10 Unique Rakhi Gifts for Brothers - 2017

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Rakshabandhan is all about love, protection and the gifts, of course! And who loves you more than the one you grew up and shared the house with. This year, gift that special guy something extraordinary. Gift your “bro” something delightful and fun with our selected range of Rakhi gift ideas for brothers. Cherish your beautiful bond like no other.

Finding Rakhi gifts for brothers just got easier. Look no further, Bigsmall has got some cool and quirky Rakhi gifts online that he would love. Show him your love by gifting him something momentous which reminds him of you every time he uses it.


1. Winter Wolf Wine Goblet


Wolf Wine Glass


The name has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It’s your brother’s ultimate collectible if he loves fantasy movies. It will remind him of Harry Potter, the Game of Thrones and the other magical escapades. This one is sure to impress any brother even if he isn’t into fantasy. The intricately carved out steel wine chalice is sure to be a hit with him. Magical, mythical creatures might just come alive to grab that goblet, so warn him beforehand!


2. Anti-snoring Strap


Anti Snoring Strap

This little invention is made of neoprene and is super comfy. It will help him sleep well. It is adjustable, so it suits every size and every shape. Now help your brother relax much better with the anti-snoring strap. The noisy disturbances at night will become a thing of the past.


3. Batman Pegs


Batman Pegs


One of the coolest clothes pegs anyone could own. Your brother can show off the fun guy within for the whole world to see with these. Conspiracy theorists might even start believing that he really is Batman. It can double up as a showpiece at home when it’s not busy outdoors protecting his clothes from evil! 


4. Cord Winders


Cord winders


Available as Minions and blue elephant monsters, these silicone cord winders can control pesky, tangled up cords. Now those ever-lasting wires won’t be messing up his table anymore. These can be used to neatly tie up mobile phone charger cords and headphone wires once and for all. They will make his life a lot easier.  


5. Chilling cubes


Chilling Cubes


Available in sets of six, these steel cubes can complement the Winter Wolf Wine Goblet perfectly as your brother relaxes on his beanbag after a tough day. They just need to chill in the freezer for some hours before being used. These could turn out to be the perfect Rakshabandhan gift for him.


6. Dumbbell Water Bottle


Dumbbell Water Bottle


This amazing item is one of the quirkiest things to gift a brother who’s a fitness freak. It is available in blue, green and red as well. More than half a litre of water can be stored in each dumbbell to quench the thirst at the end of his workout.


7. Muscle Coffee Mug

Muscle Coffee Mug

If you think your brother take his body very seriously, then the muscle coffee mug is the perfect Rakhi gift for him. The Muscle Mug presents 8-pack abs with a classy matte finish on a ceramic mug. Let him flaunt his body, or at least the mug's body.


 8. Homer Simpson Slippers


Plush Simpson Slippers

One size fits all is what Bigsmall loves. And these are perfect for chilling on a lazy afternoon at home. These soft, plush slippers are something any guy would love to relax in. The Homer Simpson theme will make your cool quotient shoot up in his head too.


9. Ultimate Pocket Tool


Ultimate Pocket Tool


Swiss pocket knives are a thing of the past! The Ultimate Pocket Tool made out of stainless steel is the new in-thing and it fits in a wallet. Who wouldn’t want one? It can act as a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a cell phone holder and so much more. Plus, the ferocious, roaring lion is too awesome to let go.   

Bigsmall has got these and so much more. If you are a guy and wondering what to gift your sister, tap here for Rakhi Gifts for sisters and sort out the gifting troubles. Your quest to send Rakhi gifts just got a whole lot easier. For other unique gifts for guys, check out bigsmall.in.

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