Ice Trays

Bored of regular, old cubes of ice? Looking for a way to spice up your ice? Browse through our incredibly creative and unique ice trays in entirely new shapes and designs here! For more unique products, hit the unique gifts collection.

Ice trays are one of the most sought-after products used in every household and workplace. Ice is an essential part of all our beverages. Be it ice tea, cold coffee, a shake, lemonade or Beer, there is no fun without ice. Whether the main objective is chilling or adding right proportion to your drinks, ice is the favourite resort for all the family gatherings, kitty parties or even some grand celebration.The regular ice cube, however, gets boring if you have to use the same shape every now and then. But, what if you get some unique shaped ice cube trays to freeze the water and get amazing shapes instead of the cubes? Won’t they add a little fun

The regular ice cube, however, gets boring if you have to use the same shape every now and then. But, what if you get some unique shaped ice cube trays to freeze the water and get amazing shapes instead of the cubes? Won’t they add a little fun and equally nice appearance to your drink?

No, it’s not a joke. At, every unique thing is a reality and so are these unique ice trays.


You might wonder what could be amazing about the ice shapes in the drinks. After having a glimpse at the cool ice trays, you’d want to own them all and witness the adventure right in front of your eyes.

Bigsmall offers a range of unique and unusual ice trays for your home or parties. And the best part of most of these trays is that they can be used not just for freezing ice but also to freeze chocolates, and bake desserts.So if you’ve been planning to buy a silicon mould tray for your specials chocolates, bring your search for silicon ice tray online to an end as these trays do it for you! Be it ice trays for freezer or silicone ice tray moulds, you'll find all the best ice cube tray for refrigerator at Get the best ice tray box online at your favourite store. 


If you’ve been searching for unique gift ideas for homemaker mother or wife of yours, ice trays are the right choices. For a  mother who adores the polar animals, gift her a polar ice mould on her upcoming birthday. A combo of a penguin and a polar bear, if brings both the poles together right into your drinks. A ring ice tray is a gift you could give to your wife on her birthday or anniversary and awaken the romance by proposing her in a royal style- putting the ring in her drink. Maybe not jewel, but these ice ring would do similar wonders for you! And if water gets a little boring, freeze the chocolate and present her a chocolate ring! As much as the girls love rings, they love chocolate too!

Bullet shaped ice cubes, skulls, and crossbones moulds are funny presents for friends if they love swag in every little thing they do or have. A crossbones and skull ice in someone’s glass who gets scared at the mere mention of the word ‘horror’ will undoubtedly be your best game.

Rakhi is not so far and if you are wondering about Rakhi gifts for sister you’d give her this year, a guitar ice tray is an apparent choice. If she has a taste for music, floating guitar and notes in her drink would bring a smile on her face. What’s more, the guitar of the mould can even be used to stir her drink too!


Searching for a unique idea is difficult. And when you are on a budget, it seems impossible to get a nice present to give your friend or family on their special days. Put a break on the gifts( tie, earrings, perfume, etc) that might be crossing your mind. Because there is a unique and quirky collection of inexpensive gifts online at bigsmall waiting for you to be explored. And the best part is- it’s all under 500 bucks!

Ice trays are not the first thing that strikes as a gift when you browse. And that is the very reason they turn out to be a really nice present to give away. Available in different shapes, they go well with the personality of the receiver and prove to be a utility for their homes too!

If you are a brother searching for unique gifts store online in India, for a Rakhi gift for your sister or a friendship day present for your squad, ice trays can be your solution. For a person who loves video games and enjoys solving puzzles, Tetris block mould is a nice little budget gift. Freeze the water for the lemonade or a chocolate bar for the occasion, you could do both in this silicone mould. 

If you live in the US and want to send gifts to India from the USA for your family or friends, you have reached the right site. Gift your pals at home polar or stone cold ice tray and send them your love from the opposite side of the world. With, distances really do not matter as we do our share to convey your affection for you!


Occasions like housewarming put everyone in a dilemma. Whether it’s your family member who bought a new home, a colleague or a friend, housewarming gifts are your offering for their happy lives. There is no need to search for these housewarming gifts online or offline as these trays at are a pretty amazing gift you could give to the newly moved-ins!

If you are the host and searching for housewarming return gifts online, ice moulds could do you a trick. Sphere moulds, four shooter moulds or shark moulds, every tray would add fun and newness to their drinks.

There’s a bachelor pad coming up and all your friends are gathering to bid adieu to a friend’s bachelorhood? What is the better way to celebrate this occasion than some beer and whisky! And what are better gift ideas for bachelor pad than the sphere moulds, four shooter ice shots, and Batman moulds!

If your daughter starting her first job and you are searching for a perfect first job gift ideas for her, then what’s better than to offer her a chilled drink with floating snowman! All the exertion of the work would be turned into a refreshing experience every day!


Rakhi isn’t far away and you must be wondering about the gift to give to your brother. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Brother. Rakhi has become so synonymous to gifting sisters that brothers, at times, stay behind. But if you wanna acknowledge your little sibling for filling your life with colours and fun-filled experiences, then finding unique rakhi gifts for the younger brother of yours and make his face smile wide.

You don’t have to search for Rakhi gifts online because at, you’ll find them all on our shelves. For your little one who loves to drink cold drink more than he should, give him these unique shaped ice trays to add to his favourite beverage. Skull and crossbones tray, or a guns and bullet ice cubes or the gin titonic tray for his drink mania! And there’s also guitar-shaped ice cubes tray for music loves that you can gift your brother if he loves music and would love to enjoy floating notes in his drinks.

So, whatever be the occasion, select through the various ice trays and gift your near and dear ones a unique way to transform their drinks!!!

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