Any space can be dressed up with the right lamp that goes with the already existing decor of the place. It is the best way to make any place super artsy with the right kind of light or lamp. Find just the lamp to deck up your room here!

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Good lighting adds to the charm that any house has to offer. You have to admit, tasteful lighting goes a long way in making your décor look even better. Whether it's big chandeliers, small decorative lamps, standing floor lamps, T light holders- the right lamp really does the trick of taking your home's interior design up a notch! Of course, it illuminates dark spaces that are in need of light but it does wonders for the entire ambience too. At bigsmall, we have some of the finest lights and lamps for you. They're all creative and one of a kind lighting options and are sure to make you receive tons of praise from your guests and any company that comes over to visit!

If you're looking to buy lamp online or you're on the search for unique table lamps online in India, you need to check out our impressive range of lighting options. Find unique standing lamps online, hanging lamps online, T light holders, reading lights, decorative lamps...we've got a ton of the coolest gifting ideas for you.

If you're looking for an easy way to make your living room to look classier without investing much, a soft table light or a T Light holder can do just the trick for you. You wouldn't even have to empty your wallet. For your study room or work desk too, a soft reading light can work well at making reading easier, along with bringing up the classy look of the room. Any space can be dressed up with the right lamp that goes with the already existing decor of the place. It is the best way to make any place super artsy with the right kind of light or lamp.

A great way to add a soft glow to your bedroom is placing this DIY Blocks Lamp on your bedside table! It is an innovative lamp like no other! It comes with building blocks and a base. Once you start to stack blocks on the base, they begin to light upon coming in contact with each other. With these blocks, you can build virtually anything, whether it’s a robot or building...whatever you like! A wonderful item to have right beside you the next time you have trouble falling asleep.

If you're having a hard time coming up with ideas to decorate the nursery, worry no more. Decoration has now been made easy with this soft, calming cloud lamp. It is the perfect baby shower gift too. Its soft light is just perfect to provide a soft and soothing glow to your toddler's room. It can be placed on a bedside table or it can be hung up on a wall. It is incredibly adorable to look at and is fully functional in emitting a lovely, soft glow. If you're looking for other ways to adorn your child's room, this flamingo lamp is great to start. Its bright pink colour and attractive design are sure to delight any kind. Furthermore, it fits in easily with any décor! Just place it on your kid's table or hang it on the wall and voila- it gives the room a whole new appearance.

Who doesn’t love unicorns? These beautiful, magical creatures are adored by one and all. If you're a unicorn lover or you're friends with someone who is, this Unicorn light is a must have! In the shape of the mystical creature that the unicorn is, this light glows up any room it is placed in and gives it a whole, new cheery atmosphere.   

Another amazing gifting idea is this Rechargeable bottle cork light. A minimal gift, indeed, it is easy to use. All one has to do is place the cork shaped light in any bottle and gaze in amazement as the bottle lights up. Not only is this light mesmerizing to look at, it makes for the perfect gift for someone who is passionate about saving the environment as it encourages one not to throw away old bottles and instead get more us out of them!

Housewarming gift ideas Online

If you're on the quest to find unique housewarming gifts for someone you know, we have some of the coolest options for you. Check out this Lamp with LED Stars! This lamp is just the delightful little lamp to gift to anyone! One, it looks heavenly when lit up. Two, its size is just right and it can fit just about anywhere. Three, its soft glimmer gives your place a completely fresh view!

You could also get this Wooden T Light Holder. It is a candle holder and makes for a great present. It can fit up to 3 candles or even lights and is just what you need to add classiness to your décor. Its wooden make gives it a rustic feel and makes it look like a quaint, little decorative item- one that your place really needs! If you want to go the green way, check out some cool eco-friendly diyas online.

Our Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp is just fascinating to look at. It merges the beauty of the breathtakingly gorgeous Eiffel tower along with the simple charm of LED Lights. It is vibrantly colourful and an excellent way to give your room a much-needed glow!

If you're looking for photo frames online, check out this Wooden Home Photo Frame. Fit a family picture into this pretty frame that says 'home is where the heart is' and place it anywhere in your home. The charm of the photo along with the creative frame will definitely make you smile each time you look at it!

The best kind of gifts are creative gifts. This Diwali, you could get some of the coolest gifting ideas for presents for your friends and family on bigsmall. Check out this Ganesh Lantern that is made with love out of handcrafted paper and can fit in any kind of bulb. The glowing silhouette of Ganesh looks absolutely beautiful and can make even the dullest of rooms seem exquisite. Bigsmall is full of similar quirky budget-friendly giftsDiwali decoration items, and lantern patterns.

If you're in need of birthday gift ideas for wife or the best birthday gift for girlfriend, this Buddha T Light holder can adorn your home as soon as it is lit up. It can be used for return gifts too and makes for the perfect, affordable gifts within Rs. 2000.

At bigsmall, you can find a bunch of cool ice trays online. These can be used to store ice or to mold chocolates as well. We've got ice trays in the design of batman, the shape of guns, guitars, shark fins...all you could imagine and maybe even more!

Gifts Store in India

Our online store is a unique gifts shop in India. We believe that the best gifts are those that are set apart from the conventional plethora of gifts that are available online. Whether you'd like to find gifts for friends online or you're looking to send Rakhi gifts for sister who stays away, we are the best gift store to come to. We have creative, quirky gifting ideas for people of all ages and all kinds of personalities and will also help you deliver your gift in a special wrapper. For Christmas, we have a unique Christmas gift wrap with all things winter and cozy and for Diwali, we have bright and colorful gift wraps.

FAQs For Lamps & Lights

What size of the shade should I consider for my lamp?

If your lamp base is square measure diagonally and if it's round measure across, now multiply that width by two and you will get the appropriate width for your lampshade. One-third of the total height of the lamp is considered an appropriate length for the lampshade.

Should I choose light pointing up or pointing down?

It purely depends on the space you want to illuminate. If the area is large, an upward-facing light will cover more area, but if the space is small a downward-facing light will do the trick.

Is it ok to leave LED lights on overnight?

It is ok to leave a LED light on overnight as the heat output is very low. Although sleeping with bright lights on may disrupt your sleep behaviour.

What is the best height for wall-lights?

Ideally, wall lights are placed at eye level hence 5.5 to 6 feet is suggested. But, consider adjusting the lights according to the average age of the household members.

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