5 Unique Lamp Ideas for Living Space

5 Unique Lamp Ideas for Living Space

If you are looking for minor upgrades in your décor this festive season but don't want to go all the way, we suggest looking into some quirky lamp ideas. Lighting in itself is sometimes ignored when you are thinking about designing your interiors, but more often than not, it makes all the difference. Lamps can be used as an accent piece to accentuate the corner and not just as a source of light. It can itself act as an art piece and make the room look more put together. Here, we have curated a list of five unique lamps to make your space look more beautiful.

1. Magnetic Heng Balance Lamp

The Heng Balance Lamp is the traditional lamp next door with an unconventional twist that makes it like no other. The two balls of the wooden frame serve as switches of the lamp. As we raise the lower ball, the two balls are magnetically attracted. They float in the air, and when they reach a static equilibrium the light is turned on. An amazing piece of art, it will start conversations no matter where you place it. 

 2. Levitating Light Bulb Lamp

This modern lamp features magnetic suspension technology giving the illusion of the bulb floating in the air without any visible support of wire or cable. It operates silently, as there is no noise. If the power fails, the bulb with automatically attract towards the top and attach itself there and will not fall off and break. The bulb lights up through induction and is controlled by a touch button. This unconventional lamp is perfect for illuminating your living room corner.


3. Modular Touch Lights

Presenting a modular, touch-sensitive LED light. You can easily create any structure you want using the magnetic tiles. Connect the tiles by the magnetic edges and see the magic. Only one tile require a power supply while all the other tiles will light up by themselves when connected. Once the lamp is set up, just swipe and enjoy the experience. Customize the light level to match the mood and only illuminate as many tiles as you need. A great way to decorate a bare wall and make the area more special and unique. 

4. 3D Glass Planet Table Lamp

Presenting a beautiful lamp, inspired by one of the celestial objects - planets. Turn on the lamp to light up the room in a beautiful warm light. Decorate interiors to add a hint of a magical universal look. A great housewarming gift, it will also be an amazing gift for a wedding, anniversary and other festive occasions.


5. Levitating Moon Lamp

A scientific phenomenon in itself, this Levitating Moon Lamp will make jaws drop with Earthly gravity. Built with state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, this lamp isn't simply a white sphere - it's an accurate representation of the moon - designed according to NASA satellite images to recreate the moon's craters and design. Equipped with the latest levitation technology, the moon will levitate in the air at all times - remember, there's no gravity in space. It can rotate 360 degrees, or stay in one position while levitating - up to your liking. This lamp is out of the world, quite literally! 

Celebrate this festive season with unique made in India lamps and lights and illuminate your life with more positive energy. Get these quirky lamp for yourself or get them as a Diwali gift for loved ones. We are sure they will appreciate this thoughtful and useful gift. To make your gifting experience more personal we also offer a handwritten note to accompany the gift.

Above all stay safe, stay well! 

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