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Looking for something unusual, funny, or completely bizarre? What is your idea of surprise? Do you live every second planning pranks and working on the props for their perfect execution? While on a break, don’t you feel like doing something really funny and gleeful? Don’t you think that life’s too small to lead it with monotony? It’s sometime a great idea to break the stereotypes of adult and mature life and live the uncertain, prankster filled one! And some fun makes it more delightful! Don’t you agree?

Now find the most crazy and funny gifts for everyone one your list. What an awesome feeling would it be when you unwrap the box and it turns out to be something quirky and unusual!

Some of our unusual funny gifts come with an amusing twist, while some of them are weirdly awesome. But they all have one thing in common. They are all going to tickle your funny bone. After all, some of the best gifts are the ones that make everyone laugh. Opting for a funny gift shows you know your recipient quite well to make fun of their habits or interests, and you pick out the perfect unusual gift, we at have weird funny gifts for men and your sub-standard family and friends. All our gag gifts are products that maybe you don’t need, but definitely want.

Don’t we all have that one friend in our group who always tries to tickle our funny bone with his stupid yet hilarious way of doing things. He would always try to find a way to make everyone laugh. After all, he’s the funny one. Just like Chandler Bing from friends. Our section of unusual funny gifts can definitely help you catch Chandler’s drift and make you feel like the funny one in the group. No matter what the occasion maybe, shop for weird and wonderful surprises for your loved ones.

All these creative gifts and unusual gifts are great gifts for guys who act as the jokester or a prankster in your group. Whoever you are buying for, whether it’s funny gifts for men or unusual gifts for women, you’ll surely find something that will the recipient laugh.

We at are all set to fill your life and of those you love with fun, humor, thrill and lot of happiness through our wide variety of funny products, just for YOU! 

With the wide range of products from the funny gifts for men or women, you’ll find bundle of funny gifts for prankster peeping through the shelves.

Now gift your friend something witty and scare his wits out with the creepy doll or the scary masks. If you wish to teach your friend or children a lesson on importance of money, then there is nothing better than the money wallet to do it all for you! Are you thinking of gifting something relatable to your lazy friends who wouldn’t get up to do their own work? Giant sticky hand will get them going as well, for good let’s hope! If you’ve got a geek for a friend, why not gift him/her a sandwich notepad to keep a track of their work.

Browse through the funny gifts section and you’ll come across brilliant products that you might not need, but they would certainly make your life and of those around you a little more fun and hilarious.

Peep in through our shelves, find some unique products and surprise your beloved one!

Get inspired by our wonderfully quirky collection and never give a boring gift again! Shop for unusual and funny gifts for men, women or your girlfriend and make them smile! Don't forget, you are at the most quirky store to buy funny gifts in India!

Go ahead! Happy Shopping!



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