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Power Nap Pillow

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Take a nap anywhere

Category: Unique Gifts
Sub-category: Travel Essentials

Soft jersey-like fabric is stuffed with silicone-coated micro-beads, creating a breathable compact cushion perfect for resting your head against. Because finding the right sleep position makes all the difference, the versatile design allows you to wear it as an elbow pad, a forearm guard, or a boxing glove that will knock you out. The ultra-portable pillow easily stows away in a purse or bag. The Power Nap pillow is a comfortable travel pillow that helps you get quality rest wherever you are.

  • Use it as a hand pillow
  • Must have travel essential
  • Available in various colors (Gray outside, yellow/red/blue/gray inside)
  • Use in various ways to rest your head.
  • Comfortable and washable

Package Includes:

1 x Power Nap Pillow



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