Rakhi & How The Trends Are Changing With Time!

Rakhi & How The Trends Are Changing With Time!

Rakshabandhan - a day dedicated to the pure relationship between a brother and a sister or just siblings in general, is one the most enthusiastically celebrated festival in India. Although the main tradition has remained the same, there are some trends that have evolved with time. From the style of rakhis to tying the sacred thread to other relations (other than a brother), there are a lot of modern touches to the traditional festival. Let's take a look at some of the prominent ones.


1. Sending Rakhi Online

We're sure you'll agree that times are changing and more often than not siblings are in different states or even different countries. Sometimes, people come back home and meet their families but other times, life happens and they can't be back for the celebrations. With the growing technology and vast connectivity, this problem is easily solved now. You can send rakhi online to your siblings and not miss out on the festive spirits. Sure you can't meet in person to tie the rakhi but it's still very meaningful and lovely.



2. Style Of Rakhi

Like traditions, rakhis are also going through a bit of transformation. The rakhi available nowadays can be worn even after Raksha Bandhan has come and gone. Take for example this Agate Natural Stone Rakhi, who would want to take it off after wearing it for just a few days? Not your sibling for sure.
With the ability to personalize almost anything and everything, personalized rakhis are also on the rise. Although all rakhis have their charms, nothing can beat a rakhi made specifically for the wearer.



3. Exchanging Gifts

Traditionally, brothers give gifts to their sister on the day of Rakshabandhan, but recently sisters are getting a rakhi gift for brother too. The gifts can range from travel gifts to personalized gifts, siblings usually ask each other what they want or get the gift as a complete surprise. Earlier, brothers used to give a monetary gift to their sisters but nowadays, quirky gifts are in trend. Unlike the time when you needed to scan every little nooks and corner of all the gift shops in the town for that perfect little gift, with so many products available online, it is usually easy to find exactly what you're looking for.



4. Tying Rakhi to Bhabhi

This tradition mainly originated in the state of Rajasthan, but it picked up the pace and has reached other Indian states too. A sister tying rakhi to their sister-in-law is as sweet as it gets. The rakhi is usually known as Lumba Rakhi and is a bit more colourful and traditional than the regular rakhis.
Other than this, sisters who don't have a brother usually tie the rakhi among themselves, as rakhi is ultimately a promise to protect and love your siblings.



If you're living somewhere far from your sibling and can't go see them for the festival, we highly recommend sending them a rakhi online so they don't miss out on your love this year. For the brother's who want to send rakhi gift for sister, we suggest sending a lovely or a sibling-esque note with it. We offer handwritten notes to go with the gifts for that personal touch and a little bit of extra love.

Wondering when is Rakhi this year? Raksha Bandhan 2023 falls on 30th August. So weather you want to check our new Rakhi trends or buy Raksha Bandhan ki rakhi, bigsmall.in is your one stop shop. Our team wishes you a very safe and wonderful Rakhi 2023!


Happy Shopping & most of all Stay Healthy & Stay Safe!

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