Beating Heart Wall Clock

Beating Heart Wall Clock

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Skipped a beat? 

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Ever counted your Heartbeat? Ever realised the importance of a beating heart? Well, this time with the beating heart wall clock you can do both! Marvel at the beauty of life God has created and experience your heartbeat reflected in the beat of the clock. The heart pounding every second is your call to appreciate your life, and understand the importance of time at every instance.The clock, based on the illusionary effect of moire pattern, makes the heart beat every second just like it's hand. The 12" diameter heart clock is a perfect gift to present your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse as your token of love, telling its only for them that your heart beats. What more, its a buddy for all those people who are recklessly in love!

  • Beating heart illusion wall clock
  • Designed on moire pattern
  • Material: Aluminium, Plastic
  • Beating heart signifies each passing second
  • Size: 12" Diameter
  • Runs on 1 type D battery

Package Includes:
1 x The Beating Heart Clock (battery not included)


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