7 Super Cool Rakhis Your Brother Actually Wants

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In a world where everything is changing by the minute, family is the one thing that remains constant - all the way from childhood to being clueless adults!

Your family members are the people you can go back to anytime you want, no matter what. After all, a cup of coffee and quality time with your sibling can do wonders for you when you're stuck in a rut! It isn't possible for all of us to go home whenever we want to. However, on festivals and special occasions, we all rush to get there as soon as we can, don’t we?  

Raksha Bandhan is one of those days. Sure, the times might have changed, you might've left the town you grew up in, might have a place of your own...but Raksha Bandhan is still the same happy day devoted to celebrating the bond you and brother share.

The ceremonies remain the same- the prayers, the gifts, the scrumptious food, the hugs and delight and of course- tying the Rakhi! Of course, growing up, you've probably experienced tying a Rakhi that you carefully handpicked for your brother, only to have him take it off within half an hour of the ritual getting over and soon forgetting all about it.

Well, can you blame the poor guy? Not everyone out there has a taste for beads and glitter!  This year, why not spruce things up a bit? You want to Send Rakhi that he'll actually cling on to for the whole year! He's bored of the generic old rakhis - get him something that's personalized, special for him. Along with the best Rakhi Gifts, you want to gift your brother the best Rakhi.

At Bigsmall, we've collected the coolest, classiest Rakhis you need to get for your brother this year. Take a look:  


1. Batman Rakhi


Batman Rakhi


If you've got an elder brother who worships the Dark Knight or a younger brother who's always obsessed with his Batman toys, clothes and so on, this Rakhi is as good as it could get! With the Batman sign on top, it's a really creative take on old fashioned Rakhis and will fit your brother's taste just right!  


2. Gamer Bhai Rakhi


Gamer Bhai Rakhi


We all know a guy who's a big-time gamer! Well, if your brother is the guy who stays glued to video games all day and prefers their company over all else, he is going to love this Rakhi. It is super cute and has a gaming console designed on it. Given how it matches his personality in and out, he'll probably flaunt it all the time! 


3. Chota Bhai Rakhi 


Chota Bhai Rakhi


Do you have a lovable younger brother you love pampering? A sibling who'll always be the baby of the house? Get him this adorable Rakhi that says 'Chota Bhai' and he'll be grateful forever. Its innovative design will keep him gazing at it with glee! 


4. Swag Wala Bhai Rakhi


Swag Wala Bhai Rakhi


Is your brother just too cool for everyone else? Is his coolness quotient a notch higher than everyone else's? If so, this Rakhi that says 'Swag Wala Bhai' is just the right one to meet his requirements of all things classy! 


5. Bro #1 Rakhi


Bro #1 Rakhi


Got a brother whom you look up to more than anyone else? Someone you always run to the minute the slightest thing goes wrong? This Rakhi that says 'Bro #1' will get your feelings of admiration and thankfulness for him right across! 


6. Gym Bro Rakhi


Gym Bro Rakhi


If your brother is the kind who's ready to hit the gym at any given moment and is constantly trying to get more fit and buff, this is just the rakhi you need to tie on his wrist this year. With a dumbbell designed on top, it is the perfect fit for his taste!

7. Photographer Bhai Rakhi



Does your brother have you say cheese oh so often? Does he always want to capture life through the lens of his camera? If so, this is the perfect rakhi for him. With a camera design inscribed on it, this one is a rakhi your brother, who always somehow gets your selfies just right, will adore.


All our Rakhis are handmade and intricately crafted. They're made of metal and vibrant, colourful thread! With our specially curated collection of Rakhi Gifts for Brothers, and the coolest Rakhis handpicked for you, can make Raksha Bandhan even more memorable this year! 


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