Photo Frame and Wooden Frames

What's your favorite way of expressing love? Framing your memories and showcasing them in your homes is the one of the good ones. Photo frames make space look more put together and complete. From table frames to wall frames there are plenty of options to choose from. To make the room more personal, a personalized frame is a great option. They also act as amazing gifts for special occasions. From natural wood picture frames to resin frames we have it all, browse on to find what fits your taste.

Decorative Photo Frames

Photo frames are a great way to make your home decor more beautiful, whether you put in a black and white picture or choose to leave the frame empty. You can also place a mirror inside a frame to make the area look bigger. Frames really make your walls more personal and decorative. Splurge in them a little and see how it changes the feel of the room.

Photo Frames Online

If you are planning to change the look of your living room or your bedroom, you need unique photo frames. Photo frames for wall are always a budget-friendly way to make the room a little bit more personal and tasteful. You can find plenty of wooden photo frames online, from light coloured wood to dark coloured wood. Black and white picture goes best with wooden frames and a coloured wall. You can also leave a few frames empty, remember the yellow frame in Monica's apartment?

Photo Frame Gifts

If you want an anniversary gift for friends, you should look into photo frames for couples. You can place a picture of the couple inside to make it more personal or get them a personalized portrait instead. A bit unconventional gift but it is worth every penny for it a unique and thoughtful gift. There are several types of photo frames like single photo frames, multiple photo frames, wooden picture frames, light wood picture fames, custom wood picture frames, etc. You should choose what fits your decor the best and what will make the wall or table look more complete. Kids photo frames are a great addition to the kids' room, you can put in pictures of them growing up. Making a DIY frame is also a great bonding activity.

Home Decor Products in India has bundles of unique home decor products and quirky lifestyle products that you can browse through. From unique lamps to posters, there are plenty of choices if you want to step up your decoration game. Getting photo frames for friends as housewarming gifts are really thoughtful. If you are close to them you can ask them for the style or colour of their walls for a better-suited frame.


Photo Frame by Relationship or Personality

Photo Frame Gift Ideas

For Mother

Mother’s Day Personalized Wooden Print Frame, Punjabi Mom Poster with Frame, Supermom Poster with Frame

For Father

Father’s Day Personalized Wooden Frame, Best Dad Ever Personalized Wooden Frame

For Brother

Best Brother Personalized Wooden Frame, Slave to Coffee Poster with Frame

For Sister

Best Sister Personalized Wooden Frame, Girl Boss Mini Wooden Frame, Coffee Poster with Frame

Vintage Lover

Vintage Bone Shaped Photo Frame, DIY Ferris Wheel Photo Frame, Vintage Pistol Photo Frame

Funny Frame

Dance Poster with Frame

Travel Lover

World Map Corkboard with Frame, Wanderlust Photo Hanging Wooden Board


FAQs for Photo Frame

How to stick a photo frame to the wall?
Depending on the material and weight of the frame you can use a nail or double-sided tape to fix it to the wall.

What are the different types of picture frame?
There are various types of photo frames available in the market like canvas print frame, tabletop frames, deep-set frames, photo holders etc.

Should picture frames match in a room?
If you are going for a contemporary look, no the picture frames should not match. For a uniform look go for the same material and colour but different shape and style. But, in the end, it comes down to preference so do what you like the best.


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