Gifts for New Moms

New mothers are not just new to their baby but are soon going to step into a completely new world where she'll be seen as a mother. This entry into a new phase of life can mean so many things and get overwhelming as well. In such times, new moms need the support of all their loved ones. While showing support with caring for the newborn and her, you should not forget to shower the new mother with creative, unique gifts for her to feel pampered with. After all that pain, she deserves an overflowing bucket of happiness and love. Check out this unique gifts for new moms collection and choose from a plethora of options because the millennial mom deserves nothing but the best! While this new mom holds her new found bundle of joy, buy her the perfect gift for appreciating her in the commencement of the new journey of her life.

Gifts for new moms

They say a lady forgets all the pains she endures in the process of childbirth when she sees her little one all hale and hearty. All that bone crushing pain becomes a distant memory when her little one clasps its little fingers around her own. While there are no words to describe the plethora of emotions that a young new mother experiences, the husband can surely convey his support & love for the pillar of his life through a range of thoughtful gifts for new moms. The Best gift ideas for a new mom cannot sadly come from just some brainstorming alone. However, you don't have to go searching webpages now because we have the perfect range of Gifts for new mom here. In India, the coming home of both mother & child is an occasion of great significance, the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of all the three involved. On your quest to search for the best gifts for new moms, consider gifting her a home neon light for when she walks in with her bundle of joy for the first time.

Right after giving birth, your wife would truly be exhausted in every sense of the word and wonders if her husband has any clue about the right gift ideas for new moms! Every doting husband would like to pamper his queen with every possible material comfort & an unending supply of love and hugs. We have got you sorted with great gifts for new moms after birth with an inflatable love balloon for reiterating the fact that you love her too much! Or maybe if she is into aromatherapy, consider gifting her super cool & functional incense burners, to calm her frazzled nerves. You may also get this multipurpose eye mask gift for the new mom, because chances are she hasn’t been sleeping much! If you are a relative wondering about the suitable gifts for new moms in hospital, we have got you covered on that front as well. Choose from a range of neck pillows, because let’s admit it gets a bit tiring for the new mom to sit for long periods on not-so-comfortable hospital beds. Even a 3D unicorn eye mask, if she believes in the magic of unicorns & the new chapter of life she has now embarked upon. If you feel like showering the new mom with luxurious gifts she definitely deserves considering her labor (pains) then don't hold back and buy from the Expensive Gifts for mom product range.

What a new mom should buy for herself?

If you are a new mom or an expectant one and are wondering where to find trendy new mom gifts then come and pamper yourself by choosing from our plethora of beauty gifts for new moms. You have always been a beauty queen & love to preen yourself, so why should now be any different? Make sure that your nails are always on fleek & done up nicely with a wearable nail polish holder for your favorite nail enamel. Those tired hands & feet deserve tonnes of pampering with spa gloves & moisturizing gel spa socks. A queen’s paraphernalia deserves a receptacle of equal stature. Consider investing in a queen jewelry holder or a holder box for organizing your jewelry. Ariel never stepped outside the realms of her kingdom without her make-up done right. Choose from a range of makeup brushes available on The millennial mom would never settle for the mundane, in case you are interested in looking up trendy new mother gifts, look no further my friend! Plan a babymoon, with hubby and baby in tow, go globetrotting. Stock up on travel essentials, with just go beaded passport cover or a wanderlust one! Remember to pack in an ostrich pillow for grabbing those precious forty winks on-flight! Your search for buying gifts to pamper new moms just ended with Pamper Yourself Gift Set which is inclusive of spa socks, a nail polish holder & a jewelry storage box. All your essentials sorted in one neat deal! If the new mom in question is a tea lover, then safe to say, she would love the glass teapot with ceramic infuser, which is truly a class apart! Also, remember to stay hydrated with really cute water bottles made with good quality plastic available at If you are in the family way or know someone who is expecting a visit from the stork, surely you would be looking up gifts for pregnant women. Consider gifting her a mermaid tail blanket, for days when she just wants to curl up in bed & read her favorite book or simply fall asleep. This blanket would also be great as gifts for new moms after birth so get more than one! Consider making a gift of lamps, such as infinity mirror heart lamp which would surely make her light up every time she looks at it. The real boss bed set can also be a humorous reminder of who truly is the boss & thereby deserves most of the bed space!

Mother’s Day Gifts

As they say once a girl becomes a mother nothing really stays the same. The once self-centered girl now sees the world through the eyes of her little one and puts him/her first for the rest of her life. Truly one can never thank mothers enough, but we can still make our emotions, love & regard for them felt through giving them heartfelt gifts. So your friend recently brought home a little angel. Looking up gift ideas for new moms? Search no further, consider gifting her a Wonder Woman Apron recognizing the superwoman she truly is… There is a collection of gifts to suit every budget needs, such as mother's day gifts under Rs. 500, and premium mother's day gifts. A new mom would have surely clicked tonnes of Polaroid pictures of her cherub, gift her a Wooden Logs Polaroid Photo Holder. Wondering about gifts for moms to be? Consider making a gift of the Face mask with Ear muffs for protecting her from all that is impure & harmful for baby & mom-to-be. Thoughtful gifts show that you truly love and care for your near & dear ones. If your baby is too small for gifting its own mother with something nice, maybe you as a doting husband can fill in the lacuna. We have got you covered on that front as well. There is no dearth of ideas for mother’s day gifts for new moms at Check out Queen of the Day inflatable crown to remind her that she is the queen of your heart now & forever.


Q1.What is the best gift for a new mother?

A new mother is overjoyed to the point of exhaustion. She deserves all the love and care surrounding her. Along with that, she definitely requires things around her which would make her time with her newborn easier and comfortable. She's new to this and that's why she needs a cheerleader to remind her that she's doing a great job! That's why, at Bigsmall you will find some useful gifts for new mom like this heart laser cut wooden diary which is non-toxic and perfect for the new mother to take any notes she keeps discovering new things about her little one! You can also bring some auspicious light to her room by gifting her this Ganesh lantern, best gift to bless the new mother's new journey.

Q2. What new parents really need?

New parents need a lot of guidance and support while they set out to become the world's most amazing parents but settle for being parents who kept their child alive. For such new parents trying to figure out the best ways to love and care after their new born baby, useful gifts play a better role than anything else. From a much needed eye and neck 2-in-1 pillow to an air humidifier to ensure no dry air issues in the room, you can gift creative and useful gifts to the new parents in town. You may not find many unique new parents' gifts elsewhere but at you can find the most comforting gifts that these new parents will not just appreciate but also use all the time! Just see our unique gifts collection to explore many more options yourself.

Q3. What do new moms really want?

New moms just want some sleep! Along with that they definitely need everything around them to be comfortable. From their pillows to their blankets; everything! That is why at bigsmall we have a huge collection of creative gifts for new moms as well which can help you be their favorite person because you gave them the gift they didn't want but needed! To provide that comfort to the new mothers we suggest you to shower them with some of these feet relaxing plush slippers. Once the feet are covered, don't forget to care for those tired eyes with these 3D plush frog eye mask or better yet, get the new mom this bigsmall nap head pillow which she will love to carry everywhere!

Bigsmall- Unique Gift Store for moms

Searching for gift ideas for the millennial mom, just got easier. She deserves something fun, quirky, functional & lovable & we at deliver exactly the same. Throw in a pinch of creativity, a dash of quirky, loads of love & voila! Tonnes of awesomeness delivered right at your doorstep!

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