Money Heist Merchandise

Don't tell us The Greatest Money Heist of Spanish History did not make you go "Woahhh!" We know it did. It is for that love of Money Heist and The Professor and the whole gang, that we bring to you the most epic and mind blowing Money Heist Official Merchandise that you would want to add to your collectibles! No need to thank us for this one, we love Money Heist as much as you do.

La Casa De Papel - Money Heist Merchandise in India

Money Heist has been an up-roaring blast since its release in 2017 which weirdly was not promoted at all for its season 1. The original smash hit Spanish production called la casa de Papel has been in trend ever since! Oh, the Professor! We celebrate him with the adorable, super cute The Professor - Money Heist 3D Funko Pop Action Figure resting on our work desks. (Go see the awesome Action Figures and Bobbleheads collection; it'll be so worth it!) So, coming back to the Professor, he did become our favorite too, undoubtedly! And the heist team with the unusual city names and the awesome and diverse characters is really so epic! The series undoubtedly stole our hearts, didn't it? Well then, it's only fair that we get to explore and celebrate that craze with some pretty amazing money heist merchandise. The money heist gift ideas we bring to you are so on point, you won't be able to resist. So, we present to you, casa de Papel merch, the money heist official merchandise! 

The Perfect Gift For Money Heist Fan

The Royal Mint of Spain and the perfect robbery in the history of Spain stole our hearts too, didn't it? So, are you looking for the Best gifts for money heist fans friends? No problemo! We have got you covered with the money heist gifts collection we have. So now you can celebrate your budding new obsession of Heists, Red Overalls and Salvador Dali Face Masks, which you can find here too, Money Heist Cotton Mask With Filter and Money Heist Printed Cotton Mask With Filter and the Professor (of course!) with our super cool, exceptional Gifts for money heist fan (s) out there! These la casa de Papel gifts are bound to bring a smile on your fan bro's face! (Just like it did, all of us.)

Money Heist Accessories

The unusual group of robbers attempting to carry out the most epic robbery, stealing 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain is so worth every minute spent on Netflix munching on all that junk food. So, go on and give expression to all that love for Tokyo, Rio, Helsinki, Nairobi, Denver and well, let's count Berlin too (at times) and all others with la casa de papel official accessories! What more could we ask for! These money heist accessories like the Money heist keychains - Money Heist Keychain or the El Professor Keychain from the cute Keychains collection or the adorable Money Heist Wooden Music Box from the musical, and magical Music Boxes collection is simply mind blowing; the happiness of little things, you know. So that you can enjoy your chai in your favorite money heist mug while watching and re-watching the series!

Personalized Money Heist Gifts For Your Loved Ones

With so many enticing products from the Money heist merchandise store, you ought to gift some to your loved ones and of course your-vey-self! These ones, here at are absolutely the best of the lot for the perfect money heist gift online for your buddy! And you could go the extra mile with making them feel appreciated with the personalized money heist gifts like choosing the character resemblance of the character spirit of your Professor like friend and gift him the Professor Action Figure! Or gifting your bookworm friend the Money Heist Metallic Bookmark from the unique Stationery collection. The Customized money heist gifts will surely make the gifting experience a very special one. Go see the cool personalised gifts collection we have to add that nice touch!


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