Friendship Day Gifts

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There is, perhaps, nothing on this Earth, to be more prized than true friendship. Friendship is like gold dust; it's hard to come by, but when it does, you should cherish it forever. Let your friends know just how much you cherish the sacred bond of friendship with unique gifts that they'll cherish just as much.

Friendship Day is almost there - it's time to start scratching your head for gift ideas for best friend. Friendship bands may have a nostalgic feel to them, but for a relationship such as friendship - they alone don't quite do justice. Such a unique relationship deserves a gift just as unique.

This Friendship Day 2018, it's high time you get on with the times. Just a friendship band is not going to cut it - and neither can you take the easy way out with yawn-inducing gifts such as flowers, chocolates or regular cards. Gift your friend something out-of-the-box, a gift so unique they'll never have seen before, yet they'll wonder how they've been living life without it.

Now that all sounds great in theory, but how do you actually find a gift like that? Fortunately, you don't have to go down a mysterious dungeon or find the promised land for such a unique and creative gift. You're there already - send gifts online from the comfort of your home, at the click of a button, from

Gifts for Friends

Your best friend is the one who brings the best out of you. Similarly, they only deserve the best from you. Your gift ideas for friend's birthday, just like Friendship Day gift ideas, absolutely cannot be stale. 

Find a gift that suits your friend's likes - put some thought into your gifts. Our curation of meaningful friendship day gifts will help you show your friend how much they mean to you. Is your friend a big Guardians of the Galaxy fan? Then perhaps you could help make their desk's cute quotient rocket up with the Baby Groot Holder. Are they a Batman addict? The 3D Batman Mug will put a taste of Gotham into their coffee. A Game of Thrones enthusiast? The Game of Thrones Music Box will help them get goosebumps every time. Want to light up their life? The Infinity Mirror Lamps do that better than anything else. Do they love reading at night but don't like darkness? The Astronaut USB Night Light will bring to them galactic light. Football freak? The Football Shoe Mug is what they should be sipping out of. Superhero in the kitchen? The Superhero aprons are the need of the hour.

Best friendship is something so special and precious, it's hard to explain in words. You adore them like no one else, but there's a different way to express your adulation. Everything has to be the opposite. You don't say hi, good morning to greet them - you choose the choicest of curse words as your means. Similarly, the perfect gift may not be about making things hunky dory for them - it could be about making them absolutely miserable. It's hard to explain why, but that's just how best friendship works. Looking for funny gifts for best friends? Look no further.

Want to disgust their inner senses? The 3D Toilet Mug will help you do just that. Do they have a short temper? The Anger Management Coffee Mug will let you convey that message in the most hilarious way imaginable. Do they get creeped out at the mere mention of the supernatural? Then the Flying Ghost Skeleton could rip their wits to shreds, with its motion and audio sensors and in-built scary noises. Or perhaps you could provoke some ewws with the fake poop - which looks just like the real deal.

Unique Gift Ideas for Friends

You know your best friend from A to Z - you can read him like the book, you know his likes from the back of your hand. You may have the best gift ideas, but now it needs execution. have you covered - with gift ideas for female friends and gift ideas for male friend alike.

On a budget? No need to worry - more so than the gift itself, it's the thought behind the gift that counts. also have gifts within 500 rs - gifts just as quirky and sure to dazzle your friends.  Are they frequent cooks, but hate the tears onions bring? Then the No Tears Onion Glasses are the perfect fit for them. Math whiz? They could get cracking with the Sudoku Toilet Roll. Star Wars fan? The Death Star mould will put an indelible smile on their face.

Looking for the best gifts under 1000 rs? Look no further - we've got the most unique gifts in town, to fit your price range.

Unique Gifts Store In India

Gifts have started to become monotonous - regular cards, chocolates, flowers, you get the gist. These gifts not only show a distinct lack of creativity on your part, they also show that you don't really care about your relationship with the recipient. Show that you care with creative gifts that'll be memorable both for you and for the recipient. is at your disposal - our collection of fun gifts will help you put a smile on the face of the recipient. You can send gifts all across India - send gifts to Mumbai, gifts to Delhi, Bangalore - and even non-metropolitan cities, with our extensive shipping areas and on-time delivery.

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