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If you're on the hunt to find a wedding gift that will leave any couple in awe, you've come to the right place. Romantic lights, adorable ring holders, amorous sheets- we've got a whole bunch of options for you. Get inspired by these unique wedding gift ideas and find a gift that will be as perfect as the lucky couple. Slip something you want for yourself in your partner's cart...we swear we won't tell anyone.

Find unique wedding gift ideas here at bigsmall. Our quirky and cool wedding gifts are sure to be out of the box. Discover and Shop 100+ Unique Wedding Gifts and find the perfect wedding gift. Get wedding Gift Ideas and find something special for the lovely couple with these unique wedding gifts. Find wedding gifts for going to be wife & husband, or for recently married couples.

Wedding Gifts Online

It’s your friend’s wedding and you are looking for best wedding gifts online but can’t seem to decide what to buy. After all, it’s a special day for your friend and you want to give them unique gifts for weddings. Something they’ll love at first sight and something they swear they’ll use either as a decoration or as a day to day product. Wedding gifts for friends is not that hard to find if you know what they like. If they are a sports fan, get them something related to their favourite sport or if they love their beauty routine as they love you, get them some unique beauty products.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding gift ideas for best friend are comparatively easy to find as you know them inside out. But you still want the gift to be perfect to the last T, from the colour of the gift to the print of the wrapping paper. As there are many different rituals in any Indian wedding, you can give various small gifts to your friend or sibling over the span of all the different rituals rather than giving a big gift on the main wedding day. After all they are your partners in crime, you can spoil them a little. For sangeet gift for female friend you can give her something related to the ritual itself, like a Bluetooth Speaker with Lamp for the first party she throws after getting hitched. If you are searching for mehndi gift for fiancé you can shop by personality, like gift for entrepreneur or gift for a photographer. If your co-worker is finally settling down chances are, you’ll attend only the main function. Reception gift for co-worker should be something as special as they are, a unique lamp will definitely help them in decorating their new home with lots of warm light. Sending your friend into the wedding bliss with a full-scale party is trendy nowadays. Bachelor/Bachelorette party gifts for friend are as important as a party, remember to choose something funny and light-hearted. If you are the one organizing the party, make sure to get quirky party stuff to make it more fun. While searching for engagement gift ideas for men it is difficult to find something truly unique and different than all the mainstream gifts. You can always go by what they like, if they are a traveller at heart get them quirky travel essentials or if they are a blogger get unique gifts for blogger.

Buy All Kinds of Gifts Online At is your all stop destination for any kind of gifts whether it be birthday gift for girls, Father’s Day gifts onlinecute socks for men or babyshower gift for wife. Anniversary gifts for female friend are easier to find than you think. You can get them beautiful jewellery if they like dressing up or if it's their silver jubilee, get them a special 25th anniversary gift to celebrate the special day. Check out bigsmall for more unique anniversary gift ideas. Corporate gift ideas for co-worker are a bit difficult as you want to get them a gift that suits their position, their relationship with you and something they like. We have a range of corporate gifts; you can also get a gift for all your employees. We’ve worked with brands such as Google, Shemaroo, Uber, Indigo etc. to name a few. We provide bulk purchasing solution with customization as well. Anniversaries are always special events and we believe that likewise, wedding anniversary gifts should also be special. Whether you are looking for groomsmen gifts, bridesmaid gifts, or wedding anniversary gifts by year, we have all kinds of marriage gifts under one roof. – Unique fun and quirky gifts online

Buy gifts online in India with ease now. All you have to do is go online and choose a unique gift that is appropriate for the occasion or suits the recipient. Home and lifestyle gifts also available, whether you want to decorate your place or want to get a housewarming present for the friend who just moved in. Now you can also get personalised gifts in just a few clicks. Just choose the text or picture you want to use and you’ll have a truly unique gift. Be it a golden or silver jubilee anniversary, we have an amazing collection for that too and if you want baby shower presents, we've got you covered there too. 


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FAQs related to gifts on wedding

Do people give gifts at every function of an Indian wedding?

Indian weddings have a lot of different functions including Mehndi and Sangeet etc. People usually get a gift for the couple on the main wedding function. Most people attend on that day and the hosts reserve a sperate time slot for exchanging gifts and meeting all the attendees.

What is the best gift for a wedding?

Money is an acceptable gift for a wedding, as it allows the couple to buy anything of their own choice. But, giving decorative home décor pieces like lamps or kitchen items is also acceptable.

Do you bring gifts for a wedding?

If it is specifically mentioned by the hosts to not bring any gift, monetary or otherwise, then no you don’t need to bring gifts for a wedding. But if nothing like that is mentioned in the wedding invitation, you can bring gifts.

What should I get my friend as a wedding gift?

As you know your friend well, getting something that they like is important. If you want to make sure that you get them something they’ll definitely like and use, ask them personally what they want. That way you won’t have to think that hard and you can be sure that they will like it.

What is a good last-minute wedding gift?

As a last-minute alternative, you can always go for a personalized gift for the couple. Or if you are in a time crunch, choose a gift related to the hobby that they both are passionate about. It can be cooking, gardening, photography, etc.

What is the best gift for a newly married couple?

There's a high chance that the newly married couple moved together to a new place, so you can give a gift for their new house. It can be a decorative piece or any essential item that they require. If you are close to the couple, you can always ask them if they need anything for their new abode.


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