Decision Maker Paperweight - Dell

Decision Maker Paperweight - Dell partnered up with Dell, to provide Decision maker paperweight as a Corporate Gift. 

This cool decision maker paperweight is a fun gadget that combines the serious business of decision making an interesting one! Unconventional choices are labelled on the base, spin away to decide your fate. Set the ball rolling in your favour with this ultra cool gadget!


The Decision-maker paperweight was embellished with laser branding at the top of the roulette head. Decisions include: yes, no, go for it, chill, 100%, work hard, no chance, try again, why not. It is made of good quality chrome plated solid iron. entertains corporate enquiries for our curation of unique corporate gifts for employees, with customizable logo and text branding on products available. For corporate queries, contact us on +919899309888 or drop an email on 


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