Cutest Lamps that your Sister will Love this Rakhi!

Cutest Lamps that your Sister will Love this Rakhi!

Still scratching your head about what to gift your sister this rakhi? Because you were so lazy to go pick out the best rakhi gift for sister earlier, weren't you? And then you saw the awesome blogs at Bigsmall about the unique rakhi gifts and you thought, "Ah! Work done! Will order later", didn't you? We know you did. And now it's the final call! Raksha Bandhan is at your doorstep! And you are gift-less. 

Panicking yet?


Well, *sigh* we know you are panicking. (Even with Bigsmall's awesome gifts collection). So we decided to help you with our expert gift curation Ninja technique. We have for you the most adorable lamps that your sister will absolutely adore this rakhi. And yeah, we've listed them for you. Go save yourself some trouble and order her the one you think will make her go, "woww!"

1. Sleepy Kitty Touch Sensor Lamp

"Soft Kitty, warm Kitty little ball of fur! Happy Kitty, sleepy Kitty, Purr Purr Purrr!" Anyone remember the Sheldon approved soft kitty warm kitty for those sick days? Well, this adorable little kitty over here can be your sister's companion through her happy and sad days. She is a good girl and lights up with just one little pat. Who wouldn't love her. For your cat loving sis, pair it up with a cute Cat Metallic Keychain from the cat themed gifts to make the perfect gift set.

Lamps 1

2. Cute Duck Touch Sensor Lamp

Saving you from monsters under the bed since for ever! "Quack Quack" all the way! You cannot come across a duck cuter than this one! It gives you a warm light to seamlessly put you to the deepest realms of sleep and accompanies you in your nightly quests to the kitchen too! It goes one step further and lends you its stomach as a phone holder too. Now, who's the best duck ever?! Pair it up with the 3D Donald Duck Keychain from our unique keychains and you're all set!

Lamps 2

3. Feather Table Lamp

With this dreamy lamp, you could gift your sister the ability to give her room that surreal and otherworldly look. The soft feathers of the little tree and the fairy-like lighting gives it that aesthetic feel that would steal her heart away. Shades of Pink and White, choose wisely to set the tone of her room. Oh, and did we mention, it can be controlled by a remote? Oh and oh, the dreamy and magical harry potter gifts collection awaits you to accompany this feather-ly table lamp!

Lamps 3

4. Flamingo LED Table Lamp & Night Light

Let your sister know she's Flamazing with these magical Flamingos to back you up. They work as a Table Lamp and a Night Light as well. So, she could read all she wants or watch a movie in the subtle night light. The warm and cozy light is oh-so-soothing! Oh, she'd love it already! Add a pair of socks from our cute socks collection to add that nice touch. (Our favorite is the Fluffy Cushion Socks and everyyy-one is bound to love em!)

Lamps 4

5. 3D Printed Moon Lamp

To the moon and back! Just like your bond, this magnificent Moon Lamp is straight outta this world! It gives those magical vibes to the room that she would definitely love! Its detailed and intricate texture makes it look an exact bite of the moon up in the sky! It will look beautiful placed in corner of her room, or her study table, or well, the bedside, weather lit up or not. Go see our Astro gifts collection to pair this majestic moon with another out of the world gift!

Lamps 5

6. Ambient Table Lamp with Holder

With the warmest vibes and most peaceful ambience sprinkled everywhere as soon as this gorgeous lamp is turned on, a tranquil and happy aura spreads. One of the best décor options and a planter at the same time, it would make the perfect gift for that sis who likes to keep her plant babies close to her too. Pair it up with the Grow It Yourself Kit - Microgreens to make her extra happy!

Lamps 6 

7. Reindeer Lamp

What happens when you combine a glass bottle with some pieces of wood? You get a Reindeer lamp! A DIY lamp in essence, this one is simply mystic. It weaves stories of magical lands and brings all that magic right into the room they're set up in. Go on, get her her Rudolph! This one would look epic paired up with the surreal Pink Flower Fairy Lights sprinkling their magic around!

Lamps 7


Well, that is all the help you get. Now get off your butt and show her some love and appreciation and get her, her gift which would look pretty good with a cute photo of you guys in an adorable photo frame.

Because she's your secret-keeper, your maggi partner, and she always opens up that locked door after mom angrily slams it in your face for coming home late, doesn't she?

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