Spiritual Gifts

The quirkiest, and most sensational Spiritual Gifts Collection is here to accompany you on your everyday quests! Bring home your idols from this splendid collection and include the lovely addition to your mandirs or gift one to your parents, or well, your spiritual friend.

Spiritual Gifts for Peace and Harmony in Your Home

Our lives are spectacularly entangled with so many ups and downs. And we do look up to that guiding force for our spiritual fulfilment and internal peace, don't we? We all do. Be it for that exam we are scared to take or that driving test we really don't want to give; we always look up to our dear God. It is for that love and connection with the almighty that we brought you this spiritual gifts collection! Of all the spiritual gifts online, this collection has some really fascinating gifts. Either you are looking for spiritual gifts for men in your life, or for the women, we have covered all bases. You are bound to love them enough for gifting spiritual gifts for the birthday of your Maa or Papa.

Don't miss out on spiritual gifts for your family

Are you looking for spiritual gifts for friends? Or your parents? Well, the Buddha Incense Burner is an absolute steal from the Incense Burners collection! What's more, you could never go wrong with Little Hanuman Bobblehead or Little Krishna Bobblehead from the Bobbleheads & Action Figures Collection. The best spiritual gifts online in India, these ones would make them smile, undoubtedly.

Gift Items for Religious Purposes: Why give them?

What do you think is spiritual gifts meaning? When we categorize them, the characteristics of spiritual gifts is nothing more than the trust and devotion we put in our God and how we express that. Now don't go on asking what are spiritual gifts and what is their purpose because it's all the same: straight from the heart, to make the other person smile and at the same time recognize their devotion for their Lord which cannot be expressed better, than with the Laxmi and Ganesh Hologram Lamp from our unique Lamps Collection.

Buy Religious Spiritual Traditional Gifts Online

We have for you an amazing spiritual gifts list to choose your favorite from. The varied and quirk of the spiritual gifts that you would find in this collection here at Bigsmall is truly unique. It offers you your devotion along with the twist of newness and awesomeness. So don't keep waiting. Scroll down the collection and choose and grab yours!

FAQs for Spiritual Gifts

Why are spiritual gifts important?

Well, if you are someone who feels guided by their love and devotion for God then these adorable lil ones are meant for you. They will make an irreplaceable space in your hearts and mandirs, for sure. They're important because they directly reach the hearts of the person who gets them. 

Does everyone have at least one spiritual gift?

Well, if we talk about gifted people and their spiritual gifts of course we all have some special traits that we may or may not choose to develop but when we talk about the gifts we are within the reach to buy, we can have as many as we want! So yes, go on, have four, fix or six spiritual gifts if you like, we'd root for you!

What are the 15 spiritual gifts?

Gifting someone something, recognizing their spirituality is precious. Spiritual gifts could include figurines of Gods like Goddess Maa Laxmi Miniature Figurine or whichever God one believes in, incense burners, Yin Yang art, even books like Mindfulness, Gemstones with therapeutic traits, Buddha wall art, or the very magical Back-Flow Buddha Incense Burner, God or Goddess Statue, Healing Crystals, essential oils, stone lanterns, or salt lamps, candle holders like Tribal Antique Tealight Candle Holders, paintings of the Lord, prayer journals, Ganesha Statue, Ganesha Lapel Pin or Ganesha Metallic Luggage Tag. There are so many ideas to choose from! 


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