Unique Ways To Say I Love You

Unique Ways To Say I Love You

They say ‘Word is mightier than the sword’. But when it comes to expressing your love, words aren’t that mighty. You need to express your love through affectionate gestures and actions that can make them realise how much they mean to you. So, when you want to express your love to your loved ones, make sure it’s a lot more than just ‘I Love You’.

Say I love you to your family

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Our concept of expressing love is mainly limited to showing love and affection to our life partners. But we need to show our love to everyone that contributes in making our life as beautiful as it is, especially our family. As we grow up and start going to our colleges and workplace, we often start moving away from our family too. The busy schedule is what we blame it on but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it is also because of our ignorance to the small little things that our family does for you. Anyways, it is very important to show our love and affection to our family members and let them know how much value them. Here are a few unique way to say you love them without even saying it:-

  • Regular family outings - Family outings are one of the best ways to keep you and your family together. You should make it a regular habit to go out with them and enjoy your weekends. In this busy world, it’s very tough for people to stay connected with their families. You can go out for a movie every month and have some fun together or you can go for lunch or dinner together at a good family restaurant. Managing time out for your family is a great way to tell them how much you love them.

  • Spend time at home with your family - We often prefer spending our free time with friends and colleagues because we think it is more fun. But spending your holidays and free time with family helps you create a stronger bond with them. You can share your college or office stories with them and also get to hear their part. You will also get to learn a lot by listening to your parents’ experiences and wisdom regarding various spheres of life and also share a lot of experiences with your younger siblings. They say ‘a lot can happen over a cup of coffee’, well a lot can happen over a cup of tea with your family at home too.

  • Surprise them with a vacation - A surprise vacation always makes everyone happy. Plan a vacation to a beautiful hill station or a riverside town, book your tickets and let them know a day or two before going. But make sure, everyone is free at that time because you would not want to leave anyone at home when you are going for a vacation. Enjoy your holiday together at a far-off place where no one is worried about their work or studies. These vacations are a sure shot way to make your family feel loved.

  • Drive your siblings to their school or college - They say you’re very lucky if your sibling is your best friend. Drive your brother or sister to their school or college once in a while and let them know that you care about them. They must be going through a phase that you’ve been through 4-5 years back. Be frank to them, act like their friend, so they are comfortable in sharing their secrets with you. There is no better way to strengthen your love with your siblings than sharing secrets.


    Say I love you to your partner

    As important as it is to express your love and affection to your family, it is also important to keep showing your love to your life partner, be it your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. You need to make efforts to make your partner feel special, make them blush and woo their mind. A relationship should never get monotonous and, thus, you need to keep doing something different and keep taking it forward. You can always gift your partner unique valentines gifts but there are a lot of small, little things that you can do to make them feel loved and desired.

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    • Take your partner to places you’ve fond memories of together - The best way to let your partner know how much you love them is by remembering the moments you’ve spent together. Take your partner to where you both first met or where you had your first date or any other place that you both have gone together and try to relive those moments. It will make them feel how much you love and how you cherish the moments you have shared together.

    • Make your partner meet your family - Invite your partner over for lunch with your family. It is a big step but not that big if you are sure about your relationship, and bringing your partner over will also make her/him realise that how much you love and that how serious you’re about the relationship. It will also help strengthen your bond as a couple and ensure there are no insecurities in between.

    • A midnight walk won’t hurt your legs - Midnight walks are one of the most romantic things you can ever do with your partner. Talk to each other, talk about how you feel about them and how you see your future with them. Walk hand-in-hand on a beautiful starry night and let silence speak for your love.

    • A love letter never gets out of fashion - In this modern era of smartphones, it is very easy to express your love by sending a text or just dialling a number. Go some extra mile, make some effort and write a letter to your partner expressing your love. Write things you love about her and how she means the world to you. The happiness that a letter will bring to your partner will be a lot more than what you can give to her with a thousand texts.


    These are some of the few ways that can help you express your love to your loved ones without actually saying them ‘I Love You’. There are a lot more things you can do to make them feel loved and there is no hard and fast rule to it. Show them that you care for them, always be there for them and keep letting them know that you love them.

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