas will impress them to the core. As they are embarking upon a new chapter of their lives, gifting them something out of the box will surely add a feather to your cap. For the friends who live & breathe GOT, check out awesome GOT gifts.

We all land upon the regular housewarming gift ideas for families, be it the good old goddess idol or the feng shui fortune charms. These gifts may act as fancy decorations but most of them have little or no meaning attached to them. Often guests happen to gift the same type of presents unknowingly and the hosts are bound to accept them unwillingly! Sounds familiar, right? For those who can never have enough of superheroes, should definitely be gifted with official DC merchandise.

With at your rescue, you can surely avoid such clumsy situations. We make sure that the gifts you present are special, sophisticated and thoughtful in every way. Our online repository constitutes apt and exceptional gifts for all gleeful occasions. 

Our other Unique Gifts make great housewarming gifts as well! 

Return Gifts for Housewarming

Return gifts are earnest symbols of gratitude for the countless tokens of love you receive from your guests. Your friends and family put a lot of effort in bringing presents packed with affection. Being a host, you need to figure out some exciting housewarming return gift ideas. You can gift them a Buddha T-light holder, happy floor rugs and other unique gifts.

Exchanging gifts with each other is an impeccable choice made for mutual happiness! You can buy return gifts online in India at We promise to deliver a sweet smile to all your guests by solving your different qualms about unusual gift ideas. 

Housewarming Gifts for Bachelor Pad

Getting out of your parent’s home and living on your own is tough but there’s nothing more satisfying than the sense of liberation and responsibility that follows. Stepping into your own house is sheer happiness. Your bachelor friends are the ones who are living this dream and they truly deserve a celebration for the same.

You can find exciting housewarming gifts for bachelors at Besides being artistic and unconventional, our gifts for guys collection accommodates some life-saving products for bachelors. We all have that beard lover friend who aggressively celebrates a no-shave month. Gift him a beard bib or a beard shaper and he won’t be able to thank you more. Bachelors would love products like gun ice tray, bullet ice tray or game over coffee mug. Presents such as dumbbell water bottles, muscle coffee mug or instant shaker bottles would be a big shout out to all your fitness freak buddies and can be great birthday gifts online you can discover. 

If your friend is a die-hard fan of the dark knight, you can gift him a superhero apron, Batman notepad or 3D iPhone 6 and 6s cover from our Superhero Fan gifts section. A bachelor pad gift has to be innovative. While meaningful gifts are a hit with friends and families, bachelors love to be amused by unusual presents. You can always find funny housewarming gifts for men amongst our huge collection. They can establish an instant connect with the gifts you buy for them from 

Valentine gift ideas

Running out of ideas for the valentine’s day gift, are you? When there are a lot of things to plan, arrangements to make and bae to impress, the mind gets overwhelmed. Hey, don’t fret. We are here right in time to help make your work easier with our valentine gift ideas for you and your love. No, there aren’t going to be any conventional gifts this season. This time, there will be cool and creative valentine gifts curated especially for the occasion by bigsmall. Browse the shelves to find your favourite idea, incorporate it into your theme, or wound the decorations accordingly and BINGO! You are all set for a unique celebration of love!

India’s Best Gift Store for Unique Gifts

What’s the purpose behind gifting someone if they are not startled by the present? A little thoughtfulness, a sense of amazement and humor goes a long way in determining the meaning behind your gifts. As we rightly like to call ourselves the Bizarre Bazaar, you are sure to discover something out of the box every time you visit our online store.

Buy unique gifts online in India by visiting Creative gift ideas are appreciated by one and all but the hunt for such presents is never easy. Visiting different physical stores looking for something unusual and fun is an arduous task. With the advent of click and order policies all around the world, buying gifts online couldn’t have been easier.

At, we have something in store for all your loved ones. Order gifts for friends online and win them over with your remarkable choices. From prank gifts to birthday surprises, our collection will be your best aid in the successful execution of every crazy gimmick!

Besides buying fabulous gifts for housewarming, you can also explore pretty presents for your mom and behold the magic of her glorious smile. Buy her a power nap pillow or a relaxing pair of spa socks and other gifts designed exclusively for her comfort. Buy Mother’s day gifts online in India at our eccentric web store and unravel the essential goodness behind a mother’s happiness. 

If we've met your housewarming gifts needs, then you'll be wondering about our shipping. Well, we cover the whole of India, with over 2,000 serviceable pin codes. So fret not and order your favorite gift right away! Visiting a couple who are bloggers?! Consider choosing from a range of specially curated gifts for bloggers.

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