Unique Gifts For Friends (Friendship Day 2021)

Fill your friend's day with happiness and laughter as you give him/her an idiotic, funny and lovable gift for birthday, anniversary, friendship's day or any other day for that matter. Express yourself to this maniac and let him know how much you love him and cannot stay in this dreadful world without him/her beside you. Have fun with him play pranks and live life to the fullest with these products to aid you in your mission without a fail!

Online Gifts for Friends

Friendship is a bond to rejoice. A bond unlike others where there are no restrictions, and no limitations. Friends listen to your cribbing. They pester you continuously unless and until you yield in submission. They are the people who mock you, irritate you, and embarrass you in public, broadcasting your crazy stuff to others. But, they are also the people who would come to your rescue on a single call, they would not think twice before risking their lives for you whenever the need arises. They will fight against the world for you. They would stand by your side in public even if you are wrong and scold you for your wrong deeds in private.

Unique Friendship Day Gifts Online in India


Gift Ideas

Gifts for a blogger friend

Decision Maker Paperweight, LED Lamp

Gifts for long distance bestie

Wearable Nail Polish Holder, Spa Socks, Heart Shaped Umbrella

Gifts for Instagram users

Dumbbell Water Bottle, Table Foot Hammock, Insta Camera Mug

 Gift ideas for best friend

3D Poop Mug, Funny Bottle Openers, 

Gifts for friend who is moving away

Baby Groot Holder, Hanging Pull Light Bulbs


Looking for some hilarious stuff for your best buddies? Shop for funny gifts for friends such as the muscle coffee mug or the creepy pigeon mask only at bigsmall.in. Tickle their funny bones with gifts like fake poop or the Toilet Pot Keychain. It’s this bond which makes it difficult to express your feeling for your friends. You don’t understand how to start and what to start with. And when you are uncertain about how to thank your buddy, the option is to convey your gesture through gifts for friends or friendship gifts. So, why not make this tiny action a little more profound?
We at bigsmall.in understand how important friendship is to you. We realize the emotions between every sarcastic sentence, the love between every abuse and joy between every tantrum. And keeping all these emotions in mind, we bring to you a wide range of gift ideas for friends to make your pal feel special.

Discover great gifts for online friends like the Eiffel Tower bottle lamp or the foldable storage basket. You can also gift them some out of the box presents such as a walking man wall clock or a batman audio splitter. Get the most unique best friend gifts for the unique person that your friend is.

Searching gifts for your office squad is a tough game. Often your frantic search results in the boring usual choices such as flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, perfumes, etc. Fret no more because you are at the house of quirky yet awesome gifts. Browse our web store and buy creative gifts for female friends such as the wearable nail polish holder or the heart audio splitter and get the best unique gifts for a friends birthday.

You can also choose amazingly innovative gifts for male friends by dropping a visit our gifts for guys section. A beard bib or a dumbbell water bottle will surely make your fellow smile and will make for cool gifts for friends.

Unique Range of Friendship Day Gifts 2021 at Bigsmall

Friends are the ones you can count on to. They are the ones who comfort you when you are sad and have fun with you when you are glad. With Friendship Day just being a few months away, we are proud to present a unique range of the most innovative and fantastic gifts online.

What if your dearest friend is a superhero enthusiast? Shop for 3D Hulk Fist mug, the superhero apron, the Flash metallic logo keychain and other fabulous friendship day gifts for best friend at bigsmall.in.

Choosing gifts for men is much of an intellectual challenge. You’re utterly confused with the same old choices available everywhere. Buy ingenious friendship day gifts for guys such as an astronaut mobile stand or a wine glass with straw at our bizarre bazaar!

Your prankster friend will be amazed by our wacky gifts such as the chewing gum magnets or the Funny guy fanny pack! Gift your Potterhead friend a Golden Snitch Necklace Watch and get him to do your work right away! The winter is coming: a reminder to a GOT freak of a friend through a Jon Snow 3D Funko POP Action Figure is what you need to gear yourself up of the next big adventure. If your friend is a messy fellow, gift him/her cord winders or stationary holder to help keep things a bit tidy and maybe you’ll maintain some order in the room as well! Make your friends life easier by getting them quirky face masks for the quarantine. Buy a pair for yourself and you both can match. Matching pair of face masks will make for unique birthday gifts for best friend.

Your boyfriend is not only the affectionate soulmate but also your true confidant and perhaps your biggest partner in crime. Buy friendship day gifts for boyfriend from our out of the box category. Surprise him with an ostrich pillow or a set of chilling cubes and see him melting into a smile. 

On a similar note, girlfriends also deserve their share of surprise for being the classy, chirpy and caring individuals they are. Win over her heart all over again by gifting her a mermaid tail blanket or a heart umbrella. Browse for other unusual friendship day gifts for girlfriend at our unique online store. If your friend just turned 18 and you are looking for 18th birthday gifts for friends, bigsmall.in is the place to be. With so many quirky options available, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Shop by person

Gifting has been generic for way too long now, and we at Bigsmall.in endeavor to change that and revive the lost art of gifting by adding the personal touch to each gift box delivered ensuring miles of smiles. We source quirky, fun products specific to the personality of the giftee such as traveler, geek, unicorn crazy, superhero fan, minion lover, sports nut, etc. Be it funky passport holders, to travel neck pillows, or Unicorn Plush Slippers, we have something for everyone. While you plan a vacation with your special someone, don’t forget to stock up on cool travel essentials! Fun gifts for geeks and entrepreneurs, or for the friend who is convalescing after a bout of illness are just a couple of clicks away. 

Best Gifts at Bigsmall

Bigsmall is the house of strikingly innovative, quirky and unique gifts in India. Birthdays, anniversaries, father’s dayhousewarmings or even April fool’s day, we have something unusual in the store for all your special occasions.

 We offer fast and easy gift delivery in all Indian cities. With over 2000 serviceable pin codes all across the country, you can easily send gifts to Mumbai or experience express gift delivery in Delhi.

At bigsmall.in, we value the warmth of emotions. We understand that a little thoughtfulness, a sense of amazement and an odd touch of humor go a long way in determining the meaning behind your gifts. As we rightly like to call ourselves the house of eccentric presents, you are sure to discover something out of the box every time you visit our online gift shop. 

We deliver smiles through our unique bundles of joy packed with utmost care and perfection. So stop thinking and start ordering amusing delights for all your near and dear ones. Happy Shopping!!!


1. What are the tips to find the perfect gift for someone?

Figure out what the receivers interest are and plan your gift according to that. If you can, try giving them a gift of experience like a date, a day at the amusement park or escape room etc.

2. What gift we can give to our friends?

Show some love to your friends this year by giving them personalized gift. It will be a gift like no other and will a very thoughtful and personal gift.

3. What is the best gift for a friend to surprise him on his birthday?

Planning a surprise birthday party for your friend? Don't forget to prepare a surprise birthday gift too. If you're looking for Birthday Gifts For Friends, look no further for we have the best curated collection of quirky birthday gifts. If you are on a budget, check our birthday gifts under 500 and birthday gifts under 1000 for gifts that don't burn a hole in your pocket.


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